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FilterSmart is located in Santa Barbara, California. Its purpose is to find a better way to filter water without using salt. The company builds, assembles, and packages their systems in Southern California because they want to control manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. FilterSmart is on a mission to replace outdated salt-based water softeners.

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The Good

  • Salt-Free Systems 
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Lifetime Warranty

Salt-Free Systems

FilterSmart products use no sodium in their water. This is a big change from other water softeners. Owners of FilterSmart will find that their water is still mineral rich, but doesn’t require the consistent adding of salt to the tank. FilterSmart uses all natural coconut shells for filtration. The systems do not add or remove anything from the water, making it a more natural option. 

Saves Money

The FilterSmart systems do not use electricity. This can reduce your electricity bill each month, which can save you money. You also don’t have to purchase salt, which can also save you money. Because the system is easy to install and doesn’t require an operating cost or constant maintenance, the system can save you money in many aspects.  

Lifetime Warranty

All FilterSmart systems have a lifetime warranty included on all tanks and valve heads. This covers any manufacturer defects that may arise over the years. For the warranty to be valid, the system must be well maintained because the warranty does not cover any misuse, improper installation, misshapes, natural disaster accidents, or other issues that may arise aside from manufacturer error. 

The Bad

  • Residue
  • Undisclosed States


Some customer complaints have noted that the salt-free water has left items like their dishes with a residue. Customers have said this problem can be avoided with different types of dish detergent that specialize in quick drying, but if you don’t want to use different dish products, then you may find your dishes spottier than before. 

Undisclosed States

FilterSmart does not disclose where its products are sold other than online, which makes it difficult for potential customers to find those products near them. The warehouse is located in Santa Barbara, but this is inconvenient for anyone who doesn’t live in the area. Although it isn’t to find a location that sells FilterSmart products, FilterSmart does offer free shipping online. 

The Bottom Line

FilterSmart is a good company to use if you are looking for a non-electric, salt-free water softener system. FilterSmart products can help save you money and the water is claimed to be more natural. The lifetime warranty is also a bonus for customers. If you don’t mind purchasing products online, then FilterSmart is a good company to use. 

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August 18th, 2017 Baytown, TX

Great tasting water so far. No chlorine feeling when showering or bathing or in our coffee water. It was easy for me to install since I have a little plumbing background.