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Protect My Car

Protect My Car is the current name of a company providing extended service contracts to consumers. The plans are administered by United Contract Service Group, which shares the company's address. Past names of Protect My Car include Solace and Precision Auto Protection. This company should be approached with extreme caution, as there are many examples uncovered in the research and reporting of this review of misleading information by the company.
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The Good

  • Basic Warranty Features
  • Other Features

Basic Warranty Features

Protect My Car offers three choices of extended service plans from which customers can choose. These offer coverage that is cumulative, with added features being offered for higher-tiered plans. The Driveline plan is designed for higher-mileage vehicles and covers the engine, transmission, drive axles, fuel systems, and electrical systems. The Select plan offers the above protection in addition to heating and cooling systems, lubricated parts of the brake system, temperature control, and the ABS master cylinder. The Supreme plan offers coverage which is more similar to traditional bumper-to-bumper coverage. The plan includes coverage for the steering components and front and rear suspension in addition to the above coverages. In addition to the extended service plans, Protect My Car offers a car maintenance repair plan which can reduce the cost of repair bills. The maintenance plan offers roadside assistance, three free oil changes, and two tire rotations per year.

Other Features

Protect My Car offers its customers 24/7 roadside assistance for its customers as a part of all plans. All deductibles are waived for services provided as roadside assistance. The company does not disclose limitations to its towing coverage, which is unusual. Included in the service is emergency jump starts to the covered vehicle, vehicle lockout services (key cutting is owner's responsibility), flat tire change to the covered vehicle (spare not included in coverage), and fluid delivery (cost for fluids are the owner's responsibility). For repairs which are covered by Protect My Car's service plans, the company offers rental car reimbursement of to $30.00 per day, for seven days, or a maximum of $210 per covered claim. Those with an Ambassador plan can receive rental car reimbursement for up to $90, or three days at $30.

The Bad

  • Warranty Cost
  • Basic Warranty Length
  • Powertrain Warranty
  • Plans Are Not Available Nationwide
  • Time in Business
  • Customer service

Warranty Cost

Protect My Car offers its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee, monthly interest-free payments, and low deductibles for its service. The company does not disclose its specific costs beyond these statements.

Basic Warranty Length

Protect My Car does not disclose the average length of the terms for its service contracts.

Powertrain Warranty

Each of the service contracts offered by Protect My Car includes some aspects found in a manufacturer's powertrain warranty, with the engine, drive axles, and transmission covered. As repairs to these components are often very expensive, for them to be covered, the customer must have immaculate record keeping of all maintenance (tune-ups, oil changes, etc.) to avoid the claim being denied. Anecdotally, there are many reports of claims on these parts being denied by the company and its former identities.

Plans Are Not Available Nationwide

Protect My Car does not service customers residing in Missouri, Louisiana, Washington, and Oklahoma. Attempts to learn if covered repairs would be done in these states if a customer is traveling were not answered by the company.

Time in Business

Protect My Car states that it was founded in 2005. Protect My Car began operation in August 2015. Prior to this, the company was known as Solace (January 2015 to August 2015). Before January 2015, the company operated as Precision Auto Protection. There is no verifiable information validating that any of these corporate entities for vehicle service plans started in 2005; but one of the many corporations registered to the founders, Craig M. Rubino and Joseph C. Rubino, Advanced Marketing and Processing, was founded in 2005. There are several reports of customers being denied service on covered repairs with both Solace and Precision Auto Protection. These companies have websites which either automatically redirect to Protect My Car or have multiple dead links. Precision Auto Protection has its own site, but all social media links are those for Protect My Car.

Customer Service

There are numerous reports on reputable review and evaluation sites which state that the customer support for Protect My Car is lacking. These reports fall primarily into one of two categories: refusals of claims, refunds, etc. or engages in high-pressure sales tactics. Many people are dismayed to learn that because they either did not perform regular maintenance on their vehicle or did not keep records of performed maintenance, that their contracts are essentially worthless and companies will not provide service on their service contracts without these records, even if the customer has paid for protection. This is a common clause in extended service contracts. As such, customers must be fully aware of what their responsibilities are in order to avoid paying for protection that is essentially worthless. The other category of common complaints about Protect My Car includes harassing interactions with customer service or sales representatives and high-pressure sales techniques. Among reputable companies in the industry, there are very few allegations of these behaviors. Protect My Car has had a significant number of complaints about its interactions with prospective and current customers. The company is the defendant in a current and ongoing legal action for its violations of telemarketing practices. Some people report that they were verbally harassed to the point of the customer service representative engaging in insulting language and name calling. These reports are too frequent to ignore and unacceptable in any professional environment. View the Top Car Warranty Companies

The Bottom Line

There are significant concerns about Protect My Car which were uncovered by in the course of this review. Nearly every one of the negative points discussed in this review is sufficient reason for customers to avoid Protect My Car as a consumer. This company should be approached with extreme caution.

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    January 5th, 2017 Clearwater, FL

    Protect My Car has helped my family and I 4 different times since I have purchased my extended warranty contract for my used car. The claims department is very fair, my last repair was $4,103.67 and of that Protect My Car paid a total of $3,649 + I paid my $100 deductible. The difference was related to a hose and some fluids which is not covered by the contract I chose so I paid that difference. Consumers need to understand the terms of Protect My Car's contracts, Protect My Car has the best billing options, they allowed me to pay my 5 year contract off over 4 years making my monthly payment 65% lower than the so called "Top Rated Companies" on this site. Protect My Car's roadside assistance department has had a tow truck pick me up 4 times and they did live up to their 35 minute pick up guaranteed time.

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