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LAST UPDATED: February 14th, 2023

AAA is an excellent car insurance company to consider because of its high financial strength ratings, good coverage options, discounts, and service.

Although AAA has received many reviews on, they primarily discuss AAA roadside assistance, not auto insurance. Given this focus, it's difficult to assess the customer experience for AAA car insurance policyholders. However, AAA's offerings are competitive for the industry.

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The Good

  • High Financial Strength Ratings
  • Flexible Coverage
  • AAA Discounts
  • Good Service
  • Helpful Educational Resources

High Financial Strength Ratings

AAA has earned high financial strength ratings. These high ratings indicate an insurance company's ability to meet its claims obligations. Since the insurance provider has high ratings, AAA policyholders can be confident when working with the company.

Flexible Coverage

You can find all the coverage you need with AAA car insurance. AAA offers policies with collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, gap insurance, personal injury protection, and rental reimbursement.

You can also include a new car added protection that covers necessary repairs or replaces your new car without depreciation if it is damaged or totaled in a covered loss. This feature is especially beneficial if you've just purchased a new car because it protects your investment in your car.

With many coverage options, you'll be able to find an auto insurance product that meets your needs.

AAA Discounts

You'll find many opportunities for discounted rates on your car insurance policy from AAA.

Available discounts include:

  • AAA membership and membership loyalty
  • Auto Insurance Loyalty
  • Multi-policy (home insurance)
  • Multi-vehicle
  • Advanced shopping (in conjunction with new business policies)
  • Teen smart
  • Good student
  • Distant student (child away at school without a car)
  • Payment plan

With many auto insurance discount opportunities, saving on the monthly premium is easy.

If you're an AAA member or are interested in multiple insurance policies, you can also save by choosing AAA for your insurance provider.

Good Service

AAA offers good service to its clients. You can receive an online car insurance quote or work with an agent directly. This flexibility means that you can communicate with the company the way you want.

AAA also has a fast and efficient claims service that is available around the clock. Whatever time you file a claim, AAA will assist you.

What's more, you can find additional products and services through AAA. You can become a AAA member for 24/7 roadside assistance, car repair discounts, and more. You can also buy homeowners, renters, or life insurance.

Helpful Online Resources

AAA's website has helpful articles on car insurance. You can reference these articles to learn more about car insurance coverage, assessing your needs, what affects premium rates, and more.

These resources show that AAA is focused on helping you understand car insurance and doing what's best for you.

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The Bad

  • Customer Review Limitations
  • Contact and Personal Information Required for Quote

Customer Review Limitations

While AAA has received a large number of reviews on, many reviewers focus on AAA's roadside assistance services rather than its insurance policies. 

AAA is well-known for these services, so it's not surprising that many reviewers discuss roadside assistance. However, the lack of AAA auto insurance reviews makes it difficult to adequately assess the car insurance customer experience with the car insurance provider.

Contact and Personal Information Required for Quote

To view an insurance rate quote online, you must provide personal information and your contact details. While the personal information necessary for quotes is more specific than what's required for other kinds of insurance, the information requested by AAA is the same as what other auto insurance providers request.

Needing to provide your contact information before viewing a quote can result in sales calls. If you're still in the research and exploring phase, you may want to start by looking at other sites.


The Bottom Line

While you have to provide contact information to view an online quote, AAA is still a reliable car insurance company. You can be confident in the insurance you buy because AAA 's car insurance policies include many different types of coverage and the insurer has received high financial strength ratings. You can also save on your premiums with the many discounts offered by AAA.

You'll also benefit from a quick claims process that is available 24/7. This makes it convenient to file a claim and receive payments quickly.

Although clearer information on the AAA auto insurance customer experience would be beneficial AAA is worth considering, especially if you're already a AAA member.

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Ashlyn Elwood Roswell, GA

I have had a few incidents where my car has broken down and I have needed to call AAA to help. While the workers are always very nice, the company is a hot mess. Both times it took hours to get someone to my location and they even sent someone to a location two hours away after the woman I talked to on the phone entered in the wrong information even after confirming three times! I felt bad that it was a waste of my time and the repairman's time. Both times, either my husband or a neighbor was able to get to my car first to help me get help before AAA showed up an hour later. Speed is not their strength. Customer service has also not been very impressive.

