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LAST UPDATED: August 21st, 2023

Boost Mobile is a prepaid carrier of wireless service that is owned by the Sprint network. They are headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas with Sprint and their brand headquarters are in Irvine, CA. Boost Mobile provides prepaid plans with unlimited data, talk & text, taxes & fees, and unlimited music streaming without data charges on all plans. And it all comes with no annual service contracts. Boost Mobile also allows service men and women to suspend their service while deployed overseas and keeps their accounts and phone numbers active.

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The Good

  • Phone Selection
  • Keep Your Current Phone
  • Cell Phone Plan Options
  • Additional Features

Phone Selection

Boost Mobile offers a decent sized selection of phones for customers to choose from. Whether customers prefer to have the latest technology or a phone of an older generation, customers have the selection to find something that will work for them. There is an option to choose from a brand new phone like the Samsung Galaxy S20, pre-owned phones, or an Apple certified refurbished iPhone models. This allows the prices to be lower than the retail price, which is great for those looking for a cheaper option. All Boost Mobile phones are built for 4G LTE network speeds.

Keep Your Current Phone

Another excellent feature Boost Mobile offers is the "Bring Your Own Phone" option. This allows customers who don't want to pay for a new phone to continue using their current iPhone, Android smartphone, or other mobile device. Any of Boost Mobile's plans are available so customers won't be limited on which plan they choose. However, customers should keep in mind that there are several important steps to bring a cell phone over. Such as: check to see if the phone is compatible (either online or at a Boost Mobile store), purchase a Boost Mobile SIM card kit, and unlock the cell phone from the current carrier.

Cell Phone Plan Options

Customers can choose from three Boost Mobile plans that offer data, talk, and text. First, there is the 3Gigs 4G LTE plan which costs $35/month. If needed customers can add 1GB for $5/month or an extra 2GB for $10/month. The 3GB plan does allow you to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, but it is drawn from the high-speed data allotment. The Unlimited plan will cost $50/month and includes unlimited talk, text, and data. It also includes mobile-optimized streaming for those who want to watch videos, play games and listen to music. It also allows you to turn your phone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8GB. Lastly, the Boost Unlimited Plus plan starts at $60/month, unlimited data, talk, and text has HD streaming capabilities and can be used as a hotspot for 20GB.

Additional Features

Boost Mobile provides its customers with several helpful everyday services.

  • Premium Caller ID — This feature displays the name and number of incoming calls that are not already in a contact list. Additionally, the Premium Caller ID comes preloaded onto any Boost Android phone.
  • Visual Voicemail — Customers have the option to choose from free basic visual voicemail, this allows checking your voicemail in any order and includes in-app ads. The $0.50 No-Ad Basic Visual Voicemail offers Basic visual voicemail features and no ads. And the $2.99 Premium Visual Voicemail has the basic visual voicemail features with no ads but also includes auto forward voicemails to email and voicemails that can be transcribed into text.
  • Mobile Wallet — Many people who might not have the credit for a regular bank account can use their Boost Mobile wallet to deposit their paycheck. It is also possible to pay your monthly phone bill with your Boost Wallet. The Boost Wallet is also compatible with PayPal and other online payment technologies.
  • Boost Mobile App — The My Boost Mobile allows customers to troubleshoot or manage their account. Customers can pay bills, purchase add-ons, suspend a lost or stolen phone, review phone usage, and more.

In case customers want a few extra features added on to their plan they have a few options.

  • International Services — add international calling to a monthly plan
  • Data Packs — add more data to keep surfing at high speeds
  • HD Buy Up — add HD to watch, listen and play for $10/month
  • Phone Insurance — protect your phone for just $7/month

The Bad

  • Limited Operating Systems
  • Lack of Online Chat Feature

Limited Operating Systems

There were some limitations with Boost Mobile's service. For instance, there are a few phone operating systems that are not available. If customers are interested in BlackBerry or Windows 10 phones, Boost Mobile is not compatible with these operating systems. Customers will either have to buy a Boost Mobile phone or find one that is within the allowed operating systems.

