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LAST UPDATED: December 29th, 2023

Lend On Capital specializes in assisting small businesses access the capital needed to grow and operate a foundationally sound business. The company focuses on providing means not traditionally offered in a typical bank lending experience. 

Business owners that choose to utilize Lend On Capital for funding will have access to a number of funding options, including but not limited to the following: merchant cash advance, equipment financing, account receivable loans, and business lines of credit. Access to funds is a simple and straightforward process with competitive payback terms.

To date, Lend On Capital has serviced over 1,000 small businesses and helped these companies access the funds needed to launch and grow its operation. Over $85 million has been distributed to Lend On Capital clients, which is impressive considering that Lend on Capital was founded in 2020.

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The Good

  • Funding Services
  • Application and Approval
  • Credit Impact
  • Flexible Payback Terms

Funding Services

With Lend On Capital, small business owners will have access to a number of loan and funding solutions making it more attainable to find the best solution moving forward financially. The main funding avenues that Lend On Capital offers includes:

  • Business Line of Credit
  • Short Term Loans
  • Long Term Loans
  • Equipment Financing

Many traditional banking options will offer small businesses some form of short or long term loans. There are even a select few banks that will venture out and extend a business line of credit under particular circumstances.

Lend On Capital sets itself apart from its competition by providing equipment financing for small businesses that need to purchase particular equipment components for growth or operation. 

Application and Approval

Many business owners that go through a bank or larger institution for business loans have found extensive red tape and drawn out application processes. Lend On Capital has removed this stressor by creating a fast and simple application that addresses all key information points.

The application process breaks down as follows:

  • Online Application — Business owners will quickly answer some pertinent questions regarding the operation/business.
  • Submit Bank Statements — Applicants will then upload the most recent 3-6 banks statements for review.
  • Approval and Access to Funds — Terms of the loan will then be sent to the applicant for review and agreement before the funds are deposited to the designated bank account.

With loan approval taking place in as little as one day, funds become readily available to business owners in a short period of time. Not all lenders can offer this same speed of service like Lend On Capital can. 

Credit Impact

A main concern of many small business owners applying for a loan or line of credit is the impact the application process could potentially have on the company or personal credit scores. These hits on the credit score can impact rates if a business owner decides to access funding from another source. 

With the Lend On Capital application process, however, this concern is essentially eliminated. Lend On Capital utilizes what is known as a “soft” credit pull. This type of credit pull does not negatively impact credit scores. Only rarely does Lend On Capital require a “hard” credit pull which could potentially hurt credit scores. Not all lenders offer a “soft” credit pull during the application process, but Lend On Capital does. 

Flexible Payback Terms

Another common pressure point business owners encounter when it comes to business lending is difficult loan repayment terms. That is not the case with Lend On Capital as the company provides flexible and agreed upon payback terms.

There are generally four different repayment structures offered through Lend On Capital which include:

  • Daily Payments (5 payments each week)
  • Weekly Payments
  • Bi-Weekly Payment (Payment once every two weeks)
  • Monthly Payments

Each payment is taken directly from the main business operating account through ACH so checks do not need to be written and the concern of making regular payments is scheduled out. Not all lenders in the small business loan space offer a wide range of repayment structures like Lend On Capital does. 


The Bad

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Funding Limits

Minimum Requirements

While Lend On Capital works to help as many businesses and clients as possible, there are minimum requirements that all applying companies must meet in order to be eligible for Lend On Capital services.

These minimum requirements include the following:

  • The company is not actively involved in filing for bankruptcy.
  • Business has been in operation for at least six months.
  • Company generates at least $200,000 in revenue (some flexibility depending on external factors).
  • Business owner’s personal credit score must be at least a 500.
  • No recent or current business loan defaults or outstanding judgments.

Small businesses in “crisis” mode may not meet these minimum criteria which would eliminate those clients from Lend On Capital contention. 

Funding Limits 

Just like there are minimum requirements that small businesses and applicants must meet, there are also maximum limits in terms of capital that can be provided. The maximum amount available to a small business will depend on the type of funding requested as well as other contributing factors.

Maximum funding limits break down as follows:

  • Line of Credit between $30,000 to $250,000, and 6 months to 30 months term.
  • Short-Term Funding between $10,000 to $3,000,000, and 3 months to 30 months term.
  • Business Term Loan between $50,000 to $250,000, and 60 months to 120 months term.
  • Equipment Financing between $10,000 to $3,000,000, and 6 months to 72 months term.

Businesses in need of amounts that exceed these maximum limits will need to look elsewhere for viable funding. 


The Bottom Line

Lend On Capital provides small business owners with loan solutions not typically available through traditional means. Depending on the financial needs of a particular business, Lend On Capital offers a number of lending avenues with the flexibility needed to meet most financial strains.

The application and approval process is also streamlined, allowing some applicants approval within the same day of application submission. A key point to note is that applying for a loan through Lend On Capital will most likely not have any negative impact on the company’s credit score.

Lastly, the payback terms are incredibly flexible ensuring that most small business owners will find a payment structure that aligns with growth goals. 

While there are a number of reasons to consider Lend On Capital for business loan and funding services, there are limitations that business owners should be aware of prior to becoming a Lend On Capital client. There are minimum requirements that have to be met in order for Lend On Capital to take on the business as a client. Businesses in a downward financial spiral may not meet these basic requirements so working with Lend On Capital is off the table.

Additionally, there are maximum limits to the loans offered through Lend On Capital so business owners need to make sure that the needed loan amount does not exceed what Lend On Capital can provide. 

After analyzing all that Lend On Capital provides its clients in conjunction with the company’s minimum requirements and limitations, small business owners in need of a flexible and fast funding should consider Lend On Capital as a suitable loan provider. 

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