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LAST UPDATED: June 2nd, 2022

DebtMD is an online platform that connects consumers with companies that provide solutions for credit card, medical, and student loan debt, including credit counseling, debt settlement, and bankruptcy. The company’s CEO, James Lambridis, worked in the debt relief industry before founding DebtMD and holds a degree in finance from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s of business administration from New York University’s Stern School of Business. 

Debt MD is not a licensed financial institution; rather, it helps customers find licensed businesses that can help them with their debt.

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The Good

  • Variety of Options
  • Financial Tools

Variety of Options

Although DebtMD doesn’t provide financial solutions itself, it lists multiple companies where consumers can find relief in each of its debt categories, including medical debt, credit card debt, and student loan debt. These companies offer a variety of solutions, including debt consolidation loans, credit counseling, debt settlement, and refinancing. 

Financial Tools

DebtMD also offers a variety of free financial tools for visitors to its website. These tools include a smart-debt analyzer that helps consumers find the solution that will work best for their particular situation, payoff calculators to help borrowers find out how long it will take them to pay off their debt, and monthly payment calculators that show borrowers how much they should pay each month to eliminate their debt in the desired amount of time. 


The Bad

  • Not a Licensed Financial Institution
  • Can’t Get Quotes on Website

Not a Licensed Financial Institution

DebtMD doesn’t provide financial solutions itself; it is simply an online platform that helps consumers find debt solutions through other companies. While this can be helpful for consumers who don’t know where to turn for debt relief, it also can be an extra step in between consumers and debt relief. 

Can’t Get Quotes on Website

DebtMD is free to consumers. However, anyone who uses DebtMD to find a debt relief company will still have to speak to the companies they’re interested in working with to find out any fees and costs that may be associated with the debt relief services.


The Bottom Line

While DebtMD doesn't provide debt relief services itself, it can be a helpful first step for consumers who don't know where to start. And even customers who don’t end up finding a debt solution provider through DebtMD will probably find the DebtMD website helpful thanks to its financial tools. On the other hand, customers who already have an idea of what company they want to use, or who need urgent relief, may be better served by starting with contacting debt relief companies directly.

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Rishard Krehe Orlando, FL

I was very pleased with the entire process with DebtMD. They made the process fast, easy, and very painless. They were very detailed and answered all of my questions and made sure I didn't get over my head.

1 year ago