Lack of Online Chat Feature

When it comes to customer service Boost Mobile provides the basic customer care support by phone, email and community forums. While these tools can be useful, some customers prefer the quick response of chatting with a representative online. This is often preferred when a customer has a simple question that can be answered quickly by a representative or if a customer has a specific account question but cannot call within the company hours.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Boost Mobile provides a quality service for a niche customer base. Even though there are no BlackBerry or Windows 10 phones, there is a decent number of Android and iOS phones available to choose from. Boost Mobile allows customers to pay for everything they want up front. There are no annual contracts, customers don't have to worry about credit checks, overage fees, or roaming charges. Boost Mobile has expanded the services it provides as they now offer Single Line Monthly plans, Family plans, Tablet plans, and Wi-Fi Hotspot plans.

A Boost Mobile customer can manage their plan all from the Boost Mobile app making it easy to add extra features and pay their bill. The "Bring Your Own Phone" feature is nice but it does limit which phones can be used on the network. If you are tired of annual contracts but still want unlimited calls, text, and video, then Boost Mobile is a solid choice. To learn more about the experience of actual customers, read our verified Boost Mobile reviews below.

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L Rossi Portland, OR

I like the unlimited talk and text. I like not having to pay through the nose for service. 3 of us are on this plan and it costs 112.00 a month. Things have changed and it might cost more now, not sure. We signed up in 2017. the Negative is, that you cannot get ahold of anyone phone wise; however, you can go into their store to talk to someone. Everyone I have dealt with has been nice.

2 years ago

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Mark Pittsburgh, PA

You can’t beat the price, I pay less than half of what I did previously for a family plan, but the network is awful. I’ve dropped calls sitting on the couch at my house from the network instability. Streaming is hit or miss, the service isn’t what I expected. They tout a large coverage map but realistically it has more holes than a sieve. The network does work how it’s supposed to about 60-70% of the time, so the price is definitely worth the headache if you’re on a budget or if you can supplement your phone use with WiFi.

5 years ago

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Tosha R Harriman, TN

I like Boost Mobile in the beginning until my phone messed up and I had to go through the horrible insurance company that they go through these people send you phones that does not even work they have sent me three phones already none of them work I'm so over it I am switching phone services

2 years ago


Review Source

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Sabrina Sayers Pittsfield, MA

Boost offers good pricing for their phone plans, I was happy with my monthly rate. However their service was very spotty and I could not get service, make calls, send texts or use the internet in places friends with other cell phone companies had no issues at all using these services

3 years ago

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Mia Hernandez Tempe, AZ

this is a good cell phone provider when your on a budget but you get what you pay for the phones are kind of cheaper quality and on occasion the service drops not to mention they dont have to many locations so your pretty limited when it comes to getting a new phone

4 years ago


Review Source

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Robin Orem, UT

you get what you pay for. it was cheap, easy to get a phone and the price was decent. Customer service over the phone was awful, i couldn't understand what they were saying, they had a strong accent. customer service in office was helpful. i was able to fix my credit and qualified with another well known phone company.

5 years ago

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Nana Asiata Herriman, UT

Boost Mobile is a good phone service. There rates are affordable. Network service don't work that well in different area. Customer service is great.

5 years ago


Review Source

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Makayla Manus Gulfport, MS

I had Boost Mobile for a while and then I moved and the place I moved to didn't have great service so I switched to a different provider, but otherwise great.

3 years ago

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Cmda Network is antiquated, no data while you're on the phone,. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired

5 years ago


Review Source

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Kelly Miller Wesley Chapel, FL

Up into now my experience is aweful. They are not corporate so as it changed hands they lose the customers that been there like over ten years

3 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Tony's Babygirl Staton MO

Nice phones but with limited statewide coverage.

7 months ago

star star star star_border star_border

lonnie rasheed

neutral went to automated system like human customer service

4 years ago


Review Source

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Graymalkin626 Crown Point, IN

Great option for people with little to no creditworthiness. Service is average. It's ok.

3 years ago