Cheap Faux Wood Blinds is an online company that specializes in selling one product: faux wood blinds. Its mission is “to provide customers with a product and service that is worth more than its cost.” The company is family owned and operated and treats its customers the same as it does its own family members.

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The Good

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Great Price
  • Free Shipping
  • Family-Owned

Lifetime Warranty

Cheap Faux Wood Blinds offers a lifetime warranty on its product. Since the company mission is to provide inexpensive blinds to all its customers, it is nice to know that the “cheap” product is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Great Price

The company only sells 2-inch Faux Wood Blinds. Because of this, customers can know have an extremely accurate idea of how much their blinds are going to cost right off the bat. The Cheap Faux Wood Blinds base price is an extremely low $9.00. Prices will likely vary due to the amount of customization needed. 

Free Shipping

Essentially, customers are getting a discount by taking advantage of the free shipping offered by Cheap Faux Wood Blinds. Shipping is free to all states within the U.S., except Alaska and Hawaii.


Though many small businesses are family owned, Cheap Faux Wood Blinds is a company that carries its family values into the business realm. Its employees treat customers like they are members of the company family.

The Bad

  • No Variety
  • Lack of Information
  • Poor Social Media

No Variety

Cheap Faux Wood Blinds only has one product. This is clearly the business plan of the company, nevertheless, it does limit the options of potential customers greatly. 

Lack of Information

Cheap Faux Wood Blinds does not disclose information about the company’s origins, which leads customers to question the amount of experience the company actually has in the blinds industry.

Poor Social Media 

Though the company has a social media presence on Facebook with over 2,000 followers, it does not often engage with its fans. The company has only posted once in 2017. The importance of social media is to provide customers with a place to go to see customer reactions, customer service experience, and to get a more authentic look into how a company handles itself online.

The Bottom Line

The company’s lack of information is a concern because it makes it difficult to trust at first glance. Additionally, Cheap Faux Wood Blinds only has one product available. However, its outstanding prices, lifetime warranty, and free shipping more than make up for the lack of information. If customers do not mind the gamble of the company’s potential inexperience and know for certain that they want faux wood blinds, we recommend you consider choosing Cheap Faux Wood Blinds for your purchase. 

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