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Guardian Debt Relief is a financial resource for those who need quick alternatives to getting out of debt. The company is located within New York City's Financial District. The experts at Guardian Debt Relief offer individualized help through debt settlement programs. These programs allow enrollees to create a trust account and make monthly payments. In the long run, enrollees will only pay a portion of their debt.

While debt settlement is its primary service, Guardian also offers other services like credit counseling, debt management, and financial education. Guardian has earned numerous awards since its inception, and a position as an IAPDA-Accredited Service Center. This company's debt settlement services can be a much faster way to navigate debt than declaring bankruptcy.

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The Good

  • Debt Settlement in Your Control
  • Free Consultation
  • User-Friendly website

Debt Settlement in Your Control

Once you go to Guardian Debt Relief for debt settlement, you can establish a monthly plan to pay back your debts. You'll pay a certain amount of money into a trust account over which you have full control. The account is in your name, and you can consult with Guardian to learn the amount of your monthly payment and how long the program will take.

Free Consultation

You won't need to pay Guardian at all until your debt begins to lower. This means that you can consult with a financial advisor to learn whether or not debt settlement is your best course of action. You'll be well-informed before you decide to use their services. And you'll get a free quote so you know what to expect.

User-Friendly Website

Though you may not know all the ins and outs of debt settlement, you can rest assured that Guardian Debt Relief's website clearly and comprehensively covers all the particulars. With easily accessible content pages, FAQs, and step-by-step instructions, the website is sure to steer you in the direction you seek.

The Bad

  • Not Available in All States
  • Might Take Longer Than You Think

Not Available in All States

Guardian only does business in the following states: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, DC, FL, IN, MA, MI, NE, NY, OK, OH, TX, VA.

Might Take Longer Than You Think

Though debt settlement may be a faster way to get out of debt than credit counseling or bankruptcy, you still should be aware that it'll take time. While Guardian states that you might complete the debt settlement within one year, it also states that most of the time, the process can last up to 48 months. Just make sure you establish a feasible monthly payment.

The Bottom Line

Guardian Debt Relief offers reliable debt settlement and other related services for a large variety of people. Those who have at least $5,000 of debt qualify for the settlement services while anybody can go to the company for an initial consultation. Guardian's consultants understand how to navigate debt and how to maintain a positive relationship with creditors. While you can control your monthly payments in your own trust account, you should carefully consider a plan and be prepared for a settlement process that could potentially last up to four years. Keep in mind that your credit score may be negatively impacted at first, but debt settlement will show your creditors that you're on the right path.

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