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LAST UPDATED: December 8th, 2023

Five Star Bath Solutions started offering its home and kitchen remodeling services in 1996. After expanding from its birthplace in Canada to the United States, it headquartered in Spanish Fork, Utah. Its mission is to become the best bathroom remodeling company in the home remodeling industry. 

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The Good

  • Great Warranty
  • Discounts

Great Warranty

Five Star Bath Solutions offers a limited lifetime warranty to all customers. This is an extremely good warranty compared to other warranties offered by companies in the kitchen remodeling industry. 


For customers who decide to book online, there is a 10 percent discount on remodeling services.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Fees
  • Few Kitchen Services
  • Lack of Expertise 

Undisclosed Fees

Five Star Bath Solutions does not provide any information regarding project fees that might be applied to the cost of kitchen remodeling. 

Few Kitchen Services

Because Five Star Bath Solutions deals almost exclusively in bathroom remodeling, its kitchen remodeling services and products are extremely limited. The Five Star Bath Solutions website only states that it provides faucets, mirrors, and countertops—though it is unknown if it provides countertops for kitchens. Any additional information regarding kitchen remodeling cannot be found on its website. 

Lack of Expertise

Because it is a relatively new company when compared to other kitchen remodeling companies and because it focuses on bathroom remodeling, Five Star Bath Solutions has very little to offer customers who want their kitchens remodeled. It simply has not dedicated enough efforts to kitchen remodeling to claim any real expertise in the industry.


The Bottom Line

Five Star Bath Solutions attracts potential customers by offering a discount for booking its services online. However, because of its lack of information regarding fees and the fact that it doesn’t provide many kitchen products or services, we cannot recommend customers choose Five Star Bath Solutions at this time. 

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Bryan Dong Ashburn, VA

I signed a contract with Clayton G, the owner of Five-star bath solution, for a bathtub remodel on 05-05-23. After he got a $2000 deposit, he never called back and never arrived to do the job. I called him and his company and all they said was to wait 48 hours for them to return my call. However, no one called back. It has been 3 months and this is unacceptable. If he is not able to do the job, I want my money back.

6 months ago

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Doug Brinklow Scarborough, ON

