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LAST UPDATED: December 26th, 2023

Ting Wireless launched in 2012 and has grown to over 250,000 mobile customers, six fiber internet towns, and seven offices. Ting takes a different approach to the wireless business model, offering a pay-as-you-go, month by month rate service with no contract or start-up fees, prepaid plans, or strings attached. 

The company charges rates for certain data amounts, text messages, and calling minutes at the end of each month rather than a specified plan cost. It is easy to add additional devices and there is no confusion with specific cell phone plans and coverage. Customers who use more pay more and those who use less pay less. Ting also offers phone service to businesses with month-to-month service plans that cover shared usage across unlimited devices, including tablets and WiFi hotspots. Customers choose between its CDMA and GSM networks based on the best network coverage in their area.

Ting mobile reviews reflect a satisfied customer base overall with an average of 4.5+/5 star rating in each of our sentiment criteria for value, quality, trustworthiness, and customer service. 

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The Good

  • First Month Free
  • Pay As You Go
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Data Speeds
  • iPhone and Android Device Options
  • GSM and CDMA Network Coverage

First Month Free

Prospective customers can try Ting risk-free. When you join, you get a $25 credit in free service, which can be applied to your account when you activate it.

Pay As You Go

Ting Wireless is a pay as you go solution. That means users don't pay for services they don't use or over-pay for services they would like to enjoy. The average customer bill sits around $23/month and customers can keep tabs on their bill using Ting's current usage tool. You won't pay overage fees from Ting because there are no limits. You can use unlimited talk, text, and data according to your heart's desire.

No Long-Term Contracts

The monthly cell phone bill varies based on usage and customers are not locked into a long-term contract. Unlimited talk and unlimited text is available with every plan, and Ting customers can choose from the following data plan options:

  • Flex Plan — $10 per month, plus an additional $5 per month per GB LTE/5G. The Flex plan also comes with unlimited talk and unlimited text, nationwide LTE and 5G coverage, and shared high speed data across lines.
  • Set 5 Plan — starts at $25 per month and comes with 5 GB of LTE/5G data, which can be used as a mobile hotspot. Also comes with unlimited talk and text.
  • Unlimited Plan — $45 per month with 22 GB of LTE/5G data. Includes up to 12 GB of mobile hotspot data.

Data Speeds

The average Ting customer uses 101-500MB of data per month. 4G LTE data speeds (up to 150 mbps upload speeds) are available depending on your device type and region. 3G and 2G+ voice and text data is also available on the network. Data can be used by a phone acting as a hotspot.

iPhone and Android Device Options

Customers can purchase both iPhone and Android devices and sync them with a network of their choice.

When purchasing a new phone, financing is available with Affirm. Most financing plans are interest-free for the first six months. Models are available in the following brands:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Alcatel
  • Google

You can check your current phone on the Ting website to test its compatibility with Ting. If it's compatible, you can bring your own phone and connect it to the Ting network after buying a SIM card. The company recommends you do this prior to purchasing a third-party phone, too, so you know it will work with Ting.

GSM and CDMA Network Coverage

Ting assists customers with prior carrier contracts and securing the best possible network coverage through GSM, CDMA, and multi-network SIM cards. Because of Ting's comprehensive network coverage, there is no extra cost on international calls to over 60 countries.


The Bad

  • Potentially Pricey
  • Refunds Not Prorated
  • No Roaming

Potentially Pricey

The Ting Wireless cell phone solution is not necessarily the best option for everyone. Since it is a pay-as-you-go platform, there are times the bill can be expensive if one of the lines uses a large number of minutes or texts or especially data amounts. If you're using your phone as a hotspot to tether other devices to, that will drive up your data bill. Ting might not be the best carrier for a former T-Mobile or Verizon customer used to having unlimited data for a set price. 

However, users can set custom alerts and even hard usage data caps through the Ting dashboard on the app for different phones under an account during a given billing cycle. This is useful for families who want to limit certain phones to talk and text capabilities. 

Refunds Not Prorated

If you cancel your service, you will continue to be billed until the end of the current billing cycle, and you may be required to pay for certain construction or installation fees that are waived when you sign up. 

No Roaming

Ting does not offer domestic data roaming. This is a positive in that customers aren't charged roaming fees, but if you're out of range of a cell tower and need to use your phone, you won't have access to mobile data until you're back in range. 


The Bottom Line

Ting has not been in the cell phone business long, but its approach as a service provider is innovative and an especially great option for customers who aren't on their phones a lot. These customers save money through Ting's simple and flexible service option. Other customers are likely to be content, too, because you pay for what you use. 

Plus, all account members (especially families) can benefit from the custom usage caps and alerts you can set on the app. 

