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LAST UPDATED: July 7th, 2022

CreditNerds is an Arkansas-based company that has provided credit repair services to over 25,000 clients over the past several years. 

The credit repair company offers a unique, free credit repair service and works with creditors as well as credit bureaus to find and remove negative items on clients’ credit reports. 

Clients can choose to pay for a credit audit before signing up for the company’s free credit repair services. Potential clients should note, however, that the company’s credit audit service is optional. 

According to the CreditNerds website, this credit audit involves a “full breakdown of all items” on a client’s credit report and provides clients with a significant amount of information regarding their overall credit profile. 

Additionally, CreditNerds provides educational resources along with the credit audit to assist clients with expanding their credit knowledge.

Overall, the company puts a major focus on helping clients learn more about their credit profiles and strives to help clients establish bright credit futures. 

Read on to learn more about CreditNerds and to view customer reviews.

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The Good

  • Free Credit Repair Service
  • In-depth Credit Audit Service
  • Online Educational Resources

Free Credit Repair Service

As previously mentioned, CreditNerds provides a free credit repair service. 

This type of service is unique as most credit repair companies charge steep fees for their credit repair plans. 

According to the company’s website, clients usually stay in the company’s credit repair program for four to six months. This timeframe, however, can change based on a number of factors. 

CreditNerds does not promise that all or any negative items will be removed during the four to six month period. Most credit repair companies that do promise clients specific results are likely not providing completely legitimate services. 

The company also offers a credit audit, but does not require clients to sign up and pay for a credit audit before using its credit repair services. 

In-depth Credit Audit Service

CreditNerds clients can choose to pay for an in-depth credit audit before signing up for the company’s free credit repair services. 

This credit audit costs a one-time fee of $97 and involves a complete breakdown of all items on a client’s credit report. 

The CreditNerds’ website states that, as part of the credit audit, the company will review each item and will explain to the client how each item affects them as well as how clients can maintain good credit scores and reports outside of using credit repair services. 

In addition to the review, CreditNerds will also provide credit education resources to help clients learn more about their credit report and credit scores. 

Again, clients do not have to sign up and pay for a credit audit before they can sign up for the company’s free credit repair services. 

The audit is designed to provide clients with more credit information and insight which can help them achieve their long-term credit goals. 

Online Educational Resources

The credit repair company has a variety of helpful educational resources on its website, including the following: 

  • Courses — cover topics like credit basics, budgeting, saving, banking, identity theft, and more 
  • Life Events — helps consumers learn about life events like buying a car, going to college, renting, buying a home, and getting a job
  • Credit for Kids — helps consumers teach all children from pre-k to college to those with special needs about credit 
  • Financial Calculators — provides consumers with tools that can help them determine how much car they can afford, how much house they can afford, and more 

All website visitors can use these educational tools and resources to learn more about personal finance and what they can do to improve their current financial situations.


The Bad

  • Monitoring Account Required 
  • Self-Mail Service Required 
  • Limited Website Information 

Monitoring Account Required

Although CreditNerds offers a free credit repair service, the company does require clients to pay for and keep “an active 3-bureau monitoring account” with its credit report partner. 

The cost for this account is $39.95 per month and is paid directly to the monitoring account company. 

Self-Mail Service Required 

CreditNerds also asks clients to “mail correspondence to creditors or credit bureaus” themselves. The company’s website explains that clients could incur additional fees since some items may need to be mailed certified. 

Limited Website Information

Although CreditNerds does provide a significant amount of information on its website regarding its educational credit resources, the company’s website does lack in providing other, important information that some clients may want to know. 

CreditNerds does not appear to offer information regarding the following: 

  • Refunds/money-back guarantee policies
  • Staff credentials
  • Customer service availability
  • Client portal or accessibility to updates/results
  • Credit repair service process 

That said, potential clients may be able to obtain this information quickly by contacting the company directly via phone or email. 

Consumers can easily locate contact information on the CreditNerds website.


The Bottom Line

CreditNerds has provided helpful services to thousands of clients over the past 13 years. 

The credit repair company offers something that is almost unheard of in the credit repair industry — a free credit repair service. 

Although clients are required to pay for a tri-bureau credit monitoring account, consumers will be hard-pressed to find another company that offers such low-cost services. 

CreditNerds also offers a completely optional credit audit that clients can pay for to learn more about the items on their credit reports, how those items affect them, and what they can do to obtain and maintain a good credit report and credit scores in the future. 

Potential clients should note that the company does not require consumers to sign up and pay for its credit audit service before they’re able to use its credit repair services. 

The Arkansas-based company also provides a vast amount of educational resources as well as a helpful frequently asked questions section on its website. 

Those who are interested in CreditNerds services can contact the company directly and view customer reviews to obtain more information.

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