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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2023

The Sedna Water Company is responsible for the design and manufacturing of some of the top water treatment solutions on the market. The company helps homeowners access a safer water supply allowing for healthier drinking and water usage. The products offered through Sedna provide reliable long-term solutions in water treatment and purification systems.  

Each water treatment and purification system designed and created by Sedna is stretched in the testing phase of development to guarantee the highest level of production. This testing means that Sedna systems can be trusted when installed on residential properties and used on a daily basis. 

Depending on where a client lives, the water supply quality will vary. There is a municipal water supply that undergoes some level of treatment to eliminate impurities.

However, these processes can not always be trusted as processing plants have been known to use harmful chemicals in treating the water. By the time that “treated” water comes out of a home’s faucet, possible contaminations could exist. That is where Sedna can help. 

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The Good

  • Water Treatment Services
  • Filter Replacement Services
  • Sedna Products
  • Filtration Benefits
  • Complimentary Water Test

Water Treatment Services

In addition to designing and creating high quality water filtrations systems, Sedna is also responsible for offering a number of beneficial water treatment services. These water treatment solutions include:

  • Whole-home filtration installation
  • Purified kitchen system installation
  • Continued maintenance and repairs

Filter Replacement Services

There are not many competitors that will offer segmented installation services. For instance, Sedna will place treatment solutions in one particular area of the house where a vast majority of the water supply goes to - like the kitchen. This is relatively unique to the Sedna Water Company service offerings. 

Sedna Products

Not only does the Sedna Water Company offer high quality water treatment systems, it also provides a comprehensive variety for homeowners to choose from. Depending on the needs of the user and the property, prospective clients can choose from the following products:

Water Conditioners

  • Olympus
  • Equinox
  • Odyssey
  • All-In-One Cabinet Style Softener

Well Water Conditioners

  • Galaxis

Alkaline Water Systems

  • Voyager
  • Defiant
  • Antares
  • Startek

Finding another water softener and treatment provider that offers this many products will be difficult as Sedna offers one of the most comprehensive lines of water purification systems on the market. 

Filtration Benefits

Homeowners that decide to have a purification or filtration system installed will almost immediately notice a number of associated benefits. Sedna Water Company clients report the following benefits of having a water system installed by Sedna:

  • Improved health
  • Better tasting drinking water
  • Cleaner laundry
  • Fortified filtration systems

Not all water purification clients have reported these similar benefits as consistently as Sedna Water Company customers have. 

Complimentary Water Test

Each interested client can take advantage of a no-obligation complimentary water test conducted by the water professionals at the Sedna Water Company. These water tests can be scheduled online and an experienced Sedna team member will be dispatched to the site or conduct an alternative testing method to identify the holes in the filtration system.

This water test will provide interested customers with insight as to what products may work best for their particular situation and what initial as well as continued services will be needed to ensure a high quality water supply. 


The Bad

  • Unknown Costs
  • Undisclosed Financing Solutions

Unknown Costs

Despite disclosing all available filtration systems and products available through the Sedna platform, the company has failed to publicly state what the associated costs for service and for the system will be. This is information generally desired by prospective clients interested in these types of products and services.

Other water purification and softener providers offer estimates or price points for particular products, but for whatever reason, the Sedna Water Company has decided to not make those dollar figures available. 

Undisclosed Financing Solutions

In some cases, high end water systems and the subsequent work it takes to install and maintain them, are a high stakes investment for some owners. As a result, many comparable water purification companies will offer some sort of alternative financing to help offset the initial financial burden.

It is unclear whether or not financing solutions are available through the Sedna Water Company. If the company does offer alternative financing, it once again has deemed it unimportant to publicly disclose that information. 


The Bottom Line

With Sedna, homeowners can feel more confident in the quality of its water supply. Instead of relying on the municipality to handle the treatment of drinking water, Sedna ensures its safer and healthier components through its installation of a wide range of water purification systems.

Through Sedna, homeowners can take advantage of a number of water treatment services including installation of these high quality purification systems. There are a number of benefits associated with water filtration through Sedna. Customers report that they feel healthier, the water tastes better, and it's cleaner in alternative uses like laundry and showering.

Each interested client can take advantage of a complimentary water test to determine what products and services would provide the best water product. 

There are a number of contributing factors that would lead homeowners to rightly turn to Sedna for water treatment services. However, there are drawbacks to the Sedna platform as well. It is unclear how much Sedna filtration systems cost. Sedna also fails to disclose what, if any, financing solutions are available. 

Homeowners looking to utilize a healthier, cleaner, and all around better water product would likely benefit from what the Sedna Water Company offers. However, those concerned with the cost of service and for the system will have to begin the quote and testing portion of the Sedna process to determine whether or not it will work financially. 

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