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LAST UPDATED: December 20th, 2023

FirstQuoteHealth primarily helps people evaluate health insurance options and Medishare plans. However, its quote offerings also include dental, vision, and life insurance.

Using the FirstQuoteHealth website, you can connect with a representative who will give you insurance quotes from multiple insurers. Comparing options across insurers helps you evaluate all your options and save money with a plan that meets your needs.

Unfortunately, FirstQuoteHealth is not as transparent as its competitors. Its website offers limited information on the insurers it works with and how the company is structured. You must provide contact information to FirstQuoteHealth when you request quotes, which can result in sales calls.

Since choosing an insurance plan is an important financial decision, we recommend considering other companies that are more transparent and do not require contact information upfront.

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The Good

  • Quotes from Multiple Insurers

Quotes from Multiple Insurers

The advantage of working with FirstQuoteHealth is the ability to compare quotes from multiple insurers. FirstQuoteHealth makes it convenient to cast a wide net to find a good fit.


The Bad

  • Limited Online Information
  • Contact Information Required to Receive Quotes

Limited Online Information

FirstQuoteHealth offers limited online information, especially when it comes to dental insurance. It has one article that identifies top dental insurance plans from five companies with one plan listed per company. For more information on dental insurance, you'll need to reach out by phone.

Contact Information Required to Receive Quotes

When you request health insurance quotes, you can indicate your interest in vision, dental, and life insurance. Before you can learn about plan options and view quotes for your area, you must provide contact information.

Some of FirstQuoteHealth's competitors do not have this same requirement and show quotes before requesting contact information. Competitors are also transparent about which reputable insurers and companies they work with and have licensed insurance agents available to help people evaluate options and apply for a plan.

If you plan to buy dental insurance and being contacted by company representatives isn't an issue (even if they're sales calls), then FirstQuoteHealth might be an okay option.


The Bottom Line

It's hard to say whether or not FirstQuoteHealth is worth working with, especially for dental insurance. Its website has sparse information on dental insurance. You also either have to indicate interest in dental insurance when requesting more information on health insurance options in your area or contact FirstQuoteHealth directly.

While receiving quotes from multiple insurers can help you save money, there are other companies that do not require contact information to view quotes, are more forthcoming with information before a visitor becomes a customer, and have good reputations in providing excellent customer service. We recommend working with another company to research options and to buy dental insurance.

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John Myers Myrtle Beach, SC

I responded to an email from to receive a quote which redirected me to FirstQuoteHealth where I did enter my information to receive an online quote and maybe speak to one person. HUGE MISTAKE! I did this from a work computer and I couldn't talk on my phone yet. However I received almost 50 calls between 2PM and 8PM on the first day and 50 more over the next day. It was extremely overwhelming and I can't see the legitimacy of a company that would go that far to utilize extreme calling tactics like that. I was also threatened by someone I have asked them over and over to quit this. I was threatened by someone during one of my requests. I re-insured my number on the Do Not Call Registry. This doesn't seem to help. If you see an advertisement from or FirstQuoteHealth STAY FAR AWAY!

7 months ago

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Terry Las Vegas, NV

Do NOT do business with this company!!! They not only falsified the coverages being offered they lied about our providers accepting the coverages. They presented the coverages as insurance when in fact they are merely a discount program for medical and dental services. When we discovered their misrepresentations, we immediately requested a full refund, only to be given the run around. This company is not credible. Beware!!!

8 months ago

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Patricia Columbia, SC

Wish I could give this company 0 stars. Spoke with an agent who was extremely rude. Told him I was not looking to make a decision today and wanted to explore my options. He proceeded to give me only 1 quote and asked me if I would like my middle initial on my health insurance card. I told him again that I was not looking to make a decision today. He then proceeds to tell me thank you for wasting his time and hung up the phone on me. This is the worst company ever and should be shut down.

9 months ago

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NeverEnuffGamez San Benito, TX

I called to get a quote regarding health insurance. The guy on the phone asked when I would want to start the plan. I said again I would just want some quotes. He insisted that he need to know. I said I needed it for 2 months from the day of the call. He then asked why and I stated I didn't want a insurance billed to me every month until I was certain I manage my budget. He then said ' well your going to need money, call back when you have money' This was extremely unprofessional and down right rude.

2 years ago

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John LoGuidice Louisville, KY

Called to advice about my son, who will soon be ineligible for my healthcare benefits. The first advisor hung up on me when I stated I was trying to get information for a policy on my son for 2023. On my second attempt, the prescreener, knowing I was looking for info on a policy in 23, sent me to this agent, who proceeded to scream at me (yes!) when I told him my intentions…he yelled “wrong number” twice, then hung up. This is clearly a scam or at best, an unprofessional organization that I would avoid.

2 years ago

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Mallory Chambliss Raleigh, NC

I had a horrific experience. I got calls and texts non-stop. A representative named Ashley would text me daily, including Saturday and Sunday morning. This company is not transparent.

2 years ago

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Jan Ferguson San Antonio, TX

Attempted ONLINE QUOTE, received 6 calls,1text in 2hours,the questionnaire asked if you wanted a agent to call or online quote(never received online quote,just calls ... VERY,VERY ANNOYING

3 years ago