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LAST UPDATED: September 29th, 2023 is a family-owned and operated company founded by gun enthusiasts located in Dallas, Texas. Its mission is to provide customers with a wide variety of the highest quality firearms and accessories at the lowest prices. To see recent GrabAGun reviews, click here.

The online gun store, Grab A Gun, is constantly on the lookout for new firearms to add to their arsenal. They add new inventory to the website daily. According to their website, the company will help track down an item and provide a price point for customers who can't find certain guns on their website. GrabAGun has improved the firearm industry by making gun and ammo shopping more accessible and competitive.

Keep reading our Grab a Gun review to learn more about the pros and cons of purchasing guns and ammo from this company.


The Good

  • Comparison Tool
  • Wide Selection
  • Price Range
  • Customer Service
  • FFL Locator Tool

Comparison Tool

Since GrabAGun has such a large selection of guns and ammunition online, having a comparison tool makes it easy for customers to look at related products for comparison purposes.

Wide Selection

Grab A Gun has one of the largest online selections of firearms and ammunition available online. The range of weapons customers can buy extends from concealed carry guns to rifles and pistols as well as air-powered weapons for all ages. They provide guns for any and all gun owners, whether it is personal protection, hunting, or target shooting. If GrabAGun doesn't have a particular gun already listed in their selection, they will find the firearm and get a quote for a price and provide it to the customer for order.

The company provides several categories on its site. The different category headings include an on-sale, magazines, firearms, ammo, scopes, sights, and lights, hunting and fishing, holsters, gun parts, gear and supplies, class 3 NFA, and brands.

Price Range

GrabAGun has firearms listed for as low as $66.49 which is hard to beat. Prices range all the way up to $56,612.72. They have guns for practical purposes as well as collector items.

Shooters can rest assured that whatever gun they are looking for, they will have it at a great price. GrabAGun also has a "Deals of the Week" section on their site that allows customers to easily take advantage of recent discount items and other sales.

Customer Service

As mentioned previously, the retailer's customer support team sounds like one you can trust. They will find any gun or product a customer is looking for. They are also available for any questions a customer may have.

FFL Locator Tool

GrabAGun provides a helpful FFL locator tool on its website. Once customers are able to find a local FFL dealer, then they will be able to organize the FFL transfer for their firearm.

To find their local FFL dealer, customers will only need to provide their zip code and the tool finds the dealer to assist customers with their FFL transfer. You will need to go down to the local shop to complete the FFL transfer.


The Bad

  • Product Diversification
  • Search Function Needs Improvement
  • Returns & Shipping
  • Refund Policy

Product Diversification

Instead of solely being a gun and ammunition store, GrabAGun also provides knives and archery equipment; therefore taking away from their focus on firearms and gun accessories.

Search Function Needs Improvement

When using the search function, most of the time it does not find what is being searched for and pulls up related items instead. On many firearms, there are no images available, which those that do not know much about guns need to compare.

GrabAGun could improve search functions by providing direct search results.

Returns & Shipping

GrabAGun has a strict return policy, making it difficult for customers to return their purchased and ordered items. And for the few allowable conditions under which firearms can be returned, GrabAGun charges a 10 percent restocking fee. 

In regards to shipping, GrabAGun is standard and will charge customers a $40 hazardous shipping fee to all primer and powder orders. 

Refund Policy

As an online gun shop, GrabAGun has a strict refund policy due to the long ordering and verification process. Prices for guns fluctuate every day. GrabAGun's main goal is to provide low priced guns and ammo. The refund policy states that customers cannot get a partial refund if their item drops in price after purchase. Refunds are only available to customers who find a defect with their product within 30 days of purchase.


The Bottom Line

GrabAGun overall has several categories including a magazine category, sales, ammo, scopes, sights, and lights, hunting and fishing, and more. The company also has a large selection of guns ranging from concealed carry to rifles and offers ammunition.

GrabAGun has a good comparison tool that enhances the average customer experience. The company also has employees you can trust who will do whatever they can to provide great customer service.

