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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

The concept behind United Financial Freedom was to assist homeowners through mortgage reconstruction allowing them to save on their “home debt” while simultaneously saving money and growing personal wealth. While a different approach to “debt relief”, United FInancial Freedom has helped thousands of homeowners save money, restructure debt, and do it all without changing their lifestyle.

The company was founded and is led by childhood friends John Washenko and Skyler Witmanwho originally worked side by side as mortgage brokers. As mortgage brokers, the partners tried to help clients consolidate debts and get the best interest rates. Over time, they noticed a pattern. Clients were continuously coming to them for debt consolidation. As they tried to help, they noticed that these clients were further engulfing themselves in debt and being left with no equity. That’s when Washenko and Witman decided to figure out an alternative solution. 

After being inspired by a financial concept used abroad, the partners brought it to the U.S. This system allowed homeowners to pay off their mortgage fast utilizing a unique financial account, saving them thousands in home loan debt and turning those savings into earnings by building their personal wealth. In 2002, United Financial Freedom launched the Money Max Account which has helped clients eliminate over $2 billion in debt (and counting). 

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The Good

  • Money Max Account Benefits
  • Strategic Debt Elimination
  • Online Tools
  • Wealth Building Strategies

Money Max Account Benefits

Through a Money Max Account, United Financial Freedom clients can eliminate debts while building personal wealth. Each client who utilizes the Money Max Account program will have access to the following benefits: 

  • Online education
  • Debt planning
  • 24/7 service
  • Reduction in mortgage term limits
  • Financial GPS

The most beneficial aspect of the Money Max Account is the fact that clients are paying off their mortgages in a fraction of the time specified. Most people take out 15-year or 30-year home loans. With a Money Max Account, clients are paying off these debts in as little as 5 to 7 years. 

Strategic Debt Elimination

While a mortgage is required to get started with United Financial Freedom, it is not the only debt that will be targeted and eliminated with the program. All debts will be addressed through the United Financial Freedom program, including car debt, student loan debt, or tax debt. Not all debt relief agencies will take on a wide variety of debts and then target them strategically like United Financial Freedom does. 

Online Tools

United Financial Freedom clients will have access to an online portal that provides a number of tools and resources in an effort to provide complete transparency, communicate current standing, and provide the most direct roadmap for clients. This online portal allows for complete financial transparency while also showcasing which debts are being targeted, which are being eliminated, and how much money is being saved in the process. Not all debt relief agencies provide this level of transparency to clients, even those that have online portals, but United Financial Freedom does. 

Wealth-Building Strategies

Most debt relief agencies are focused solely on getting clients out of debt. With the United Financial Freedom program however, clients can see a reduction in their debt while also focusing on wealth-building strategies. With the savings clients have from paying off debts in a fraction of the designated time, thousands of dollars in interest payments are saved. Those saved “earnings” can then be used to build personal wealth through a wide variety of investments. By also helping clients build wealth, United Financial Freedom is attacking two financial needs with one program. 


The Bad

  • Client Restrictions
  • Debt Requirements

Client Restrictions

Most debt relief agencies typically have restrictions based on what type of debt the prospective client is in and how much they have to resolve. However, with the United Financial Freedom program where the Money Max Account is utilized, clients are restricted to homeowners only. That means anyone who doesn't own a home or property using a bank loan to purchase that residence is ineligible for the services offered by United Financial Freedom. Renters are eligible for debt relief programs through other agencies, but not through United Financial Freedom. 

Debt Requirements

It is not uncommon for debt relief companies to have debt requirements. However, most companies require a dollar amount in debt. A percentage of that debt is then what is used to determine the cost of the debt relief service itself.

That is not how United Financial Freedom operates. Instead of a fixed amount required to meet its debt relief services, United Financial Freedom requires a specific kind of debt: a mortgage loan. This is the first element of eligibility for United Financial Freedom and it eliminates a number of people in need of debt relief solutions. 


The Bottom Line

United Financial Freedom helps homeowners strategically target a number of debt types by combining accounts the banks keep separate. This separation is what allows banks to build wealth. United Financial Freedom transfers those wealth-building capabilities back into the hands of the homeowner through its Money Max Account.

With this account, homeowners will have access to the tools necessary to strategically and efficiently eliminate debts. Clients can track progress and their finances online through the United Financial Freedom portal. Savings from utilizing the Money Max Account can then be used to invest or turn into personal wealth. 

Before diving head first into what United Financial Freedom offers, those in need of debt relief should be aware of the specifics regarding this unique service. First, the only clients who can utilize the system put in place by United Financial Freedom are homeowners. That is the additional loan required to get started with the program. Renters with debt are ineligible for the United FInancial Freedom strategies.

Additionally, debt requirements need to be met in order for the program to truly work. Going into debt to purchase a home using a traditional bank loan is necessary to qualify for the Money Max Account.

Homeowners looking to pay off their mortgage and any other debts in a reduced period of time and saving thousands of dollars in interest payments will likely benefit from what United Financial Freedom has to offer. 

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