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LAST UPDATED: July 28th, 2020

Whether you're looking for dental insurance or a dental discount plan, Smart Health Dental is a good company to consider. It has been offering national dental insurance and dental discount plans since 2009.

Its plans are powered by Renaissance. Renaissance's industry experience since 1953 and high financial strength ratings makes it a reliable insurance company. You can trust the plans you purchase through Smart Health Dental.

Smart Health Dental's plans also have a large provider network, which makes it easy to find dentists and save money on care. You can also choose when your coverage starts, which is another benefit.

You can ensure your dental savings by using Smart Health Dental's Care Coordinator team. Working with this team to schedule your dental appointments and procedures will get you the lowest rates for the care you need.

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The Good

  • Care Coordinators Prevent Surprises
  • Plans by Renaissance
  • View Plan Coverage Online
  • Good Dental Insurance Options
  • Dental Discount Plan Available
  • Helpful Website

Care Coordinators Prevent Surprises

One main advantage of purchasing a plan from Smart Health Dental is that its team of Care Coordinators can help you find the most cost-effective care. When you need to schedule an appointment or receive dental treatment, contact a Care Coordinator to do the scheduling for you. This will help ensure that you get the lowest rates on procedures and avoid surprises when you're billed for services.

You can also view provider directories to find network dentists for both the insurance plans and discount plans online. This access is beneficial because you can coordinate your own care and check provider networks before buying a plan to ensure that there is a good network dentist in your area.

Plans by Renaissance

Smart Health Dental's plans are offered through Renaissance, a trusted insurance company founded in 1953. Renaissance has also earned high financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, which further solidifies its dependability. Financial strength ratings indicate a company's ability to meet its claims obligations.

With this backing, you can count on the policies you purchase from Smart Health Dental.

View Plan Coverage Online

You can view plan structures and covered services on Smart Health Dental's website. This capability makes it easy to determine whether or not a plan offers the coverage you need. While there is no side-by-side comparison function, viewing the benefits of each of the three plans allows you to manually compare the benefits.

Good Dental Insurance Options

Smart Health Dental offers two dental insurance plans. The Preventive PPO plan primarily covers preventive and diagnostic care. It also covers basic services like fillings. Orthodontics and major services like implants are not covered under this dental insurance plan. The Preventive PPO plan is a great choice if your in good oral health and mostly need routine cleanings.

The Comprehensive Elevate plan covers preventive and diagnostic care, basic and major restorative care. It does not cover orthodontics. This plan also has no waiting periods for care. Each year you maintain the plan through year three, the plan takes more responsibility for cost-sharing.

This increasing benefit structure often accompanies plans without waiting periods, which allows you to receive the coverage you need when you need it. You also benefit from increased coverage when you keep your plan. The Comprehensive Elevate plan is a good choice if you need more dental work.

With these dental coverage options, you can choose a plan that best meets your needs. 

Dental Discount Plan Available

In addition to dental insurance, Smart Health Dental offers a dental discount plan. Dental discount plans are also called dental savings plans. Smart Health Dental's plan uses the DenteMax discount network. With this plan, you'll receive discounts ranging between 10 percent and 50 percent on dental services when you visit a participating dentist.

Smart Health Dental's discount plan includes vision discounts for eye exams, glasses, contacts, and Lasik surgery. You'll also access discounts up to 50 percent on prescriptions. With this dental savings plan, you'll gain access to TelaDoc, a telemedicine service.

Telemedicine is an excellent way to get non-emergency medical advice and recommendations. It's also helpful for simple diagnoses. Smart Health Dental's inclusion of telemedicine access makes its dental discount plan stand out from other insurers.

Helpful Website

Smart Health Dental's website is helpful. You can view plan coverage and cost-sharing details, which makes it easy for you to determine whether or not a plan is a good fit.

Smart Health Dental's website also provides additional helpful information with an FAQ and blog with dental care articles. These aspects make the website a good resource for learning more about dental care and how Smart Health Dental works.


The Bad

  • Must Call to Buy a Plan
  • Limited Online Pricing Information
  • No Orthodontic Coverage

Must Call to Buy a Plan

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a Smart Health Dental online. If one of its plans offers the coverage you want, you'll have to call Smart Health Dental to enroll and purchase a plan.

While it's nice to have Smart Health Dental's experts assist you with this process and answer any questions you have, it's not a great option if you prefer to enroll and buy a plan online.

Limited Online Pricing Information

While it's easy to see plan structures and coverage on Smart Health Dental's website, specific monthly premium cost information is not available. Smart Health Dental says that several of its plans start at $1 per day, which works out to about $30 per month. However, premiums are determined by several factors, including age and number of people on the plan.

To see what rates are available for you, you'll need to call Smart Health Dental.

No Orthodontic Coverage

Smart Health Dental's insurance plans do not cover orthodontics. If you're looking for orthodontic coverage, you'll need to look at other insurers.


The Bottom Line

While it would be nice to see pricing information and purchase a dental plan on Smart Health Dental's website, its plans and services are excellent.

Smart Health Dental offers two dental insurance plans. If you primarily need preventive care coverage and the occasional filling, the Preventive PPO plan will meet your needs.

If you're looking to have major services covered and no waiting periods, the Comprehensive Elevate plan is a good fit. It covers procedures like implants. Implant coverage can be hard to find on dental plans, so this coverage makes the Comprehensive Elevate plan stand out.

With the Comprehensive Elevate plan, you'll benefit from no waiting periods. You won't have to delay care while you wait for coverage to kick in. While cost-sharing the first year is lower than it will be your third year with the plan, you'll have coverage for these services as soon as your plan starts.

Neither of Smart Health Dental's insurance plans cover orthodontia. If you're looking for orthodontia coverage, you'll need to find another company.

Smart Health Dental's discount plan stands out from other discount plans. In addition to discounts on dental services, you'll access discounts for vision care and prescriptions.

You'll also benefit from access to Teladoc, a telemedicine service. These additional benefits make Smart Health Dental's discount plan worthwhile if you prefer a discount plan to an insurance plan.

Whichever plan you purchase from Smart Health Dental, you'll have access to its Care Coordinator team. Working with a Care Coordinator ensures that you find the best prices on the dental services you need.

Smart Health Dental is recommended for its Care Coordinator team and excellent plans.

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