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LAST UPDATED: October 16th, 2020

Debt Advice USA is a debt settlement firm based in Orlando, Florida that says it has over ten years experience. It specializes in debt arbitration and works on behalf of its clients to secure agreements with creditors and settlement accounts. Its core programs provide debt arbitration as an option to bankruptcy, credit advice, and debt reduction. 

Its main services are in the following areas:

  • Balance transfer — Pay debt off with an interest free credit card balance transfer  
  • Debt settlement — Settle your debt and pay 60-70% of your total debt
  • Credit counseling — Get advice related to your credit card and debt relief
  • Debt consolidation — Pay debt with fixed monthly payments

While it does list some online accreditations on its website, Debt Advice USA does not seem to possess any of the industry standard accreditations. Competitors are often members of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), or the American Fair Credit Council and can be accredited by BSI Management Systems. Debt Advice USA states that it is a BBB accredited business and has a five-star rating on Google Reviews; however, we could not verify these claims.

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The Good

  • Free Debt Price Calculator
  • Guarantee

Free Debt Price Calculator

While Debt Advice USA doesn’t provide any information on its fee structure it does provide customers with a free debt price calculator. The calculator is built in Excel and is available on its website. You can enter your total debt and adjust several factors such as your estimated months of plan term, and percent savings reduction to view an estimated monthly payment. 

The calculator also includes a line for your estimated total fee amount. There is no clear way to know what fee Debt Advice USA will charge you unless you contact the customer service team; however, the fee the company includes as a placeholder is very high which may give you an idea of the fee structure. 


Debt Advice USA appears to give its customers a guarantee of sorts. It is not very specific, but it does state that the company 100 percent guarantees that it will save its customers money and time.


The Bad

  • Lack of Online Presence
  • No Physical Address
  • Closed on Weekends
  • Unsubstantiated Claims

Lack of Online Presence

It is confusing that it has such a minimal online presence for a company that has been in business more than ten years. While Debt Advice USA states on its website that it is an accredited business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and that it has a five star rating on Google Reviews we were unable to verify either. It is difficult to find any online reviews (we found two) as well. This lack of any real, verifiable online presence should be considered before working with them.

No Physical Address

Debt Advice USA lists a P.O. Box for its address. While this is somewhat industry standard, it does convey a lack of confidence in its service that it does not list a physical address for customers. 

Closed on Weekends

Many potential customers work, or are otherwise busy, during the week and do not have time to spend on their debt resolutions until the weekend. Unfortunately Debt Advice USA does not have any weekend hours which is very inconvenient. Most of its competitors offer extensive hours during the week and on weekends. 

Unsubstantiated Claims

There are some issues with broad, unverified claims on its website. While many businesses make such claims, Debt Advice USA also makes contradictory claims that raise concern. For example, it says that it has had over 50,000 clients and then it also says it has had over 1,114 clients; vastly different figures. It also says that it is a world-leading firm and that it is highly rated; however, we were unable to verify either claim and from its anemic online presence, we find these claims less likely.


The Bottom Line

Debt Advice USA is a debt settlement, or debt relief, company dedicated to helping customers consolidate, reduce, renegotiate, or settle their debts. In general, debt relief companies can come at a steep cost such as substantial fees, negative impact on your credit score, and potentially bankruptcy if negotiations do not go well. 

It does not have the typical accreditations that competitors have, and also lacks any real online presence, making doing your own due diligence critical. You should not proceed working with Debt Advice USA until you have verified who is providing you with credit counseling, what their certifications are, and importantly what its fee structure is. 

We did find it very helpful that Debt Advice USA provides customers with a debt price calculator, and it is also reassuring that it promises a guarantee. 

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