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Clean Slate Credit Solutions has been in business since 2010 and provides credit repair solutions with no immediate upfront costs or monthly fees.

The New Jersey-based company has an A+ BBB rating and strives to provide credit repair education to its customers in order for them to maintain good credit in the future.

In addition to the removal of negative items, Clean Slate Credit Solutions’ customers will receive the following and more when they sign up for credit repair services: 

  • Monthly phone calls to discuss account progress
  • 24/7 access to a secure online portal
  • Access to a private Facebook group with credit education tips
  • Assistance with building good credit

It's important to note that Clean Slate Credit Solutions can be more expensive than some companies. Fortunately, customers can choose to cancel services at any time.

Read on to learn more about Clean Slate Credit Solutions and to read verified customer reviews

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The Good

  • Cancel Anytime
  • Online Transparency
  • No Monthly Credit Repair Fees

Clean Slate Credit Solutions is very upfront about what fees are associated with its services, and when clients can expect these fees to be assessed to their accounts.

The company offers an initial free credit report consultation that will help determine if the client needs assistance with credit building, debt settlement, debt consolidation, student loan consolidation, applying for an auto loan or mortgage, or refinancing an auto loan or mortgage.

Cancel Anytime

Clean Slate Credit Solutions’ services can be canceled at any time with no additional cost or payments associated with the termination of the services.

In addition, Clean Slate Credit Solutions offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee if a customer cancels the Clean Slate credit program within the first three months.

Online Transparency

Clean Slate Credit Solutions is upfront with the associated costs and term requirements. The company’s website also discloses what it provides clients who choose its credit repair services.

Clean Slate Credit Solutions will do the following for those who sign up for its credit repair services:

  • Conduct credit report consultations to determine customers’ credit file situations
  • Work with credit bureaus as well as creditors and collection agencies on behalf of customers
  • Send customized disputes
  • Provide access to credit counselors
  • Offer advanced credit repair education to ensure long-term success

The credit repair company also states on its website that it works to remove several different types of negative items including personal information, student loan consolidation, late payments, inquiries, collection accounts, charge-offs, and public records. 

No Monthly Credit Repair Fees

While many credit repair companies charge a monthly fee for their services, Clean Slate Credit Solutions does not require monthly payments.

This means that consumers looking to improve their credit scores will only be paying for services rendered: a fee for the initial audit, as well as smaller fees for each individual negative item removed from their credit reports.

Because Clean Slate Credit Solutions is not a subscription service like other credit repair companies, customers who are not pleased with the company’s credit score restoration services are free to cancel at any time without needing to pay the remainder of a monthly subscription balance.


The Bad

  • Credit Monitoring Sign Up Required
  • High Initial Audit Fee 

In addition to a high audit fee and repair fees, customers will also be required to enroll in a credit monitoring service within five days of signing up with Clean Slate Credit Solutions.

While the initial credit monitoring fee is only $1 for the first 30 days, customers will be required to pay $19.99 each month until their bad credit has been repaired.

Credit Monitoring Sign Up Required

Clean Slate Credit Solutions requires customers to start paying for a credit monitoring service in addition to paying for the company’s credit repair services. 

High Initial Audit Fee

Although Clean Slate Credit Solutions does not assess a monthly fee for its credit repair services, the company does charge a rather high enrollment fee of $197.


The Bottom Line

With Clean Slate Credit Solutions, customers will only have to pay for the negative items that are removed from their credit reports.

Customers will also be able to obtain a free consultation, access to a client portal, monthly phone calls to discuss credit progress, assistance with credit building, access to credit education tools, and more.  

Overall, Clean Slate Credit Solutions operates at a level of online transparency that many more well-established credit repair companies do not.

Customers are given an accurate expectation of how much they'll be required to pay for Clean Slate Credit Solutions' repair services.

Unfortunately, with so many fees and conditions that come with an account, customers may be required to pay a great deal more with Clean Slate Credit Solutions than they would with other credit repair companies.

Luckily, customers can choose to cancel services at any time. Additionally, if the company does not remove any items within the first 180 days for a client, that client will be eligible to recieve a refund for their enrollment fee. 

If you are interested in learning more about Clean Slate Credit Solutions, you may want to consider signing up for a free consultation, visiting the company’s website, and reading several Clean Slate Credit Solutions reviews. 

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Jenny Santiago Brooklyn, NY

BEWARE! This company is fraud! They charge you a monthly fee to monitor your credit progress via their own portal that you cannot cancel out of. Any reputable credit repair agency asks that you monitor your credit vis the 3 actual credit bureaus! The site goes through rounds of so called processes of what they are disputing, they list certified mail numbers for each round of dispute letters they send out, funny how YOU, the client, cannot get a copy of any letters in regards to disputes from YOUR credit report, and NONE of the 3 credit bureaus (6 months in) have any disputes listed! Credit bureaus send out notices acknowledging they received your dispute usually within 30 days, it's 6 months later and NOT ONE AGENCY has a dispute on file! Beware of credit repair agencies that ask you to sign up for credit lines you have to pay for like jewelry sites, but should not use and last only 1 year before you need to pay again! This is how they reel you in, why do I need to invest $500 per year for credit lines I cannot use and renew every year to keep them on my profile??? I believe they may be getting a percentage of everyone who signs up for those jewelry credit lines. So you have hundreds of people paying a sign on fee, a monthly fee to view your credit progress on their portal, plus additional fees to get credit lines you shouldn’t use??? No wonder the guy drives a BENTLEY! When this was brought to their attention, the rep assigned to my case had the nerve to entertain an email thread informing me that their practices were legal and the AUDACITY to take credit for my scores going up, I had no idea that me paying my bills on time was some groundbreaking advice they only offer! My credit, of course went up because I pay my bills, not because of anything they did, 6 months later and nothing was removed or even disputed! They have educational sessions on FB where every session they will only try to sway you into signing up for the credit lines, this is why I believe they are profiting from those! STAY AWAY!!!

5 months ago

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Abdoul Wallingford, CT

DONT believe the fake reviews like I did.I took a chance with this company about a year ago and been little to no help. I barley could even get in contact with them after they have u sign up. They claim the “coach” but they never keep in touch with you to let you know what’s goin on with your credit all you get is the same emails telling you to sign up for the same programs.Save your time and money and go with a bigger and more established company and get it done right the first time

5 months ago

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