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LAST UPDATED: December 29th, 2023

In 2005, a group of qualified bankers, entrepreneurs, and investors came together in an effort to create a more reliable business lending source to help small and mid-sized companies grow and expand to reach revenue goals. The leadership team at QualComm Capital understood firsthand the frustration associated with extensive paperwork and tedious application processes all to be declined a desired business loan. As a result, QualComm Capital came to fruition.

To combat the current bottleneck business owners were facing with funding, the QualComm team devised a matching system to help quickly identify plausible loan and funding options with business needs. This process immediately sped up the loan shopping, application, and access to funds while creating a flexible payback structure needed by a wide range of clients. 

While QualComm Capital was founded back when loans were agreed upon on pen and paper, the company had the opportunity to be witness to the revolution of online banking. This rapid growth in financial technology made it possible for QuaComm to eventually immediately fund loans with a click of a button. Today, the QualComm Capital process has been refined to provide top-notch loan matching services and fast funding speeds. 

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The Good

  • Financing Options
  • Funding and Application Process
  • Repayment Terms and Solutions
  • Potential Interest Savings

Financing Options

QualComm Capital offers a number of financing options to business owners. The type of funding will be determined largely on what the business is in need of and what those funds will be used for. Available finding options include the following:

Line of Credit

A business line of credit through QualComm Capital functions as somewhat of a “revolving” loan. There is a fixed, agreed amount of funds that a business can then access as needed. Where it differs from the short or long term loan is the business line of credit can immediately be accessed but with a fixed limit. The client will also only pay interest on the funds that are used. 

Equipment Financing

The equipment financing solution offered through QualComm Capital is designed to provide efficient and fast financing to companies in need of quick access to funds. This financing solution is geared towards helping businesses grow and remain competitive in spaces where upfront costs can be staggering. Generally, QualComm Capital offers better rates than the traditional bank loan if approval is even granted for equipment related purchases.

Short Term Loans

A short term loan requires what the title of financing option implies: a loan that is paid back in a short period of time. On average, these loans are paid back within 12 to 24 months. Generally these loans are used for working capital, inventory, and marketing purposes. The benefit of the short term loan is that there is fast and straightforward access to funds with more lenient underwriting measurements. 

Long Term Loans

Long term loans through QualComm Capital cover five to ten year terms, however there are some clients that have loans that span over two decades. These types of loans are used for larger investments and generally to help with business expansion. There are both fixed and floating interest rates available on long term loans. It should be noted that some long term loans may require some sort of collateral prior to approval. 

While many business lenders offer the traditional short and long term loans, QualComm Capital offers features that would be declined by many banks. For instance, the length of time allowed for clients to repay the loan on the long-term solutions is far more fluid than its counterparts. Additionally, not all lenders offer equipment financing or revolving lines of credit like QualComm Capital does. 

Funding and Application Process

The funding and application process put forth by QualComm Capital has been refined over the years to offer a fast and efficient process for potential clients. The actual application process is broken down into three steps:

  • Complete an online application in a matter of mere minutes.
  • An offer regarding loan type will be sent to the applicant. From there, the business owner will select the loan amount and agree to repayment terms.
  • Funds are deposited, and in some cases, this done on the same day.

This simple process allows fast access to needed funds. The capital loaned to a business owner through QualComm Capital can then be used for a host of needs, including but not limited to:

  • Expansion or facility upgrades
  • Increased inventory that was previously not in the budget for growth purposes
  • Weathering storms where business has temporarily cooled off
  • Finance a new project or purchase necessary materials
  • Advertising and marketing needs
  • Unexpected budget gaps
  • Equipment upgrades/repairs

Some lenders will disqualify loan candidates based on the needs for the funds. QualComm Capital works to ensure that the funds will cover what is necessary for a business to grow and thrive. 

Repayment Terms and Solutions

Depending on what financing solution a client decides to go with, there are a number of flexible repayment options. These terms will be agreed upon during the second stage of the application process. 

These repayment terms will also be impacted by what the funds are needed for. Companies in need of funds to stay afloat during a dip in business will have different payback terms than those looking to expand or grow operations.

This flexibility allows clients to pay what will work to put the company in the best financial position possible. Creative repayment solutions make QualComm Capital a more viable option compared to some other lenders in the same space. 

Potential Interest Savings

One of the huge draws for many business owners to particular lenders is the penalty structure. With QualComm Capital, there is no repayment penalty for satisfying the loan before the agreed upon terms. Compared to some of its competitors, this is a major benefit to those that need funds to cover a blip or gap project in business.

Since there is no early repayment penalty, there are additional savings business owners can take advantage of. When a loan is paid back early, the business owner will end up paying far less in interest as a result. This only adds to the savings available through the flexible payment structure put in place by QualComm Capital. 


The Bad

  • Restricted Industries
  • Eligibility Requirements

Restricted Industries

There are some business lenders that specialize in certain industries. There are other lenders that are not necessarily invested in the industry of its clients, but exclusively examine the financial side of the operation. These lenders are more broad and diverse, but may not provide the best loan match.

There are pros and cons to working with both types of business lenders. However, QualComm Capital is sort of a hybrid of these two types of companies.

QualComm Capital does not necessarily specialize in one or a select few industries. There is not necessarily a pattern or “type” of businesses it seems to gravitate to. There are however “restricted industries” that QualComm Capital will not work with or fund. That means that QualComm Capital is a more “universal” lender but there are exceptions and rules preventing the platform from working with all business types.

To make matters worse, QualComm Capital has failed to publicly disclose what those restricted industries are. That means business owners will have to go through the application process in order to find out whether or not the business operates in an approved industry. 

Eligibility Requirements

Like most vendors, QualComm Capital requires potential clients to meet basic criteria to qualify for a loan. That being said, the personal credit score requirement that QualComm Capital needs for loan approval is higher than many lenders in the same space. Minimum requirements to work with QualComm Capital include:

  • Personal FICO Score of 575 or higher
  • At least 1 year in business
  • At least $100K in revenue
  • Business checking account

Again, it is standard across the board for lenders to require certain basic criteria to be met. However some of the eligibility requirements set by QualComm Capital may prevent some business owners from accessing funding through the company. 


The Bottom Line

QualComm Capital was designed with business owners in mind. Through QualComm, business owners have access to a number of financing options that allow companies to sustain or grow operations. The funding and application process has been tweaked over time to quickly identify company needs and approve funding as quickly as possible.

Depending on what financing option a business owner chooses to go with, flexible repayment terms and solutions are available. Due to these flexible payment structures, there are potential interest savings opportunities not readily available through more traditional bank lenders. 

Despite offering a sophisticated loan application and approval process, there are limitations associated with the QualComm Capital platform. For instance, there are restricted industries the company is unable to provide funding to and there are minimum requirements potential clients must meet in order to be eligible for QualComm Capital services.

Considering the QualComm Capital longevity and proven loan matching process, business owners looking for a viable business lender should consider what QualComm Capital offers to its clientele.

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