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LAST UPDATED: February 9th, 2021

Freedom National has been in the auto insurance industry since 1999. The company specializes in helping high-risk drivers find car insurance. 

Its website mentions serving clients in potentially three states, including Arizona and Utah. The other states the company services are unclear. Some pages mention Georgia, not California. Other pages mention California, not Georgia. 

Policyholders benefit from online quotes, instant coverage, and online policy management.

However, Freedom National's website does not mention financial strength ratings. This omission is concerning because these ratings indicate the insurer's ability to meet claims obligations.

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The Good

  • Coverage for High Risk Drivers
  • Online Management
  • Basic Auto Insurance Coverages
  • Discounts

Coverage for High Risk Drivers

Freedom National stands out from other auto insurers because it offers policies to high risk drivers. If you have a poor driving record, it can be hard to find an insurer willing to work with you.

The company's willingness to work with high risk drivers makes it an advantageous company if you're having a hard time finding car insurance.

Online Management

Customers have the ability to completely manage their auto insurance online through the Freedom National secure website. With an online account, you can report a claim, get a quote, check specific terms of use, view the refund/cancellation policy, and pay auto insurance bills.

Basic Auto Insurance Coverages

With Freedom National, basic auto insurance coverage needs can be met. These requirements vary by state. However, in most states it includes personal liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage.

Depending on the individual situation of the driver, additional coverages may be required. For example, if your vehicle has been financed, a specific type of insurance may be required as liability insurance will not be accepted. 

You can customize your insurance policy with the standard coverage options. These include liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, rental reimbursement coverage, and towing insurance. 

Costs for coverage will vary on a number of individual factors including location and driving history.


For those looking to save on auto insurance, there are ways to get discounted rates through Freedom National discount offers. Unlike other companies, information about specific discounts are limited without getting a quote. 

However, the company offers discounts for pre-paying your premiums, car safety features, and participating in a driver safety course. You can also opt for a higher deductible to help lower premium rates.


The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • Unclear States Serviced
  • No Financial Strength Rating Listed

Limited Customer Insight

Freedom National car insurance reviews are few on With such limited customer insight, conclusions about the customer experience are not available. 

However, it's concerning that Freedom National's reviews are primarily negative. Complaints include poor customer service and increasing renewal rates.

Unclear States Serviced

As previously noted, Freedom National's services are available in Arizona and Utah. A third state is either Georgia or California. Mentions of these states vary on Freedom National's website.

Fortunately, you'll be redirected to a partner site for a quote if Freedom National doesn't serve your zip code.

No Financial Strength Rating Listed

Most competitive insurers receive financial strength ratings from A.M. Best. These ratings show the insurer's financial stability. High ratings are important to look for because you don't want your insurer to go bankrupt and not be able to pay your claim.

Insurance companies typically publish their latest scores on their website. Insurance agencies usually mention that they work with financially strong insurers. Freedom National's website does neither, so you may want to consider another insurance company.


The Bottom Line

Be cautious when considering Freedom National auto insurance. Although reviews are limited, they offer more complaints than praise. 

Additionally, the company does not have much information on financial strength ratings on its website. This omission is uncommon in the industry.

If you're a high risk driver, Freedom National can present some advantages. However, you may want to consider another insurance provider if possible.

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Randolph Parker Atlanta, GA

This company is terrible. They are literally not even deserving of the one star rating that I gave them. Recently my policy was cancelled without notice due to someone having the same last name as me, and living in the same apartment complex. However, we did not share the same unit number. Apparently this person had some claims on his insurance record that conflicted with Freedom nationals policy. As a result, they associated his address with mines and cancelled my policy because I didn't sign a "driver exclusion" form that was mailed to the wrong address. I was informed that I couldn't renew my policy and when I went to create a new policy the rates were increased from $317 to $450 for the same coverage!!! To make matters worse I've been riding around for nearly a month with no insurance. I could have been arrested or had my car repossessed by my financier. I'm definitely pursuing any and all legal ramifications to reprimand them for there actions. Including but not limited to reporting this company to the better business bureau and S.E.C if they have any stock shares.

6 years ago

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Horrible customer service!!!! Almost everytime I call Someone will answer and then hang up. I keep getting told that it's my mistake... No...some one will pick up I hear talking in the back ground then hear click. I can tell on my phone if the call dropped because of me..... also when I called back after getting hung up on someone answered and said really fast please hold... click. This is why I cancelled my policy and went with geico. They have outstanding customer service. They ask me if they can put me on hold and never ever hang up on me. They key to a good company is customer service. That's what makes a customers experience worth something. I also receive wrong information in the mail quite often. Then when I call to get it cleared up no one seems to want to take the blame. The subject always gets avoided and I never get an apology for the confusion.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Michael derau Port Charlotte, FL

DOSENT EVEN DESERVE 1 STAR!! If I could give 0 STARS I WOULD! SCAMMED me out of $400. And when they OWE ME A REFUND for switching insurance companies they claim I received it and cashed it. This company is a FRAUD a SCAM and a THEIF. PLEASE DO NOT GET INSURED BY THIS COMPANY. ITS NOT WORTH THE LOW PRICES BECAUSE THEY END UP STEALING MONEY FROM YOU!!! Which in the end is how they make up for the prices!!!

5 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Cali Atlanta, GA

Communication is terrible!! They cancelled my policy over someone who lived at my address 3 yrs prior. Then when I tried to reinstate they had the wrong address and the custmer service rep had me fill out the wrong paperwork. So I went 3 days without insurance. Also, they change ypur rates without notification. Terrible! Run. Im going back to Geico. Never again

6 years ago

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Nathan Tucson, AZ

Absolute worst company!!! Made me renew afger 6 months for an additional $45 and on top of that increased my payments by $12 monthly. All for making my payments on time and not receving tickets or getting into accidents. Pure robbery.

4 years ago

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Willis Newby Loganville, GA

If I could give zero stars I would, they have the worst customer service I have every had to deal with. They need to teach on how to communicate with customers. I wish I had went with Geico smh. This company act like they doing you a favor by providing insurance.

6 years ago

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Mylandria Ponder Atlanta, GA

I’ve been with them for almost two years customer service sucks, they are rude and only want your money! I’ll ride without insurance before I ever give them my money again!!!!!

4 years ago