1 year ago

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Karen Jelinsky Las Vegas, NV

you know today it's a one-star. I've been a AAA member for likely for years now and I have sporadically needed to use them for nothing major maybe at El maybe a battery and I have the premium the premier plan so it is time for renewal and my new renewal cost I believe for what I use for his kind of high but reviewing the benefits that I get it says that I get a refund of about $50 for windshield replacement. Great I had a windshield replace just last week and I was unaware of this benefit so I've chosen to file for it. however my smartphone does not get the correct application for me to make this filing. So I call customer service for AAA and they are unable to take it so they referred me to another number to take the filing for me however they are only open Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 6:30. Those are the times I work. So what sense does that make end to make matters worse I had another car that I needed three windows replaced due to a sandstorm. They only give a consideration for windshield! Does that make any sense to you my car is not legally drivable with three Windows blown out! So frankly I will not be renewing and I will be looking for another auto club that I'm sure there's many out there for my needs.

2 years ago

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Giggle Fits ,

My truck broke down, they said my membership (that I received as a birthday gift) had lapsed and they wanted to sign me back up, but couldn't give me a price or straight answer on anything. It was like I owas bothering them. I was transferred four times and recieved no helpful information. I'll just throw my vehicle in neutral and push her at this point. Thanks anyway.

2 years ago

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David Paquette Middlebury (village), VT

The reason for this review was because of a past experience I had. I am with you people for road side. I tried using one time a few years back in Windsor, VT. While on my delivery job. After waiting almost an hour, I cot call back with this message: "We have no one available at your location". I had to call the police. They were reluctant to help. Because I was delivering pharmaceuticals to nursing homes, they opened my accidently locked vehicle.

3 years ago

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Kelly Bailey Bridgewater, VA

Extremely dissatisfied. I was stranded on the side of I26 and extremely high trafficked road with the speed limit of 70 with my 3 yr old. I placed the service order at 3:48. I heard nothing about if someone was coming or when until 4:51. My tow truck didn't arrive until 6:09. I should have called a tow myself. Paying my premium for this type of service is not worth it.

4 years ago


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Emma Reading, PA

I've been a Triple A member for a long time. Approximately 20 yrs or more. I felt it was a good company. It may be a sign of the times we are going though but this company has more then dropped the ball in my opinion. They of course don't have the help, and if you do get someone there to help you, they are not experienced. I was told recently that they are going to do away with trip tixs and tour books and you will have to get everything on line...I don't like it at all.

1 year ago


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Sara Walton Kansas City, MO

Great service they provide good perks and friendly reps but its way too high priced i couldn't keep up with the payments i was paying almost 300/mo for a car that cost me $1,500 so good service bad prices you definitely have to be in a higher tax bracket to get their insurance

1 year ago


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Melanie Rio Rancho, NM

I was involved in a car accident and they took forever to return calls (days!), when their voicemail said they reply by 4pm daily. This was on every occurrence that I called them. They still have not paid out my claim and it’s been nearly two years they’ve been dragging their feet.

3 years ago

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Amanda Purpura Gibsonia, PA

On more than one occasion, it has taken hours for a tow truck to arrive or they didn't arrive at all. This is not the level of service that I have been accustomed to from AAA so not sure if there are recent challenges causing this to slip. In the past, the service has been excellent but seems to be taking a nose dive.

4 years ago


Review Source

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Gary Kapanowski Macomb, MI

Used to have insurance with AAA. Found better coverage and price from an independent agent. I still have road service. I like AAA road service very helpful and usually timely.

1 year ago

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Anita pea Dallas, TX

AAA was not the most reliable of auto insurance, rates always changed and the people there were mean.

3 years ago

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Jessica THayne Pleasant Grove, UT

they always cancel my insurance even after i have paid it.

5 years ago


Review Source

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Dave Merritt Palm Desert, CA

Make sure to read the entire policy... Very expensive and not very helpful

1 year ago