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LAST UPDATED: May 24th, 2022

CreditGuard of America is a nonprofit organization that helps people consolidate their debt and learn how to better manage their money. The company offers many services, including credit counseling, debt consolidation, and debt management. 

According to its website, CreditGuard can reduce a customer’s payments by up to 60 percent, and it has already saved more than 50,000 Americans more than $1.7 billion in debt and interest. CreditGuard also offers many additional financial literacy resources.

When a consumer begins working with CreditGuard, they’ll spend 30 to 60 minutes with a certified credit counselor, who will examine their unsecured debts. Then, the company contacts the customer’s creditors to reduce their owed interest and lower their payments. Next, CreditGuard consolidates the customer’s debts into a single monthly payment. Finally, the company continues to provide them with support so they stay out of debt.

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The Good

  • Services Offered
  • Low Cost
  • Long Hours
  • State Availability
  • Experience
  • Financial Literacy Resources

Services Offered

CreditGuard of America offers credit counseling, debt management, and debt consolidation services. Many competitors offer only one of these services, while CreditGuard offers all three. With these tools, CreditGuard can help customers with their unsecured debt, such as credit card debt and medical debt.

One advantage of CreditGuard’s debt consolidation program is that it doesn’t involve acquiring another loan. Often, a customer who’s interested in consolidating their debt has to take out a debt consolidation loan, which requires good credit and can harm the customer’s credit due to credit checks. CreditGuard handles the debt consolidation without requiring an additional loan.

All of CreditGuard’s credit counselors have completed comprehensive credit counseling training and passed the Credit Counselor Certification by the National Institute for Financial Education of America, ensuring that CreditGuard clients will receive high quality counseling services.

Low Cost

Many of CreditGuard’s services are free. CreditGuard charges an initial setup fee for its debt management program, and then a monthly fee of 1.2 percent of the customer’s total debt balance, up to a maximum of $55 per month. This is less expensive than what many other debt relief companies charge for their services. 

Long Hours

While many debt relief companies are open only during regular business hours, CreditGuard is open until 9 or 10 p.m. Eastern time on weeknights, which adds flexibility for customers who work during the day. The company is also open on Saturdays, adding additional availability. 

State Availability

CreditGuard of America’s services are available in all 50 United States. 


CreditGuard has been in business since 1991, making it one of the oldest debt relief companies in the industry. This doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best, but it does mean that the company has a track record of learning and improving to stay in business. Because CreditGuard has been in business for several decades, it has established relationships with most of the big creditors in the United States. 

Additionally, the company is ISO certified, which shows that it is committed to the best practices and standards of the industry.

Financial Literacy Resources

The CreditGuard website has a wealth of financial literacy information, from comprehensive blogs about debt and credit to free financial calculators. These helpful resources are available to everyone, whether or not they’re a CreditGuard client.


The Bad

  • Industry Accreditations

Industry Accreditations

CreditGuard is a member of the Palm Beach Better Business Bureau and the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, and it is certified by the ISO and Bureau Veritas. 

However, the company is missing accreditations from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and the Financial Counseling Association of America (FCAA). For a company that has been around for this long, we would expect to see at least one of these accreditations. 


The Bottom Line

Boca Raton-based CreditGuard is one of the longest-running debt relief companies in the industry, offering credit counseling, debt management, and debt consolidation services to customers all across the country. 

CreditGuard offers many of its services, including credit counseling, for free. Its debt management program involves an initial setup fee and then a monthly fee of 1.2 percent of the customer’s total debt amount, up to a maximum of $55 per month, which is lower than many other competitors’ prices. And because CreditGuard offers its services in all 50 states, with longer hours than many other companies, its debt relief services are extremely accessible.

The company also provides a variety of free financial education resources on its website, providing help to its audience any time, anywhere. 

CreditGuard is ISO certified, as well as being certified with Bureau Veritas. It’s also a member of the Palm Beach Better Business Bureau and the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. However, CreditGuard is not accredited with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and the Financial Counseling Association of America (FCAA), which we would expect from a credit counseling company that’s been in business since 1991. 

But CreditGuard’s low cost, wealth of experience, and high accessibility make it a great option for customers all across the country who are looking for credit counseling, debt management, and debt consolidation. Customers who are interested in debt consolidation but may not be able to qualify for a debt consolidation loan will likely be especially well-served by CreditGuard’s debt consolidation program.

