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Since 1998, CarsDirect has been connecting borrowers to loans for purchasing or refinancing new or used vehicles. CarsDirect offers a no-hassle, 60-second car loan application process and is one of the few lenders we reviewed that has loan options for those with bad credit or a history of bankruptcy.
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The Good

Out of all the lenders we reviewed, CarsDirect is one of only two that offer options for those who don’t have an excellent credit or financial history. The CarsDirect website specifies that they offer financing for individuals with bad credit, no credit or past bankruptcies so that they can start showing a regular, on-time payment history.

CarsDirect offers several online resources for individuals interested in applying for an auto loan. There is a loan calculator for clients to gain an idea of how much they could potentially spend on a new or used car based on their current financial needs. For customers hoping to refinance a vehicle, CarsDirect lets users apply for a free quote to find out what their car is currently valued at. There is an FAQ section that answers general questions and a section called “Car Loan Advice You Can Trust,” which offers information on topics like auto loan providers, getting a loan, refinancing and more.

The Bad

CarsDirect is not a lender or loan servicer. Borrowers who apply for loans with CarsDirect will be matched to one of CarsDirect’s partner lenders (called “dealer partners” on the website). This could create some confusion for borrowers because they will be passed on to the lender once they have completed and been approved for a loan through CarsDirect.

Since CarsDirect is not a direct servicer, there is no APR information listed on the site. APR will be determined by the “dealer partner” that a borrower is matched to, and the APR will be based on factors like income, credit score, term and requested loan amount.

The Bottom Line

Although CarsDirect does not lend or service loans directly, the website offers advice and resources to help borrowers understand car financing and refinancing. In addition, CarsDirect is one of only two car loan companies we reviewed that offers options for those with bad credit or past bankruptcies.

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