Their pricing on store items rivals what other companies offer, and it varies so any budget would be able to acquire a firearm. GrabAGun makes it easy for customers to find deals and sales as well. Additionally, the company provides various accessories and gun parts such as stock parts, firing pin parts, slide parts, and more.

GrabAGun would be a good site to use when looking online to get guns and ammunition - just be sure to check out their terms and conditions before you shop and make your purchase, as returning your order may end up costing you more money than you think.

GrabAGun charges a 10 percent restocking fee for returned items. Shooters worried about ordering items off of should consider taking the time to read multiple GrabAGun reviews before making a purchase.

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Nicholas Earp Cuero, TX

I have heard great things. I purchased a 9mm Secure Ruger with the manufactured attached laser site. The site adjustments are absolutely stripped out and the laser warning sticker was absolutely illegible. I am not sure if this was a used firearm at this point? There is play in the trigger and barrel but that might be common I have not had a chance to find any 9mm models due to the stimulus. I was told Ruger is a month behind on all orders right now. The shipping was great the customer service was fast. No complaints other then the product appears to be used, defective at purchase, and / or poorly stored.

2 years ago

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Tim S.

I've purchased multiple firearms from Grab A Gun and this time.... well not great. I picked up a S&W Shield for one price. 3 or 4 days later they dropped the price by almost 80 dollars. I bought it because of the great rebates S&W were offering. I emailed and politely inquired if they perhaps made a mistake in pricing. They provided me an explanation which I understood but, I would have made good on my request based on my multiple buys with them. Suffice to say I was disappointed. I rated this one above 5 only because of my past satisfaction with them. Could have done better on this one guys.

6 years ago

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Gary Karolian NH

I tried to buy something got approved for Credova for a less than 225.00 non firearm item. tried many times to cash out at check out but go around in circles. no real way to contact them. don't have a mailing Ddress for them it's like some secret place no one knows where they are. I have no clue how to contact them fir help

11 months ago

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JT Huntington Beach, CA

The prices are good, however they take a long time to ship. All the other online companies I deal ship within a couple days. They sometimes take up to a week before that ship your product. For this I give them three stars. People want their products ASAP, not when you get around to shipping it. Hire more people if need be, but improve the shipping time.

3 years ago

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George Greene Morehead, KY

I was disappointed in the price changes on a Colt AR15 20" barrel A4. I ordered it at the advertised sale price of $1,000 and my order was confirmed. Several days later Grab A Gun notified my order was cancelled, due to being "Out of Stock", and my money refunded to my charge card. The next day Grab A Gun's web site advertised the exact same gun for a $44 increase, In Stock. When the prices vary like that it makes me question the motivation. I still, and just recently, buy from Grab A Gun but wished their business was run a little more honorably.

6 years ago

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Firearm arrived very fast ordered it Thursday 3pm it arrived Friday 1pm however did have an issue with my card having funds on hold for over a week manager was unwilling to submit the forms needed to help get my money back on card even though the firearm was purchased already.

6 years ago

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Brian Groth

I had a problem with the gun not being exactly as ordered so they offered a full refund or I could keep the gun and receive some store credit, which I thought was fair enough. I would buy here again.

6 years ago

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Sean Casa Grande, AZ

Prices are decent....but the shipping is way too slow. 5-7 business days to ship a firearm when demand is not that high is too long.

6 years ago

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Dean Young

Customer service knowledge could improve.

6 years ago

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William J Govier

Delivery was slow on one item, normal on the other.

6 years ago

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alex sotomayor

I bought my first AR 15 rugger through grabagun using their buy now pay later program, arch 90 program works but you have to be very patient and keep on top of them, they are very short handed and slow, you can be very easily forgoten , as for grabagun if you want to get a hold of them I suggest sending them a text instead of calling for customer service ,you may be hold a long time.My first order was a tad slow because of paperwork with ARCH 90,MY 2ND Order was ship quickly . As for now i will stick with grabagun for future orders I hope this helps if your thinking of grabagun for firearms.

6 years ago