The majority of Ting cellular reviews are positive, especially recent reviews. In summary, Ting customers can expect the following as part of the service:

  • Varying monthly costs based on usage
  • Excellent network coverage 
  • Purchase desired iPhone or Android devices
  • Unlimited number of lines (add each additional line for $6/month)
  • Helpful customer service 

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chris morgan

I switched to Ting a week ago after hearing about how great they are from a friend. When switching to Ting, we went over all the phone details for changing plans (4 phones in total) with a rep. Everything sounded great, but they neglected to mention one major detail; their mobile service does work with group messaging and images/gifs/mp4 sent over text on Samsung devices. This literally doesn't let me do my job. I missed several important updates and communicae from my business. Ting was wholly unapologetic, only offering statements like 'there are specific Samsung models where [these features] are not currently working.' When I asked why no one brought this up when going over the device models, the rep simply stated 'probably because you didnt ask.' They send me to Samsung tech support, who send me right back to Ting support. I either have to buy a completely new non-Samsung device to be able to perform my duties at work (I cannot do this as I just paid off 3 devices to move to Ting and unfortunately I'm not made of money), or wait for them to fix the problem (they have no ETA as of 12/26/23). Thoroughly disappointed in the level of service provided. The one good thing I can say is they aren't very popular yet so the many times I've had to call them have not taken long, almost no hold time to get to the service rep, but again....they don't really help with anything. In fairness, I will update this review if they can fix the problem, otherwise I will go back to Verizon soon. All I can say is lesson learned, you get what you pay for.

2 months ago

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Andy Who Detroit, MI

Bought a fone with free ting for 30 days. Service is spotty and slow Never more than LTE. 2nd month, was charged $20. I can deal with that. 3rd month, they want $50. Definitely not worth it. Cancelled my subscription. Ting is refusing to send my money back and is talking about a final bill.you took my money 2 days ago and won't send it back. Now you say I have a final bill? THIEVES AND SCAMMERS! YOUR MANIPULATION TRICKS WILL NOT WORK WITH ME... SEND MY MONEY BACK NOW!

3 months ago

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Its Me Me Westtown, NY

Ting has gone down hill FAST. They used to have good USA or Canada based tech support, you call, talk to someone who has brains, and the problem is solved. Now, the call goes to the phillipenes, where they are paid very little, and where they are worth very little too, since they do not have the brains to solve a problem. The customer service stinks. The problem does not get solved, but the customer has no choice.

5 months ago

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Michelle Adams-Walton Yucca Valley, CA

I was a Ting user for almost a decade. Service was great and affordable at first. The last couple of years, my legacy billing meant larger and larger cell bills (a few this year were over $400). I recently tried to switch plans which was a disaster. They changed the plan on my backup phone and totally disabled the phone I used most. I was emailing customer service so that it would be a smooth transition, but I was straight up given wrong information about how immediate the change would be and when I could get at least one phone working again. Apparently, Ting is going to continue billing for an extended amount of time. "Immediate" is a lie. I fully supported Ting and even referred family. But never again. Not worth the excessive bills and incompetent customer service.

7 months ago

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Josh Chandler Goose Creek, SC

Ting is not the customer friendly, knowledgeable company it once was. I tried to port two phones to ting one of them ported and the other one didn’t. They said wait 24 hours I waited 24 hours and it did not port. Contacted them and they said they put in a ticket and said someone will get in contact with me on Monday after weekend was over. At this point I cancelled service with them on both phones and went to another company that was able to provide service right away with no issues. A month later and I got a bill for the one phone that ported over even though it was cancelled due to their incompetence. At this point they are no more than incompetent thrieves. Do not recommend ever doing business with them.

9 months ago

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Stein H. Azusa, CA

I lost my phone on 2/7 and switched to US Mobile as I got a much better deal. I had not used Ting Mobile's service at all since I lost my phone and cancelled their service in February. However, I was unable to transfer my phone number and was told I had to contact Ting. Had a horrible time, spending many hours over several days trying to contact their support with no success. After contacting their internet service I finally got a hold of someone that could help me transfer my phone number. I just got charged on 4/5 with service for March and after spending a lot of time on the phone with someone who spoke poor English they refused to refund the money they just stole from me. This is criminal behavior. I may have to cancel my credit card so they don't keep stealing from me.

10 months ago

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Sea Novaa Umatilla, FL

Ting practices theft. I activated a sim card. Ting suspended it with in 24 hours claiming their was a security problem. I abandoned Ting and told them to cancel my account. The customer service said it would cancel automatically. Three months later, they want payment for three months of service. Said I would need to pay all three months of service to cancel my account. I say they cannot charge me for a sim they suspended since day one. Their customer service agent could not refer me to a manager or address my issue of charging for a suspended line. It's theft at best, and a scam of a company at worst.

