Clean Slate Credit Solutions

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Clean Slate Credit Solutions has been in business since 2010 and provides credit repair solutions with no immediate upfront costs or monthly fees. However, Clean Slate Credit Solutions can also be a much more expensive alternative than some companies, and customers are encouraged to investigate the top credit repair companies before making a final decision.

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The Good

  • Cancel Anytime
  • Online Transparency
  • No Monthly Credit Repair Fees

Clean Slate Credit Solutions is very upfront about what fees are associated with its services, and when customers can expect these fees to be assessed to their accounts. Some negative items, such as personal information discrepancies and late credit payments, will be resolved free of charge, while other fees will cost between $50 and $100.

Cancel Anytime

Services can be cancelled at any time with no additional cost or fees associated with the termination of the services. In addition, Clean Slate Credit Solutions offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee if a customer cancels within the first three months.

Online Transparency

Clean Slate Credit Solutions is upfront with the associated costs and term requirements.

No Monthly Credit Repair Fees

While many credit repair companies charge a monthly fee for their services, Clean Slate Credit Solutions has zero monthly fees. This means that customers will only be paying for services rendered: a fee for the initial audit, as well as smaller fees for each individual negative item removed from your credit reports. Because Clean Slate Credit Solutions is not a subscription service like other credit repair companies, customers are free to cancel at anytime without needing to pay the remainder of a monthly subscription balance.

The Bad

  • Unpaid Balance Fees
  • Credit Monitoring Signup Required
  • High Initial Audit Fee

In addition to a high audit fee, repair fees, and monthly unpaid balance fees, customers will also be required to enroll in credit monitoring with within five days of signing up with Clean Slate Credit Solutions. And while the initial credit monitoring fee is only $1 for the first 30 days, customers will be required to pay $19.99 each month until their credit has been repaired.

Unpaid Balance Fees

There will be fees associated with an unpaid balance on top of all other costs.

Credit Monitoring Signup Required

Customers will have to start a credit monitoring service on the side.

High Initial Audit Fee

Although Clean Slate Credit Solutions does not assess a monthly fee for its services, the company does charge a rather high price of $199 (or two payments). Customers will also have to deal with a number of additional fees not directly related to repairing their credit. For example, once items are deleted from their credit reports, customers will be required to pay Clean Slate Credit Solutions $100 a month until their balance has been paid off.

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The Bottom Line

Although Clean Slate Credit Solutions has only been in business since 2010, the company operates at a level of online transparency that many more well-established credit repair companies do not. Customers are given an accurate expectation of how much they'll be required to pay for Clean Slate Credit Solutions' services; however, with so many fees and conditions that come with an account, customers may be required to pay a great deal more with Clean Slate Credit Solutions than they would with other credit repair companies. 

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