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LAST UPDATED: January 21st, 2024

Neal Business Funding is an entrepreneur focused business funding service. The company was originally founded with entrepreneurial minds looking to help those grow their small business and help others navigate the real estate investing space. 

Neal Business Funding recognized a real need that businesses and real estate investors were running into which was being denied necessary funding by big banks. Neal Business Funding aims to help those that the big banks have passed on.

The founder and CEO of Neal Business Funding is Dave Charron who has worked in the space in some capacity for over two decades. Charron has partnered with businesses and funding providers in an effort to bridge the gap that currently exists between more traditional bank lending and the small business funding climate. 

The averages today in terms of receiving funding through a bank do not necessarily bode well for small businesses. An estimated 65 percent of all commercial loan applicants are denied. This is where Neal Business Funding steps in and steps up in an effort to help these operations get the capital needed to expand and succeed. 

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The Good

  • Business Loan Services
  • Working Capital Solutions
  • Real Estate Investing Services

Business Loan Services

The small business loan services available through Neal Business Funding allow businesses to grow and purchase the equipment needed to succeed. With banks routinely turning small business owners away, Neal Business Funding has stepped in to provide small business loans and equipment financing to these types of clients.

The team at Neal Business Funding will work to find an ideal financing option for small business owners in desperate need of immediate financial assistance. Clients can be approved for these types of funding in as little as 48 hours. SBA loans through Neal Business Funding can provide up to 5 million dollars to expand operations. 

Working Capital Solutions

The Neal Business Funding team specializes in SBA loans and commercial real estate investing, but clients in need of working capital solutions can rest assured that the company is more than able to help in these endeavors as well. Those in need of working capital solutions can turn to Neal Business Funding for the following:

  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Purchase Order Financing

While these are common offerings in the business loan industry, it is uncommon to find a smaller provider offering all of these working capital solutions like Neal Business Funding does. The company has gone to extreme lengths to help businesses access the money they need where other options, like banks, have closed its doors. 

Real Estate Investing Services

In addition to working with small business owners to get the financing needed to operate at a desired level, Neal Business Funding also helps those in the real estate investing space. For those wanting to break into real estate investing or diversify their current portfolio, Neal Business Funding offers the following services:

  • Commercial Real Estate Financing
  • Fix and Flip Loans
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Stated Income Commercial Real Estate
  • Hotel Financing

The team at Neal Business Funding has substantial experience helping those navigate the complexities of the commercial real estate industry. Not many small business loan providers also venture into the commercial real estate space, but Neal Business Funding has the experience and expertise needed to successfully help clients. 


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Unknown Eligibility Requirements
  • Interest Rates

Service Area

When it comes to the financing industry, there are both national and local players involved. Businesses can go with big-time firms that service clients all across the country or turn to a more local provider with a vested interest in the community. There are both positives and negatives associated with both types of providers.

The common downside associated with local providers is the reach the company has to help those in need. In the case of Neal Business Funding, the company heavily targets clients in the Syracuse area making it difficult for businesses outside of this geographic area to work with Neal Business Funding. 

Unknown Eligibility Requirements

While Neal Business Funding prides itself on helping those that have been turned down from the “big banks,” there are still basic requirements that all applicants need to meet in order to qualify for certain loan products. This is a staple across the board in the financing industry, even if those requirements are minimal. 

That being said, even with minimal basic requirements needing to be met, it is important to disclose what those requirements are especially for those still determining what provider to move forward with.

Most business loan providers will publicly disclose these basic requirements so those still in the researching phase can quickly determine whether or not they are a viable client. Neal Business Funding has not disclosed these basic requirements, like minimum credit score, making it difficult to determine if a business or applicant qualifies. 

Interest Rates

The funding for the loans and other financial services offered through Neal Business Funding does not come directly from the company. Instead, the team at Neal Business Funding has relationships and partnerships with those that supply the actual funding and Neal Business Funding operates as a broker between clients and those with the capital. 

Since Neal Business Funding works to help those businesses that have not been successful through traditional bank applications, there has to be some creativity and flexibility on the part of the applicant in order to receive the desired funding.

This could potentially mean accepting terms of a loan that are less desirable including higher interest rates. Higher interest rates are common when working with a broker for loan needs so this is to be expected. However, those businesses looking for the lowest interest rates possible may want to consider another provider for funding assistance. 


The Bottom Line

Neal Business Funding works to help small businesses and real estate investors access the capital needed to reach new operational heights. For small businesses, Neal Business Funding offers various funding solutions including SBA loans and equipment financing.

Additionally, there are working capital solutions that businesses can access through Neal Business Funding as well including merchant cash advance and business lines of credit. For real estate investors, there are a number of funding solutions available which include but are not limited to hard money loans and commercial real estate financing. 

Despite helping businesses access the money traditionally denied to them by big banks, there are limitations associated with Neal Business Funding that business owners should consider. The company provides a more localized service helping those in the greater Syracuse, New York region.

It is also unclear what the requirements and expectations are for businesses and investors in order to work with Neal Business Funding. Lastly, Neal Business Funding acts as sort of a brokerage service and will take on “riskier” clients. As a result, some applicants should expect higher interest rates on loans than the industry average. 

Neal Business Funding is an ideal solution for those that have been unable to access funding through more traditional big bank means. While higher interest rates may apply, Neal Business Funding can help clients get the capital they desperately need to grow and reach new operational goals. 

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