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Eagle One Debt Solutions has been helping clients with debt settlement since 2006. In 2010, they merged with National Debt Relief, which has left many consumers confused. Unlike many similar companies in the industry, Eagle One Debt Solutions offers its services to 49 states. Those who call Eagle One Debt Solutions will be given a free consultation, but there seems to be a lack of consistency in pricing.

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The Good

  • Services
  • Low Costs; High Savings
  • Online Resources
  • Available in 49 States 


Call Eagle One Debt Settlement (EODS) if you think you need debt settlement for your unsecured loans. A consultation with one of their agents is free, and they advertise that they can resolve your debt in 24 to 48 months (in line with most debt settlement companies).

Low Costs; High Savings

After signing up, clients will pay anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of the total debt enrolled to EODS (number from a company representative - not found on their website). This is average in the industry. Online, the company has a section about the percentage they have saved clients:

  • American Express: 70 percent
  • Citi Bank: 50 percent
  • Wells Fargo: 70 percent

Online Resources

On their website, Eagle One Debt Solutions has a library of resources for those interested in learning about debt and debt settlement. Resources include financial planning and the e-book "How to Drop Debt Weight and Become Financially Fit."

Available in 49 States 

Eagle One Debt Solutions is available in all states except Indiana.

The Bad

  • Pricing is Vague
  • Missing Industry Accreditations

Pricing is Vague

Even though a settlement representative quoted us a price of 15 to 20 percent, another associate stated that fees started at 18 percent. We also heard prices may rise to 21 percent. This lack of consistency and transparency raises a few red flags for EODS. This makes it hard for us to feel comfortable recommending Eagle One Debt Solutions. One consumer noted that she was charged 25 percent of her overall debt, and that when she tried to stop working with EODS, they took most of the money she had set aside for her debt settlements.

Missing Industry Accreditations

Additionally, Eagle One Debt Solutions is not accredited with the AFCC, or the IAPDA. Accreditations are an important factor to consider when choosing a company to work with. When a company is accredited, they have to meet specific criteria and standards set by the accreditor. These standards guarantee quality services to customers. 

The Bottom Line

On paper, EODS has a lot going for them. They offer potentially low fees, free consultations, and are available in 49 states. However, phone calls with EODS representatives and reviews from previous clients leave us to question the integrity of the company. Prices seem to be all over the place and there is very limited information about the actual company and those who run it. For these reasons, we do not recommend working with Eagle One Debt Settlement at this time.

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