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LAST UPDATED: May 26th, 2022

CareOne Debt Relief, also widely referred to as CareOne Credit, is a debt settlement, debt consolidation, and credit counseling company that has been helping those with credit card debt, medical debt, student loans and other types of unsecured debt since 2002.

The company offers a debt management plan through consolidating your debt and a debt settlement plan by working with your creditors to lower the amount you owe. Through CareOne credit counseling services, customers can expect to discover and implement the best debt relief options with the most minimal effect possible on their credit scores.

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The Good

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Consultation
  • Online Portal
  • Available in All States
  • Variety of Services

Satisfaction Guarantee

CareOne offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The company is so confident in its service professionals that it offers customers a six-month money back guarantee on all services rendered, no questions asked.

Free Consultation

The free consultation is worth mentioning; this enables them to analyze each person's specific debt situation and then point people to the best company. CareOne will take a look at your credit report, your credit history, your current debts, your various creditors, and your financial situation to determine what avenues to take in negotiating with your creditors.

Online Portal

CareOne Debt Relief has an online portal where you can view your program information, participate in discussion forums, and have access to other additional resources. This makes it easier for clients to keep track of their progress with creditors and communicate concerns with the company. 

Available in All States

One good thing about referring clients to other companies is that they will refer you to a company that is licensed to operate in your state. The company's debt relief services, including debt consolidation, debt settlement, and credit counseling, are available to all residents of the United States.

Variety of Services

CareOne provides a variety of debt relief services including debt consolidation, debt settlement, and credit counseling. Depending on your personal financial situation (income, ability to make payments, credit approval/credit score, etc.), the company may recommend any one of the possible options.

Debt consolidation is the process of taking all of your monthly payments and putting them into one easy monthly payment and is recommended for those who still have enough money to make minimum payments. It is usually safer than debt settlement because it doesn't affect your credit score. Additionally, debt consolidation can usually lower your interest rates (from around 15 percent to around 5 percent).


The Bad

  • Lack of Accreditations
  • Undisclosed Fees
  • Not Accepting New Clients

Lack of Accreditations

The company does not hold any of the major industry accreditations, specifically with the AFCC, and the IAPDA. This makes it difficult to know if the company follows best industry practices.

Undisclosed Fees

CareOne does not disclose its fees on its corporate website. This lack of transparency can be frustrating for potential customers. Most debt relief companies require a consultation before letting customers know the exact price; this is done in order to ensure the company can even negotiate with your creditors. However, there are some companies that also provide estimates for customers before determining if they can negotiate with your creditors.

It should be noted that most debt management companies will charge a flat fee, but also offer customers the option to make monthly payments for their debt management plan.

Not Accepting New Clients

CareOne will go through occasional periods when it doesn't accept new clients and thus sometimes just acts as a middleman to refer people to other debt relief companies. It would be quicker and easier for consumers to cut out the middleman and find the best company that directly suits their needs. For this reason, we can't recommend CareOne at this time.


The Bottom Line

CareOne has lots of industry experience. The biggest drawback, however, is that CareOne will occasionally prefer to decline new clients. That can be frustrating because there is no clear disclaimer on the company's website. We don't recommend CareOne Debt Relief because contacting them might result in their referring you to another company.

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Cynthia Landing MO

Oh my I was financially in trouble with high debts and I didn’t know what I was going to do so I saw a commercial advertising CareOne I gave them a call explaining my credit debts and they explained to me how they were able to help me, they gladly design a payment plan that I was comfortable with, they stop the continuous interest rates occurring each month I received a statement allowing me to watch how my payments were disbursed and witnessing my debts gradually being lower, their cost of taken this burden off of me is little to none given my outstanding debts CareOne bought me a peace of mind and a new lease on life, I realize I was with the best debt relief company and that is CareOne I would highly recommend anyone that is facing hardship to give them a chance of handling your situation I guarantee you won’t have any regrets this I know from experience,

2 years ago

star star star star star

Matthew Plies Frederick, MD

I just got off the phone with Eva who walked me through all the necessary steps to get my debt in order. She made the experience as easy and dare I say enjoyable as possible! I have nothing but good things to say about my experience today. I'll write another review a few months down the line to provide an update on my status.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Sheri Indianapolis, IN

I just got off the phone with Debbie and I am feeling such relief. I am hopeful that I will be debt free in 4 years. Debbie was such a wonderful person to work with!!!

4 years ago

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Rebecca Hernandez Pomona, CA

Careone sold my consolidation to MMI. I only had one bill left. For the past three months MMI has not made a payment. The bill is escalating with interest and late fees. I have contacted both companies about this complaint. Neither company takes responsiblility for this issue and blames the other company. When I contacted the company, they informed me that Careone had sent the payment to the wrong company and they notified Careone. Careone failed to correct the problem. MMI took control of the bill and failed to verify the lender. So be apprehensive about both companies.

7 years ago

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Celeste Denver City, TX

I absolutely will NEVER use a debt relief company again, because of my experience with CareOne! After nine months in their program, I am further in debt and my credit score is completely shot. I finally called today, and asked them to give me my money back. I have accrued about $2600 in my debt "savings" account. They did not pay on any of my credit cards, and therefore, I am further in debt now too.

8 years ago

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Barbara Carpenter Sunnyside, NY

Many years ago I used CareOne and was totally satisfied. However, under present circumstances (not accepting new clients and referring accounts to other companies), I would not recommend this company. It is really too bad. They had done a good job on my debt relief, but this is a very bad sign. Not recommended now.

5 years ago

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Chris Oklahoma City, OK

Anyone who would spoof local numbers to try and make a sale of any kind is probably untrustworthy. Would recommend staying away from any such business all together

5 years ago

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Tina Mansfield Humble, TX

Nicholas was very thorough explaining the program to me.

6 years ago