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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Co-founded in 2012 by James Beshara and Khaled Hussein, Tilt is a well-known crowdfunding site that makes pooling funds simple and convenient. Users may gather funds for many reasons, from tailgate parties and group gifts to the development of empty lots and construction of new schools. Since their creation, over 300,000 groups have used Tilt to help their ideas take flight. 

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The Good

  • Model type
  • Fees
  • Maximum allowed raise
  • Deadlines
  • Administrative work options

Model Type

There are three model types offered by Tilt: Collect, Fundraise, and Sell Something:
  • Collect: Pool money for an experience, purchase, gift, etc.
  • Fundraise: Raise money to support a US-registered nonprofit cause with a valid 501 (c)(3).
  • Sell Something: sell items (tickets, clothing, etc.) using the Tilting feature.
This is a unique feature, since most models offered by crowdfunding sites are singular in nature. Being able to sell is not really heard of outside of Tilt. Users can utilize Tilt for both personal and business fundraising purposes. The process for setting up a crowdfunding campaign is fast and hassle-free. Their website details how you can start collecting money within seconds, and you can contribute to a fund with 2 clicks. You are able to create campaigns tailored to Friends, Causes & Nonprofits, and Projects and Brands.


Tilt offers a separate pricing for the "regular" Tilt and what they call "TiltPro" for brands, businesses, and organizations. Tilt doesn't charge any fees for their platform, and there are no transaction or processing fees. They also don't charge non-completion fees the way some other crowdfunding sites do. Plus it's free for contributors using debit cards. Two fees do apply: 3% processing fee for credit cards (for donors) and a 2.5% fee if you want to sell something. For TiltPro, pricing is split into Enterprise and EnterprisePlus packages. With Enterprise, there is a flat 2.5% fee to sell plus a credit card processing fee of 3%. EnterprisePlus charges 1% fee to sell plus a $100,000 set-up fee (yes, 100k) plus the 3% credit card processing fee. How affordable this is depends on the tier you select. For "regular" Tilt and Enterprise basic, the pricing in decent. For EnterprisePlus, it's obviously quite expensive. It isn't for new startups or small businesses without much funds.

Maximum Allowed Raise

Unlike some crowdfunding sites that impose a maximum amount to be raised for your campaign, Tilt has the opposite: a mandatory minimum amount where you set the minimum amount (currency or quantity) you need. No one is charged until you reach it.


Tilts can run for a maximum of 60 days. This is in the normal range for typical crowdfunding platforms, but it may not be long enough for some raising funds depending on their situation.

Administrative Work Options

One of the best things Tilt offers its users is serious convenience and simplicity. There are several ways Tilt succeeds at making their process as hassle-free as possible. You are able to share your tilt by posting to Twitter or Facebook, sending individual emails, or calling and texting potential contributors. Tilt offers options to assist its members with administrative tasks that can eat up a lot of time by providing services to do some of that work for you, especially when you are starting a new project. Many crowdfunding platforms do not offer help with this problem, but Tilt does, such as:
  • Tracking Feature: You can see who has and hasn't paid, and easily send reminders to those who haven't-saving you the hassle of updating spreadsheets and chasing down stragglers.
  • Mobile Apps: Tilt's iOS and Android mobile apps let you start collecting money instantly.
  • Automatic mailing: Automatic mailing of tax-deductible receipts for donations made to a U.S. 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.
For TiltPro users, there is a plethora of administrative work options (for a fee) which includes:
  • Page design and development
  • Built- in analytics
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Abandoned cart data
  • Marketing and PR strategy
  • Customizable affiliate program
  • Campaign distribution on Tilt.com
  • One-step checkout flow
  • Built-in referral program
  • Ad and Marketing add-ons
  • Order Management tools
  • Fully-customized branding
These administrative work features make fundraising streamlined, measurable and easier to manage-especially for businesses. Many crowdfunding sites do not offer such a lengthy list of options. These features, however, are not free.

The Bad

  • Fund type
  • Receiving funds

Fund Type

'All-or-Nothing' fund type campaigns are used. These are when users will only receive donations if a minimum goal is reached. This may be frustrating for organizers and contributors alike; organizers obviously need assistance, and contributors obviously want to offer some assistance regardless of a monetary goal. Then again, more should appreciate this fund type considering organizers raise 192% of their goal on average.

Receiving Funds

The minimum monetary goal is referred to as the "Tilt amount." When that goal is reached, the user has 'Tilted' and funds are disbursed via direct deposit within two business days. Although this can have a desired effect of incentivizing fundraisers to be diligent about meeting their goal, it can also have the opposite effect, where the parameters are too pressurized and a minimum goal can mean not getting any funds if that number is not reached. Individuals using the 'Collect' or 'Sell Something' model may receive an early payout of all the funds collected up to that point, as long as the minimum goal has already been reached. For 'Fundraising' Tilt types, funds will be sent to the benefitting US-registered nonprofit via physical check 1-2 weeks after the Tilt expires.

The Bottom Line

Tilt is a good option for your crowdfunding needs if you're an individual or entrepreneur. With three simple but useful models to choose from and high-level security implementation, users can feel confident in their decision to pool funds for many different reasons. If you've got the $100,000 to budget on taking your business venture to the next level, Tilt is also an option worth looking into. They offer some of the best administrative tools around.
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Chris Shaffer Fairfield, CA

I attempted to sign up and use Tilt to collect money for a group party where I am the banker. I signed up with my email and it is forcing me to use Facebook to signup... Finally I agree and just didn't want to give it my friends list, then it demanded the friends list and when I backed out, it erased the campaign I had constructed. DON'T GIVE PEOPLE THE OPTION OF SIGNING UP WITHOUT FACEBOOK IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE THEM DO IT ANYWAY. Be upfront about your desire for all of my information and I might not go somewhere else. Now I don't trust them at all. Off to Paypal.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Leslie Katy, TX

My son sold a pair of shoes using this app and after the buyer received the shoes, they cancelled the payment. Tilt has no options for us to contact them without a URL which is not used for selling items. They do not answer their phones or return calls. This company has TERRIBLE customer service and I hope this review will keep others from making the same mistake as my son.

7 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Brendan Sullivan Tucson, AZ

Advertised a party and stated that 200 people where going. When we got there 20 people where there. They lied on the advertising and used it to scam money from people. Pathetic and weak.

7 years ago