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LAST UPDATED: November 19th, 2021

Bestbath began in 1969 as Component Structures, Inc., producing industry-standard bathing products. Current Bestbath CEO Gary, Multanen purchased the company and continued to expand its market reach and product line. Today, Bestbath’s manufacturing facility is in Caldwell, Idaho, uses lean and efficient processes to produce its tubs, showers, and surrounds. 

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The Good

  • Warranty Contract 
  • Time in Business 
  • Variety of Products 

Warranty Contract 

Bestbath offers a 30-year warranty on all of its products to all of its customers. This 30-year warranty gives you confidence in the products and services the company offers. With this extensive warranty, you can also expect immediate solutions and consultations on the products that might need to be replaced in the future. 

Time in Business 

Bestbath have been providing its products and services for over 45 years. Over the years, it has gained the trust and the confidence of its customers. 

Variety of Products 

Bestbath offers a wide variety of products you can choose from. It is focused on providing safe, reliable, and comfortable bathing to senior citizens throughout the United States. They are specifically focused on the walk-in baths that is why you can choose your products from the following categories:

  • Escape Model Walk-in Tubs 
  • Liberty Walk-in Tubs 
  • Escape Plus Model Walk-in Tubs
  • Big E Model Walk-in Tubs

The Bad

  • Undisclosed Prices 

Undisclosed Prices 

Bestbath doesn’t disclose its prices online. Because each Bestbath installation is fully customized to address your mobility, safety, and comfort needs, the consultants want to fully understand what those needs are before providing you with an estimate. However, a lot of customers appreciate knowing the estimate price they might be paying for the products they want to purchase. 


The Bottom Line

Bestbath has been providing its safe and comfortable bathing options for the last 45 years. Over its many years in business, Bestbath has gained the trust and confidence of its customers by offering a 30-year warranty contract, full coverage of the United States, and a large variety of products and services. However, undisclosed prices might be a problem for some customers. As long as the undisclosed prices are affordable, we see no reason why customers shouldn't at least keep Bestbath as a possible alternative to other walk-in tub companies.

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George Trojan Dover, NH

I am a professional remodeling contractor and have been in business since 1996. My company has done hundreds of bathroom remodels. This has been my Bestbath experience. I completed a bathroom remodel for a severely handicapped, one-bath household and installed a Bestbath pan. The shower pan developed two sizeable holes after a number of uses. The failure was the result of a defective manufactured process from Bestbath. Bestbath acknowledged that their product had failed and reimbursed the cost of the shower pan. I did work with Bestbath's warranty department to be reimbursed for the labor to remove and replace their defective product, which was a complete waste of time. Overall, my Best bath experience was a nightmare. Bestbath cost my business a substantial amount of money and time for their inferior product.

2 years ago

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1_guys_experience Longview, WA

Good “concept”-POOR execution/service This is lengthy, but worth the read if you are considering this product! I purchased two of their tub/shower single piece units with a smooth gray finish. I spent twice as much as I would have on other units trusting their statement of being “best quality”. HOWEVER, the first two units arrived scratched on the surface, scratched behind the gel coat, vertical lines throughout the gray finish color, swirly buff marks across the entire thing as well as a wavy look. (all reflections were distorted) Took over a week and about 10 phone calls (plus about 19 emails between them and the dealer I went through) to get someone out to look at them (during which time I was lied to about scheduling, avoided when calling them and dismissed as not knowing what I was talking about because I am not a professional). Finally got new ones on the way with the “guarantee” they would be show room quality. When inquiring about removing my old units I was told to get rid of them. This would cost ME money for THEIR mistakes. They also blew off the fact that it would cost me money out of pocket to have the units removed from the house and the old ones replaced. Still have not reconciled this portion… After another 10 days they finally arrived. Most issues were corrected except for the swirly buff marks and waviness. I was told this is just part of their product because of the way they are produced. “If I would have got it in white and with a subway tile texture I would not see the waviness” is what I was told by their management. I was also told that the gray color has caused them some production issues in the past and it shows more flaws than white. Why would you sell a product that you KNOW is not right and of “best quality”. Their website doesn’t tell you that if you get the smooth finish you will see waves in it, nor does it sway you away from the gray color if you want an actual quality product… After much headache/lost time/delays in build I now have very expensive tubs that are not of the quality they claim to produce because they just tell me “it is my opinion” that they are not good quality and “sorry you feel that way”. They have been very dismissive of what I expect as a customer through this entire process. I guess I am not worth making happy because I am the little guy (home owner) not the big contractor buying more than these 2 units. Do what you will, but I hope if you buy one of these you get what you want the first time. If you aren’t happy with the first shipment, good luck getting them to do anything more than push you aside hoping you give up and except the junk they have sent you.

4 years ago

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Kristen Bradford Dover, NH

Defective shower pan and the company is only reimbursing the contractor, but will not help us pay the contractor to remove and install a new pan and tile for their subpar product. Incredibly angry and astonished by their poor customer service. Now we have a leaking shower pan. The replacement will not happen for 5 weeks and we have to pay our contractor all over again.

3 years ago