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The only issue I have ever had with this company was that one creditor was not able to stay on the program due to a change in their billing system...even the company said they were aware of the issue, but after some months I could try again if I wanted to. Outside of that, I haven't had any issues that I wasn't prepared for. All my interest rates were reduced and my payment plans worked out as I wanted them to. Credit Guard worked with me as I wanted the program to work, even restructuring the payment to following the pattern I preferred. I have been able to add creditors without having hidden fees and even removed one without any fees. I've had a fairly good experience. My only down-side is that I wish that they had additional communication opportunities via email or thru a chat mechanism, but possibly this allows them to keep costs down and/or for security purposes.

6 years ago

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Heather Grondin Shawnee, KS

So I'm really surprised to see so many negative reviews on this company. I have 5 credit cards and I had to pay minimum payment of $990 a month in total for all of them combined, which I couldn't financially do anymore. It got so out of hand and I was so stressed out and couldn't sleep and feared that I would end up going to jail or something because I couldn't make the card payments... I knew I needed help so I called up my sister who I knew had done a debt settlement program and became debt free, and she urged me to make the call to the place she used. So I made the call and it turned out the company she had gone through only helped peopl who lived where she lived, in Texas. But they referred me to creditguard and said they were their sister company and helped people where I live in Kansas, and that they were legit. Gotta say, it was the best phone call I've ever made. Now I'm making monthly payments on my credit cards totaling 334 per month, and a ton of weight was taken off my back, knowing I now have a solid financial plan and that I will be debt free in just 4 years instead of 25!!! It's been a complete life changer for me! As much as I love creditguard tho, The reason I give it an 8 rating instead of a 10 though is because even though we had discussed all my credit cards they were going to help me with on the phone, when I got the confirmation letter in the mail that congratulated me for joining the program, 2 of the credit cards I needed help with were omitted. So I had to call CreditGuard and they added them back in to the program... not really sure what had happened there and why 2 credit cards had been left out, but the lady I talked to was friendly and got them added back in with the other credit cards and got confirmations from the credit card companies that they could see those cards were in with the credit guard program (just had to make sure) and yeah, everything has been smooth sailing since. Also, 2 of the credit card companies I was in debt with asked to raise tthe amount they wanted me to pay too so that was a little irritating as well, but they only raised the original amount I was told by credit guard like 10 to 20 bucks which wasn't a big deal to me so I agreed to their new amounts. Still was paying wayyy less than I was and stil am very content!

6 years ago

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Carol Parks Addison, IL

I loved your company.I was told how much I would pay and how long it would take to be debt free. I did have a few questions and when I called they were answered.It is scary when you make that 1st phone call but piece of mind is priceless!!

3 years ago

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Leslie Tye Belton, MO

My brother told me about this program and at first it seemed like it would help. Even though they are "non-profit" there is still a $30 monthly "transaction charge" which adds up over time. Its nice to pay one payment and have them pay your creditors for you. But when it comes time to cancel (after debt is paid off) its been kind of difficult. I have had to call several times, they were supposed to email me forms, which I never got because apparently they are mailing them instead. I got an email that I missed my payment, but they had already took out my last payment BEFORE I called to cancel. Its been kind of a mess and paying that $30/month for the last 5 years added up to $1,800- which could have gone to paying off my creditors. My advice, is to buckle down and pay off your own debt. Not 100% happy with my experience.

4 years ago

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Samantha Mende Melville, NY

I'm a new customer with CreditGuard having signed on two months ago. I have been trying to reach a "live" person in customer service for a week because some of the credit card companies sent me letters that a I missed a payment and they added late fees. CreditGuard was supposed to make those payments. I can't reach anyone to get any answers. Their customer service number is a joke and just sends you through voice mail prompts. I can't log in because I get a message that my email is not recognized. However this is the email they sent their welcome letters and latest notice that my statement is ready to read online. I'd love to read the statement but I can't get online.

6 years ago

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jane bozok New Rochelle, NY

If you want to get to a worse point with your debt than where you started, definitely go with Credit Guard of America. The debt consultant will be super nice and kind until you are convinced and you make an agreement. Once you sign an agreement, you will never hear from that consultant again. Suddenly the company will realize that your bank/creditor has different restrictions or rules, all the information you provided before agreeing will be as if you never mentioned them. Suddenly everyone is unaware of the information provided multiple times. They will withdraw the agreed payment from your account although they will not make the payment to your creditor due to some problems that were never mentioned making the agreement. The customer service is rude, the supervisors are worse. And when they believe had enough, they will hang up the phone to your face.

