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Written by: Alice Stevens | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: May 1st, 2020

Topics: Guides

Maybe you need a dental procedure and aren't sure you can pay for it on your own.

Maybe you got your first job with benefits and are trying to choose a dental plan.

Maybe you're on Medicare and your dental needs are growing.

As you start your dental insurance research, you need to understand dental insurance terms, how dental insurance works, and how to evaluate plans. On this list, you'll find helpful articles and resources to help you navigate dental insurance.

Understanding dental insurance

Dental insurance and dental benefit plans have their own terms. It can be difficult to identify a good plan and know what you're getting without understanding these terms. The resources below will introduce you to these terms and help you understand how dental insurance works.

How dental insurance works

Types of dental plans

Medicare and dental insurance

Enrolling in dental insurance

Once you can understand dental insurance plans, you'll need to evaluate them to find one that fits your budget and covers your dental needs. The resources below will help you evaluate plans and find reliable dental insurance companies.

Tips for deciding whether to buy dental insurance

Tips for finding a good dental plan

Tips for seniors

Maintaining oral health

Whether or not you have dental insurance, maintaining good oral hygiene will help lower your dental costs and keep you healthy. The resources below will help you develop good habits and maintain your dental health.

Finding affordable care

Even if dental insurance and dental care are beyond what you can afford, you may find other options for getting the care you need. Read the articles below to learn more about your options.

The Top Dental Insurance Companies

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#1 UnitedHealthcare chevron_right
7.2 Overall Score
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#2 MetLife chevron_right
7.0 Overall Score
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#3 Cigna chevron_right
6.9 Overall Score

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