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LAST UPDATED: April 23rd, 2023

Allstate provides vehicle service contracts that last up to eight years through Allstate Dealer Services. Allstate Dealer Services works primarily with car dealers interested in providing customers with extended car warranties.

Allstate’s contracts include trip interruption, rental car assistance, and towing.

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The Good

  • Six Types of Vehicle Service Contracts
  • Vehicle Service Contract Features

Six Types of Vehicle Service Contracts

Allstate offers six vehicle service contracts (VSC) or extended car warranties:

  • VSC New
  • VSC New Wrap
  • VSC Pre-owned
  • Classic (High mileage VSC)
  • Certified Pre-owned Wrap VSC
  • Premier Car Plus VSC

The VSC New plan provides coverage for 60,000 to 150,000 miles or 36 to 120 months. It offers Premier Care, Preferred Care, and Basic Care coverage. To be eligible for this plan, cars can have up to 50,000 miles and can be no older than four years.

The VSC New Wrap plan is like the VSC New plan except that it only offers Premier Care Wrap coverage and cars cannot have an excess of 24,000 miles to be eligible.

The VSC Pre-owned plan offers Premier Care, Preferred Care, and Basic Care with term ranges of 10,000 miles to 100,000 additional miles or 12 to 72 months. Eligible cars have up to 150,000 miles and are no older than 12 years.

Allstate’s Classic plan provides Gold Care, Silver Care, and Basic Care for 12,000 to 60,000 more miles or 12 to 60 months. The eligibility requirements for cars are like the ones for the VSC Pre-owned plan except that the car must have between 12,000 and 150,000 miles on it.

The Certified Pre-owned Wrap VSC offers Premier Care Wrap coverage with terms and eligibility that varies by car. For more information on this plan, interested consumers should contact Allstate directly.

The Premier Care Plus plan provides Premier Care and replaces some worn car parts for 24,000 to 60,000 additional miles or 24 to 48 months. Cars can have up to 10,000 miles to be eligible for this plan.

Vehicle Service Contract Features

Each of Allstate’s plans include these additional services:

  • Trip interruption assistance
  • Towing
  • Rental car reimbursement

These additional features are nice benefits to have in case your car needs to have covered repairs.


The Bad

  • Only Available Through Car Dealers
  • Missing Information

Only Available Through Car Dealers

Allstate’s car warranties or vehicle service contracts are only available through Allstate Dealer Services. Customers may only be able to access these contracts through a dealership.

Missing Information

Allstate does not specify which parts of the car are covered by each plan. Allstate does provide a generic list of covered parts on its website, but does not indicate what exclusions there may be.

Allstate also does not define the difference between Premier Care, Premier Care Wrap, Preferred Care, Basic Care, Gold Care, Silver Care, and Bronze Care. This information would be helpful to consumers. Interested consumers should contact Allstate Dealer Services directly for more information.


The Bottom Line

The vehicle service contracts offered through Allstate Dealer Services cover several different kinds of car situations and conditions. This is great versatility to have. The additional benefits of trip interruption, towing, and rental car reimbursement are also a plus.

However, information concerning specifics about what each plan covers is limited to a general list. Interested customers should contact Allstate directly for more information.

Allstate’s vehicle service contracts may also only be available through car dealerships. Customers interested in purchasing an extended warranty independently should consider other providers.

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Joseph Teamer Conroe, TX

FYI, get detailed information on the product that you plan on purchasing before you sign anything because the sellers can and will tell you anything. When purchased (Chevrolet 2500HD) it had custom wheels/tires and lift. Now that preventative maintenance needs to be done for protection of myself and others, Allstate Vehicle Care Contract representatives don't even want to approve pricing on OEM parts for front end suspension. I have surcharge of suspension/ Tire modifications and they are all about themselves on saving monies. Try using other means of vehicle service contracts other than Allstate. Previous experience with car shield was a better experience and I plan on going with them again once my current contract expires. 🤔

11 months ago

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Tiffany L Johnson Arlington, TX

I purchased my brand new 2016 Chevy Colorado in Nov/2016. I also purchased the Allstate Car Care package, one of the services I purchased was the “Paint and Fabric defense”. It is now March/2020 and this is my first time needing to use this protection since my purchased date in 2016, I called Allstate Car Care customer service to see the complete process of getting work completed for my interior and exterior. I spoke with one representative that stated all I need to do is find a shop and have the shop contact customer care and start the claim. I also asked if their were any preferred shops they recommend near my location and I was advised that they didn’t have a list and I can take my truck anywhere I would preferrer. Once I decided on a shop (Detailing Pros) the owner proceeded to following the instructions on filing a claim. The owner of Detailing Pros called Allstate Car Care customer service and filed the claim with the estimated price to complete, as recommended. He was later advised by a representative (unknown name but the email address is *) that he needs to send pictures of the interior and exterior and a picture of an small area of that work completed. The owner sent pictures of both before and after pictures of the small area of the interior and exterior he completed to the email address listed above. After the pictures were sent he was later advised by another representative (unknown name but email address is *) that an inspector is required to come out to the shop to inspect the truck. Two small areas of work has been completed on my truck which I have had to pay the detailing shop out of pocket since he has completed this work and this claim is still pending 24 hours now, awaiting a inspection which can take another 24-48 hours. I proceeded to call Allstate Car Car customer service with answers as to why did the shop had to send pictures of the issues with interior and exterior prior to the inspector coming out initially. I was advised by (Email a dress *) that this is standard procedure. None of this information was mention from the first initial call nor email . I have now paid out of pocket for work completed by services purchased and covered in my Car Care package. I’m not understanding why Allstate would required work to be done even a small area to be completed without paying for the small areas prior from sending out an inspector. This has been a frustrating and high inconvenience on my end and the shop. I attempted to speak with a manager and per (Email address *) he is unavailable to take my call right away, I advised I would wait on hold and she stated he will have to call me tomorrow morning around 10:00am. The customer service was unsatisfactory and I’ve paid for additional services that overall is not worth the hassle and inconvenience on the customer and shop.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Balesh Issar Springboro, OH


5 years ago

star star star star star_border


They have responded promptly; they were well informed and they took care of my needs

5 years ago