6 years ago

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Russell Sheppard

I signed up with Credit Guard OF America, to help and (ALL) they have done, is hurt me! I asked for help from this company, to help me pay off ALL of my dept. They are so pathetic, that all they could do is get Walmart Credit, to work with them. Now Walmart had be in Default and my credit is being ruined more and more each day! Now this company says that they will release me from their service, but it will take 30 DAYS! So now my credit will become even more ruined! I have NEVER once missed a payment on anything, since I was 18 years old! Now because of this company, my credit is becoming ruined! I dropped them, because they never pay on time. I would end up paying them and then CGOA, would just pay when they feel like it. So the credit companies would still be contacting me for payment! CREDIT GUARD OF AMERICA IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! Please, DO NOT EVEN CALL THEM! They will RUIN you and make things a trillion times worse!!!

7 years ago

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Leslie Tye Overland Park, KS

I have used this company for 3 years to help pay off some high interest bills. I have never had a problem or needed anything from them, until now. I am refinancing my house and in order to do that, I need a letter from credit guard saying they allow me to do this. (for whatever reason I need their permission) I have called 3 times in 24 hours and its STILL NOT DONE. The first time I called he said I would have the letter in an hour. After 4 hours, I called back and that person said she would send it. My mortgage company got it, but half of the document is blurred from the faxing, the date I "started" with them was marked as June of 2017! (future date), and the letter doesn't say anything about allowing me to refinance my house. They said they have a "standard form" for customers in this situation. The letter states they do not advise customers to get in any more debt, THATS IT! This is not acceptable to my mortgage company and credit guard says they cannot change it for me. This was after the 3rd call I made to correct the wrong info on the letter. I asked for them to send it again and they never sent it. I am calling back today and asking for a manager. I will do everything in my power to fire this company. I wish I would have never gotten involved in the first place. Now I know it was a bad referral.

7 years ago

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bc Fullerton, CA

They told me also that it was a one time fee but they charge me $20 a month. I left it though because the about of interest I pay decrease tremendously even after the $20 fee they are charging me. Some of the staff are straight out grumpy, like "why are you bothering me?" type of voice. Some of them are friendly but consider them a partner rather than a helpful agency. If a problem occurs, you have to do half the work or else it doesn't get solved. I needed to call the credit card company because they kept charging late fee, I needed to figure out exactly what was happening to my account, I needed to follow up on status because my credit company would not respond to their request. and now I need to follow up with creditguard because the term "follow-up" or "return call" is just not in their vocabulary. im just staying with them because I do need help and I don't know of any other agencies.

7 years ago

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Amber Dyer Bremerton, WA

Once I started using this service it instantly became harder to get a hold of these people. Their website is impossible to use for me because it doesn't recognize my email address to get my username and password. I have only ever used one email with these folks so its suspicious. Their on the east coast and Im on the west coast and they do everything in EST between 830am -830pm M-F. When you call you have to go through an answering machine that asks for all your details and when you talk to a person they want all your same details too. I feel like they are going out of their way to waste my time and leave me in the dark about my account with them. When I asked why I have to give my details over and over the person on the other line asked if I wanted to call back later ( she wasnt even apologetic about it). Finally she said its the way they been doing it for years and she kept asking if I wanted to call back later. It seemed like she was not even listening to what I was saying, and creating imaginary drama in her head when I was just wanting to get information about my account.

7 years ago

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Maria E Horton Tucson, AZ

HORRIBLE...i have never encountered a company with so many incompetent employees in one place. i have called no less then 7 times to get a different ansewer every single time. i was first contacted to be advise of a refund that i was supposed to received, per last employee this refund has turned into 20.00 dllrs from over 200.00 that i was told when i first called 3 weeks ago

6 years ago

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CLH Minneapolis, MN

They did negotiate a lower interest on my credit card but I now pay a $34 dollar a month fee to Credit Guard. I was not aware I would be charged a monthly fee. It is 12.75% of my monthly payment. Neither of which reduce as the balance is reduced. And I have no disclosure on what that makes my effective interest rate. So I am not sure I am ahead here. I may have been better paying the monthly payment directly to the credit card company.

6 years ago

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Michael Johnson Cleveland, OH

Company lied about helping me and after I signed up then they changed agreement and said they could not get agreement to pay my credit cards as promised. I canceled and was told it would take 65 days to return my sign up fee.

7 years ago

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ash larson

The price of my monthly payment kept going up and up with no reason, they were never accurate and could not grt infor like professional companies do, they lack all the professional customer service

7 years ago


Review Source

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Jim Ahmad Cordova, TN

Professional and friendly staff throughout the call and taking their time in answering any questions I had!

2 years ago


Review Source

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anupam sumessur Washington, DC

I had a positive experience with credit guard. My bills are now paid on time and they provide detailed reports.

2 years ago

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Harley Bangor, ME

The cancellation guy who is also my intake guy was rude. Belittling.nasty telling me well now the credit collections can get you etc. He is awful and they are crap

7 years ago