8 months ago

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Jim Bathgate San Jose, CA

12/28/22:I have been a Ting customer for about a year and have just switched out of it due to the horrible service. About 5 months ago, my phone stopped working with the message that Ting wasn’t active. I contact Ting via email (my phone isn’t working) and three days later I finally get a reply that indicates that Ting was switching towers and that I would get a new SIM card from them in a few days. A few days later and I get a new SIM card and my phone starts working again. So I have to go six days without a working phone with no warning about the pending changes and no explanation as to why they couldn’t have sent me the new SIM card in advance of the Cell Phone Tower change-over. So a week ago, my phone stops working again, with the indication that it is Ting that is the problem. I email them again (again I can’t call them because my phone doesn’t work) and three days later I get a generic email from them asking what the problem is. Well the PROBLEM is that you didn’t bother to read my email from three days ago and since you didn’t bother to get back to me until three days later, I have already switched my cell phone service to another carrier. Update 1/24/23: I just received another bill from Ting a month after I ported out of their product. When I called them they said that this bill was for the last month when in fact I didn’t have service. This is one of the worst customer service companies I have every dealt with.

1 year ago

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Ginger Louisville, KY

I bought a flip phone from Ting as I wanted an inexpensive back-up phone. I turned off data on my account dashboard because I didn’t plan on using any and didn’t want to be charged for any residual data. Ting said this denies my phone access to data. They billed me for data anyway stating that my phone used data on two occasions. Ting stopped responding to my emails and have not rectified the incorrect charge to my credit card. I am closing my account with them. Due to their unethical and inaccurate billing practices and their poor customer service, I highly encourage you to stay away from Ting Mobile. Check out their BBB rating, which reinforces my negative review.

1 year ago

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Robert Geraci Champaign, IL

My experience with Ting has been infuriating and I urge anyone thinking of signing with them to think again, and those who already with them to RUN. This is a company that doesn't know what it's doing, and doesn't seem to care. I was a member since about 2016. The quality of my signal using the Sprint towers was never great (I figured that's why I was paying $30 per month rather than $80), but it recently became abysmal. My partner also uses Ting, and for the first time I noticed that on his phone screen next to the signal strength it says "Ting," whereas mine always said "Sprint," and his signal was much stronger. In other words, it appears that for 6 years or so I was not getting the same service other Ting customers were getting. I called Ting to find out what was going on, and they told me I needed to get a new SIM card because the Sprint towers were actually shutting down, and I needed to have my phone access the other ones they use (Verizon, etc.) They claimed they'd been informing customers of the coming shutdown via emails and phone calls, but I never received either. So I got myself a new SIM card and activated it retaining my existing number. . . or so I thought. I was told the transfer would be complete in 24 hours. But the next day it turned out my phone would neither make or receive calls or texts. I called them again to find out the number has been "lost" due to the shutdown and there's nothing they can do. Due to the shutdown? So it's just a freaky coincidence that this happened the very day I activated the new card? Obviously not -- they screwed up the transfer somehow, and now after 24 years I need to get a new phone number and go through the trouble of getting it changed with all my contacts and on all records. Of course I've shut down my Ting account (I'm not looking for further disasters), and my partner is doing so as well. The company's management hasn't even been willing to compensate me for this huge inconvenience along with 6 years of substandard service. One agent told me the reason I was getting connections only via the Sprint towers is because of the type of SIM card I had. Why didn't they advise me that I could improve my coverage by getting a new SIM card all this time? (I wasn't even aware until recently that they'd started using towers of multiple companies.) This is an irresponsible company unwilling to engage in any real customer service. I can only hope the company will go under.

1 year ago

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Ali Ali Fort Collins, CO

Ting mobile cannot be trusted. I have changed my mobile plan to flexible one ($10 per month) in October. For two months they kept charging me on the old plan. I called in November and the agent recognized their mistake to not update my plan and said they will credit my account. December bill arrived with the same mistake and no credit. When I called the agent put the blame on her colleague and justified her inaction by the fact I closed my account in December. By the way to port out my number from Ting, it was very difficult. Ting charges for data even thought data option is disactivated on their system and on my phone. To avoid being overcharged avoid Ting moble. Nit trustworthy.

2 years ago

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Catherine Osseo, MN

These people are 100% incompetent. I was happy with their service for a bit, but then we had to switch SIM cards. Suddenly my hotspot doesn't work. They had me do all sorts of monkey business, including a hard reset of my phone (yeah, all that). Well, I bought a new phone (iPhone 12, right out of the box) to see if it worked on that and it is definitely on their end. The phone says to to contact Ting, gives some number that is incorrect and is zero help. All the company will do is tiny little resets on their end. They have no idea or competence in any of their staff. If the issue if from the people they buy the access from, well, they either won't or cannot straighten it out with them. They have wasted a month of my life. They are worthless. I need this phone for work - this level of pure incompetence is just ridiculous. Stay away if you value your stress levels.