There were previously 3 towel racks. They were going to only install one, but I talked them into installing two, since there are two of us living in the house. They don’t match. One is chrome with square wall mounts, the other is shorter in length, and chrome with round wall mounts, and not centered on the wall behind the door. I couldn’t find either of them listed at Home Depot to be able to find a matching replacement. The square ones were sold in a kit, which included the towel rack, toilet paper holder & hand towel ring. They finished and left without installing the hand towel ring, and had to be called back. The toilet paper holder is not as nice as what we had. We had a nice chrome holder, that was a typical holder, in-set into the wall. The new one just hangs out, and the toilet paper goes flying onto the wet floor every time you finish showering and grab the towel hanging on the rack behind it. It also falls off most times when you need it, since there’s nothing preventing it from falling off. The floor was simply installed on top of the old floor, without the old floor being removed, without gluing it down at all, and now it is lifted, and springs up and down when you walk on it, also causing one plank to lift with the other staying flat, causing an uneven ridge. The electrical switches were improperly installed. They initially tried to install 3 of them in one place, and one in the corner, offset about 2 inched lower than the other, which looked terrible. I told them to re-do that so that they are all even, but it still looks terrible, the one in the corner is hidden by the medicine cabinet so that the night light doesn’t illuminate properly anymore, and is loose. In looking at Home Depot, I see that they make wall panels that contain 4 inserts, so why was this installed with 3 in one, then 1 by itself when it should have been installed 4 altogether? Two medicine cabinets were installed. They don’t match. One is all glass. The other is a mirror with white wood border and frame. One was Zenna Home 20”x25” from Home Depot. $159. (Cheapest one they sell) The main one was Glacier Bay 36”x30.5” for $379, and was not installed correctly. Noticed the packing film had not been removed from the sides, or inner mirrors, and in removing from the sides, they fell off because they were not mounted. They were just hanging on, and were ready to fall off at the slightest movement. The mounting hardware to connect them properly is missing. The shower shook like a jack hammer after being installed, and they had to return and reinstall it to work properly. The water pressure was much lower than it use to be, and the shower head was the cheapest Mowen that Home Depot sells, and was made out of very cheap plastic, and was stiff to use. We had to replace that with a proper Water-Pick one from Costco after a few weeks. So at least that works properly now. The rubber trim on the glass shower doors was not trimmed, and sticks up about an inch above the shower doors and looks terrible. The bathroom pot lights that were installed are of a different colour than the Bathroom light installed over top of the medicine cabinet. The whole purpose of the bathroom renovation was to replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower, for medical reasons. There were 3 hand rails installed. One angled in the shower, which is good. One vertical to hang onto getting in and out of the shower, which is fine. But there’s a 3rd one installed beside the toilet, that is at a 10 degree angle, and interferes with the towel on the towel rack. It looks terrible, and we have no idea why it was installed. The one by the shower door would have been fine to use instead. Two weeks after completion, the toilet overflowed and dumped fecal matter and sewage water all over the bathroom floor. I’ve never seen this happen before in the 35 years that we’ve lived here. It took 2 hours to clean up. Some of it will never get clean because all the sewage ran under the base boards where none of them are sealed to the floor with water proof caulking. Waterproofing was something advertised as a selling point. I don't know if it was applied or not. PS, the Web Site claimed a $1000 savings "limited time offer". I never received any such offer, or had acknowledgment that one existed, but was originally quoted a price $1000 lower than I ended up paying. An attempt was made twice to increase the price again, and I had to remind of the quote where I was already paying $1000 more than I was quoted. Three payments, according to the contract, were supposed to be to the one company, but I was then told to make 2 payments to one company, and one payment to another, which was suspicious. The bank rejected one of the three payments, which should not have been a problem, according to my bank, and I was forced to go into my bank to create a money order which cost me an additional fee that I should not have been require to take the time, and effort, and expense, to do. (And then my bank screwed up the money order, making me to go in a 3rd time, but that was my banks fault, but I shouldn't have had to ask them to do this in the first place.)

10 months ago

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Kay Robinson Edmonton, AB

I contracted with Five star solutions and provided a downpayment. They never completed the work-did less than half. I called the customer care over 14 times and ultimately lodged a BBB Complaint. They did not respond to the BBB and never completed the work or returned my calls. Broken customer service model as all they do is send a note to the person who originally did the work and they take no ownership or guarantee the franchisee.

9 months ago

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If I could give 0 stars I would. According to their website, their bath remodels take an average of 4-7 days to complete. Mine took 20 and it still isn't done. The other issues that I had were the poor craftsmanship. The work that was completed looks less than professional and there were multiple issues. The caulking in the shower was not done properly and the bath is now taking water damage. I informed the franchisee manager of this, he came and redid it, and it still isn't sealed. I have a tile that isn't fixed to the ground with mortar, the employees used my tools and materials from my garage on the project without my permission. The workers never showed up on time, and sometimes not at all. They advertise that they will send licensed contractors to your house but they did not. I checked with the registrar of contractors for my state and they had never heard of them. My bathroom is still not fully complete with the repairs that need to be done, but the workers refuse to come and show up to work. Corporate stated that they have no power over their franchisee, and that they would give me 1k if I would cut ties with their company.

5 years ago

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Mary Beth Cross Aurora, CO

Dillon did good, quality work, but unfortunately after 15 months, they never finished the job. The process was overshadowed by delays, and unprofessional and dismissive communication by Nick, the owner. We would not recommend.

1 year ago

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Anita Prasanna Buffalo Grove, IL

Horrible to work with .In last one year the job is not got completed .Messy work.No proper measurements.I regret engaging with them after spending so much money .Don’t fall for trap and go with professional people

1 year ago