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LAST UPDATED: December 19th, 2023

American Financial Solutions, a nonprofit located in the U.S., has helped a quarter of a million people in the past 15 years. AFS has been able to help consumers pay off more than $42 billion in debt helping consumers take control of their finances. The company helps consumers with a variety of financial issues including credit counseling, debt management, bankruptcy counseling and foreclosure prevention.

American Financial Solutions works to help families achieve their goals from homeownership to student loan counseling. American Financial Solutions is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). American Financial Solutions maintains various partnerships with organizations across the nation including the Bank of Seattle and Habitat for Humanity.

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The Good

  • Consumer-Focused Services
  • Established Partnerships
  • Certified Counselors
  • Time in Business

Consumer-Focused Services

As proven by its role in helping consumers pay off more than $42 billion in debt since 1999, American Financial Solutions strives to help consumers take control of their finances. American Financial Solutions provides services focused on helping consumers reduce debt through debt management and preventing foreclosure.

Established Partnerships

The partnerships built and maintained by American Financial Solutions gives consumers a chance to access different programs and services. Partnerships are with different mutually beneficial organizations including financial counseling programs and higher education programs. American Financial Solutions has partnered with the following organizations:

  • City of Bremerton
  • Connection Credit Union
  • North Seattle Community College
  • Seattle Goodwill
  • Washington Access Fund
  • Neighborworks America
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Certified Counselors

American Financial Solutions invests in its team of counselors by certifying all of its counselors who work with consumers. The nonprofit requires its counselors to complete additional training and education to stay certified on an annual basis.

All credit and housing counselors are certified by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. The training received by American Financial Solutions counselors result in consistent support on behalf of the consumers.

American Financial Solutions works to have consumers work with the same counselors so that relationships of trust are built.

Time in Business

American Financial Solutions has been in operation since 1999. They have assisted consumers in paying off more than $42 billion in debt. 


The Bad

  • No Clear Promises on Improvement
  • Availability

No Clear Promises on Improvement

American Financial Solutions does not let consumers know how much their annual percentage rates will be reduced to. This is important because consumers enlist the help of companies like American Financial Solutions to lower their annual percentage rates. American Financial Solutions can do better in sharing its results via case study to increase transparency and increase the confidence of consumers looking to get out of debt.


American Financial Solutions is available nationwide, which we commend them for. There aren't many debt relief companies available in all 50 states, which allows more customers to use their services.


The Bottom Line

American Financial Solutions is a team of certified counselors focusing on helping Americans improve their financial situation. The nonprofit company strives to  maintain healthy partnerships on a local and national level. While some aspects about American Financial Solutions may be attractive, the company is not as clear with key information as we would like. The company also charges a higher monthly fee than many other companies. It may be beneficial for potential clients to take advantage of the free consultation to see if American Financial Solutions can help lower your interest rates and save you money.

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domd22003 Houston, TX

I have had a terrible experience with this company. I reached out to them to get my student loans discharged under the Sweet vs Cardona act. I was put on a 3 payment plan at which after the third payment I was told they would start the paperwork for me. I made the first payment but after a death in the family I couldn’t afford the payment and asked to cancel the service. I called customer service to cancel my service and spoke with a representative named Debbie. She was extremely rude and made some very unprofessional comments towards me. Then proceeded to say they wouldn’t refund my $482 I paid in the first payment. When I asked for a supervisor’s number she provided me a number that has a busy tone all the time. It makes me feel like there is some fraud going on. I will be reporting this company. Not to mention when you try to leave a negative review on their site, it won’t load it. I’ve tried several times.

2 months ago

star star star star star

Kyle Paus Denver, CO

I have been using AFS for close to 2 years now. I have had nothing but positive interactions with their customer service team. When I first inquired about their services, I walked through my financial situation and went through a detailed budget with a financial counselor. They were able to negotiate a very good interest rate for my 2 credit card balances and settle on a monthly payment with my bank that I could afford. So, ever since going into a debt management plan with them, I haven't had to worry about my financial strains like I had in the past. They send you monthly statements after your payment is made to your creditor, so it's super easy to track your progress. I am charged a small monthly fee which is added into my total payment per month. I don't know if that monthly fee is determined by your total debt, but I pay about $20 per month for their services which really isn't that bad.

1 year ago

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Tim Bradley Dallas, TX

To fix credit score a background knowledge of how credit works must be available. If not, close attention must be paid to credit trends. Me and my wife tried so hard for many years to get our credits up in other to be able to afford a house that fits the size of our family. We tried lots of individuals and credit companies advices by people on here and YouTube. None worked. Recently, we tried data science and revolutionary financial security company called Credit Boost Focus. We both gained a whooping 200 points within 8 weeks and are on our way to secure a desirable home for our kids. This company’s method of clearing debt and boosting credit score is amazing. There’s nothing like someone who’s got zeal for what he does. Using his talent to bless people. The fact that they believe the credit system is an oppressive system gives them enough reasons to want to do the job and they get it done aggressively, trust me on that. They will call banks and agencies with the right amount of expertise to beat them at their game on your behalf. Creditboostfocus on FB did if you need a helping hand too.

2 years ago Edited October 20, 2021

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Jack D Midland, NC

Good program overall. Hard to get anything in writing from them. Almost all information is provided via phone call. They did not record my financial info correctly during initial consultation despite my repeated efforts to get them to correct it. This caused me several issues later on when transferring credit card accounts. Some promises did not come through. Customer reps could use some training on being nice to clients. Very difficult to reach specific rep assigned to my case via phone.

4 years ago

star star star star star_border

Darrell Rigley

This article provide resources to customers regarding their credit counseling and debt services.Its good for sharing,Thanks!

8 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Laura Mccall Marysville, CA

American financial solutions were very helpful. They saved me a lot of money and consolidated my debt for me.

1 year ago Edited May 25, 2022

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[email protected] San Diego, CA

Horrible service and overpriced

7 years ago

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