2 years ago

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Willow Tucson, AZ

I have been using Ting since December 2017. I bought an iPhone SE from them in spring 2018. My phone functions as well as it should, for an older iPhone, however, for the last two years I have had multiple issues. Summer 2019 my data completely stopped working, I could have full bars of LTE and it would not work, even after it had refilled for the month. On vacation for 5 weeks, I could not use my service because my 4G (this continues on to current day) does NOT work with Ting, even with full bars. My data is inconsistent, and if it actually works, it's surprising to me. The customer service is helpful, but that is the only good thing about this company. I receive notifications about voicemails weeks after they are originally sent. I do not recommend Ting Mobile, and I cannot wait to switch.

4 years ago

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Greg D. Austin, TX

Ting has a well deserved rating of "F" (the lowest possible) from the BBB because they refuse to respond to complaints. They fraudulently removed $100.00 of "referral credits" when I ported two lines for my roommates and one additional line for a friend because they said I "violated their terms of service". They arbitrarily ignored the fact that most people look at changing phone service like getting a root canal, and since I have no problem doing it, my friends prefer to let me take care of the process. Not only did Ting screw ME out of the referral credit, they never gave the promised $25 "new customer" credit to my roommates and friend. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DISHONEST BUSINESS!!!

4 years ago

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Matthew Fuerst Denver, CO

I'm used to bad service with budget phone plans, but it took months of requests to cancel my service (assuming it actually was canceled and I'm nit going to have to contact them next month after being charged again).

8 months ago

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Disgruntled Bridgewater, MA

They have a website so you can give them your user ID and your password. In theory. That won't get you on the website though because they want to be sure it's really you.. After all, your time is meaningless to them.. so they send you a slow text from somewhere that expires before you get the text. Because the coverage stinks. I had to cancel because I couldn't get on the website to change important information.. Avoid.

1 year ago

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Ariel Rogers Greensboro, NC

I financed a iPhone 11 though ting using Affirm and the package never arrived. It was supposed to come through fedex and I’m guessing it was stolen. $750 value and ting nor fedex did a good job at investigating the situation. I received mixed answers that the package was sign for (fake signature) and that it was left at the front door with a door tag. I would not recommend this company to ANYONE.

2 years ago

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D. M. Hammond, LA

Awful coverage. Don't even waste your time. I've had ting for 6 months. Things were fine until the last two months when I could not send pictures via mms. Now I'm trying to Port out my number and ting is saying I can't because they are having technical errors. So even though I want a new service I'm still stuck with them until they fix the issue! Very very aggravated. Have had lots of "technical issues" with them.

6 years ago

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Chris Los Angeles, CA

Ting's pricing leaves a lot to be desired. Compared to other carriers such as the following MVNO: Tello and Freedompop Ting's plans are excessively expensive for what you get. There are thousands of these MVNO in the marketplace. Ting tries to tout itself as cost savings but just like their Internet division there are a lot of hidden fees associated with their service. I don't recommend at all. Try Tello if you need CDMA service and Freedompop for GSM service.

6 years ago

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SueSE Shepherdsville, KY

Beware! They are nothing but trouble. Started cutting off my cell service from the first day I started service with Ting. I lasted 4 months with them - I was too patient. I wish I’d never changed to them. Then, they charged me again a month after cutting off service.

1 year ago Edited February 21, 2023

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Brent Blahnik Dalton, WI

TIng's customer service has become horrendous. Used to be good, now they have continual service problems and their customer service advises callers to switch carriers as they are unable to help.....keep in mind this is after you spend an hour on hold to talk to someone. Pick a different carrier.

1 year ago

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joseph thomas Houston, TX

If I could give them 0 stars I would. Call these people to cancel the service three separate times did not do it. Kept charging my account when I wouldn't even using their service and the phone was not on. These guys are very shady, I would think twice before I use them

1 year ago

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David.Andrew Bernhardt Madison, WI

Horrible experience. Poorly run company. Customer service google info while you are on the phone or chat. Packages sent to old addresses and I cannot update the account nor anyone at Ting. As a piggyback carrier, the service is poor, friends with different phone companies always have better service. Do not use this phone company.

2 years ago

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Mary Elsheimer Baton Rouge, LA

Horrible. Closing account within 3 days of billing cycle still charged full month!!! Go with a better company. Coverage was crap. Unless you stay in wifi stay away

1 year ago

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Christopher Gaizat Indianapolis, IN

They changed my wife and daughter's plan from $10 - $45 a month without telling me. No reason whatsoever. I'm pretty sure that's not legal. F these guys.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Angela Mayer, AZ

Overpriced and no care for long term customers. Don't use them, there are numerous other phone companies that are lower prices.

4 years ago