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LAST UPDATED: March 23rd, 2023

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Allianz Travel offers emergency medical and evacuation travel insurance coverage. The travel insurance provider traces its beginnings to 1950 with ELVIA Travel Insurance in Switzerland. It covers domestic, international, annual travel policies, as well as rental car coverage.

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The Good

  • Wide Selection of Coverage Options
  • Simple Claims Process
  • Kids Included Free on Certain Plans
  • No Age Limit
  • Convenient Mobile App
  • Helpful Refund Policy
  • Rental Car Damage Plan

Wide Selection of Coverage Options

Choose from a wide selection of plans from one-trip insurance plans to different options for an annual plan. Annual plans cover trips up to 360 days long or an unlimited number of trips in a year.

Along with the duration of plans, the company makes few restrictions on the type of trip or travelers covered.

The following types of coverage plans are offered:

  • OneTrip Cancellation Plus
  • OneTrip Basic
  • OneTrip Prime
  • OneTrip Premier
  • OneTrip Emergency Medical
  • AllTrips Basic
  • AllTrips Prime
  • AllTrips Executive
  • AllTrips Premiere
  • Rental Car Damage Protector

Almost any type of global assistance that you are wanting for you next trip will be offered in one of the insurance plans offered at Allianz Travel Insurance. 

All of the One Trip plans, including the most basic plan, include trip interruption benefits and reimbursed cancelled flights. Many of them also include lost or damaged luggage benefits. The company provides plans that cover any medical emergency assistance and emergency medical coverage.

On many of the One Trip plans, you can also qualify for emergency medical coverage with a pre-existing medical condition if you meet the following conditions:

  • You purchased your plan within 14 days of making your first trip payment or first trip deposit.
  • You insured the full cost of your trip.
  • You are a U.S. resident.
  • You were medically able to travel on the day of you purchased the trip policy coverage.

The AllTrips designed for annual travel let you choose from trip insurance plans with trip cancellation coverage, lost or stolen luggage, and pre-existing medical coverage if you followed the policy guidelines outlined above.

Simple Claim Process

Filing travel claims through Allianz Travel Insurance is made easier with a system that allows the consumer to file a claim online. The company has a simple system set in place on its website that tells you what documentation you will need in order to be reimbursed.

Even if you do not have all of the required paperwork, you can start the claims process and add the paperwork later. After you have submitted the claim online, it typically takes 7-10 days for the company to review it and for you to receive a refund.

Kids Included Free on Certain Plans

On the OneTrip Prime and Premier plans, kids under 17 are covered for no additional fee if traveling with a parent or grandparent.

No Age Limit

Some travel insurers place an age limit on their services and do not offer an insurance policy for a senior citizen. Generally, the age cutoff is at age 65. 

Allianz, however, offers coverage no matter your age. This lack of an age limit makes an Allianz travel insurance policy stand out from competitor offerings and advantageous for older adults.

Convenient Mobile App

While other top travel insurance providers don't offer a mobile app, Allianz is one of the few that does. 

The TravelSmart mobile app offers tools to help keep track of your insurance policy, find local emergency services and medical providers, and gain access to customer service assistance hotline in case of emergency. 

The customer service hotline is available 24/7 to provide emergency assistance.

Helpful Refund Policy

Users have ten days from when the travel insurance plan is purchased to cancel for a refund, as long as the trip hasn't started yet.

Rental Car Damage Plan

Allianz offers a Rental Car Damage Protector plan for just $9 per day. This policy provides primary coverage for collision, loss, and damage up to $40,000.

Residents of New York and Texas must purchase the Rental Car Damage Protector as a separate policy.

The coverage does not cover foreign rental cars in these areas:

  • Israel
  • Jamaica
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Northern Ireland

Subscribers to the AllTrips plans have this coverage included as a part of their basic coverage.


The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • Lacking Add-Ons and CFAR Coverage
  • Minimal Customization
  • Adventure Coverage Exclusions
  • Limited Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Short Refund Policy

Limited Customer Insight

There are not many customer reviews on for Allianz Travel insurance. Although conclusions about customer satisfaction are not available, it's promising that the current reviews are mostly positive.

Lacking Add-Ons and CFAR Coverage

While many travel insurance providers offer add-ons or upgrades to existing standardized policies, these types of addendums aren't a big part of the Allianz plan structure.

Allianz Global does not offer Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage online. To get this type of coverage you need to talk to their customer service about your options. Typically with Allianz Travel, you only get a payout if your trip is canceled for a covered reason.

Minimal Customization

While Allianz Global offers several plans to choose from, users are tied into a tiered structure insurance policy without many add-ons or customizations available.

Adventure Coverage Exclusions

Allianz Travel Insurance offers adventure coverage; however, certain activities are excluded, such as skydiving, caving, skiing or snowboarding in areas outside marked trails, climbing sports, base jumping, etc.

Limited Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

Like all travel insurance providers, Allianz has a pre-existing medical conditions policy and a general exclusion for said conditions within the 120-day lookback period. A waiver is available, but for it to be valid, you have to buy your Allianz policy within 14 days of the first payment for your trip.

Short Refund Timeframe

While Allianz offers a refund policy, a couple of other travel insurance providers offer an even longer refund policy.


The Bottom Line

Allianz Travel is a great travel insurance choice if you are traveling with your children or grandchildren with the Prime and Premier plans. It's also a great option if you're over 65 years old.

With multiple plans available, most people will be able to find an option that best fits their needs. If you need coverage for extreme sports or a pre-existing condition, you will need to look for a different travel insurance company, and make sure that your exclusions are eligible, respectively.

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Eva Garner, NC

I always use Allianz for my travel insurance. I'm very satisfied with their service. Their representative responded to my claim in a timely manner and was very helpful and knowledgable. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Matt Green Birmingham, AL

It’s a terrible company to deal with, you have to do more work than should e necessary to file a claim, and you still probably won’t be reimbursed. Not worth the money or hassle, would give zero stars if possible.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Priscilla Butler Washington, NC

This is the most horrible experience I have had with travel insurance, we have provided documentation upon documentation, no results, not call back nothing, do not waste your money.

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star star star_border

Jamal Othman Rockwall, TX

Price was reasonable on international flights. They reimbursed me for cancelling due to a medical need.

3 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star_border

Lisa Houston, TX

Fine but too much paperwork done be careful of the indirect clauses bff cable of th

3 years ago