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LAST UPDATED: May 28th, 2023

Wesley Financial Group, LLC (WFG) is a timeshare exit company based in Franklin, Tennessee. Founded in 2011, WFG helps people that are experiencing financial stress caused by a timeshare obligation. It specializes in resolving timeshare issues caused by deceitful sales tactics. For example, WFG helps timeshare owners who feel like they have been lied to, misled, or pressured into a timeshare agreement.

Since its start in 2011, Wesley Financial Group from a team of just two — McDowell and his son — to hundreds. It operates two Tennessee offices, as well as one in Nevada.

Wesley Financial Group handles all phases of the cancellation process internally and boasts a 98% success rate. In 2019, the firm helped over 15,000 families cancel more than $50 million in timeshare mortgage debt and maintenance fees. To back up its claims of ongoing success, WFG regularly shares its latest timeshare debt elimination achievements on social media.

Read on for the pros and cons of choosing Wesley Financial to cancel your timeshare — or skip ahead to read Wesley Financial Group reviews from customers.


The Good

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Straightforward Timeshare Exit Process
  • Personalized Customer Care
  • Experienced Company Leadership
  • Timeshare Maintenance Fee Calculator

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Wesley Financial Group offers customers a money-back guarantee.

Once accepted as a client, you are covered by a money-back guarantee, which states that your timeshare will be terminated within the contractually agreed upon timeframe. The company's Service Agreement with each client determines with specificity the types of termination that will satisfy the guarantee.

If their timeshare ownership is not terminated during the contractually agreed upon timeframe, then WFG, upon written request from the client, will refund 100 percent of the fee that the client paid to Wesley Financial.

Straightforward Timeshare Exit Process

This timeshare exit company has a simple, transparent process, with four simple steps:

  1. First, a timeshare owner signs up for a free consultation.
  2. An Account Director is assigned to create a file and assist clients in having their account approved for guaranteed cancellation.
  3. Next, the Resolution Department will work around the clock to have the client's contract permanently terminated. Clients are assigned a single point of contact and will receive timely and regular updates from them on their account.
  4. The last step is clients being timeshare free. Once everything is sorted and the timeshare is canceled, clients will receive confirmation and can celebrate.

Personalized Customer Care

When you work with Wesley Financial Group, you are assigned a case manager to guide you throughout the process. No matter the industry, consumers appreciate having an actual person, whose name they know,  that is familiar with your situation to call or email, rather than just a hotline covered by all-purpose service agents. 


Highlight: Customers appreciate WFG's customer service throughout the process.

The timeshare exit process can take anywhere from months to years. When timing is unknown, it's helpful to have more than just a customer service hotline to call for help. WFG assigns service reps to each account. Customer reviews praise WFG's client support team and express satisfaction with the team's service.


Click on the links below to check out Wesley customer reviews mentioning the following:

Experienced Company Leadership

Wesley customers benefit from the company's expert leadership. Wesley Financial Group CEO Chuck McDowell is known as a pioneer of the timeshare advocacy industry. Born and raised in Tennessee, McDowell started his first company in 1982 and spent some time as a stockbroker. He later joined the insurance industry before becoming a sales representative for Wyndham Destinations — the world's most extensive vacation ownership and exchange company.

While working for Wyndham timeshare sales for less than a year, McDowell learned that the timeshare industry was not what he thought it was. He felt that the company encouraged deceitful tactics to get consumers to buy a timeshare. He left the industry to work for the opposing side, fighting for consumer rights. 


Highlight: CEO Chuck McDowell stood up to Wyndham, the biggest timeshare company in the world. 

Soon after leaving timeshare sales (and helping people get their money back), Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. filed a $5.9 million lawsuit against McDowell. Against the odds, McDowell withstood the suit and won. It took a jury less than 20 minutes to side with McDowell in Federal Court. 

To this day, McDowell continues to fight against timeshare fraud.

Timeshare Maintenance Fee Calculator

A timeshare obligation can quickly grow over time. The WFG website has a helpful calculator tool to help timeshare owners understand their growing maintenance fees.


The Bad

  • Prospective Client Vetting

Prospective Clients Vetting

Wesley Financial Group uses a thorough review process to vet prospective clients. Not everyone is accepted. Several factors determine the eligibility of each timeshare owner, including the following:

  • Which resort developer your timeshare agreement is with — WFG works to cancel timeshare contracts from over 300 timeshare companies and vacation ownership programs
  • What you were told during the timeshare sales pitch and signup process

Not everyone looking to get rid of an unwanted timeshare will be accepted as a client by this timeshare relief company. 


The Bottom Line

Chuck McDowell founded Wesley Financial Group to help people who feel like they were lied to, misled, or pressured into a timeshare purchase. The company takes great pride in assisting people and putting its customers and their financial goals first.

Those interested in getting rid of their timeshare can sign up for a free consultation. If accepted, Wesley Financial Group will do everything in its powers to cancel the timeshare contract. If for some reason, the company cannot deliver within the specified time period, the company offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

If you are still undecided, scroll down for verified Wesley Financial reviews from consumers. 

Have you worked with Wesley Financial Group to cancel your unwanted timeshare contract? Let us know about your experience with a quick review below.

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Wesley Financial Group

Wesley Financial Group, LLC (WFG), is a timeshare exit company based in Franklin, Tennessee. Founded in 2011, WFG helps people who have been lied to or misled during the timeshare sales process. WFG specializes in resolving timeshare issues created through deceitful sales tactics by assisting individuals in canceling their timeshares along with the debt associated with the timeshares.

Since starting in 2011, Wesley Financial Group has expanded from a father-son team (the McDowell family) and has transformed into a company with over 350 employees. It operates a Tennessee office and one in Nevada.

Wesley Financial Group handles all phases of the cancellation process internally and boasts a 98% success rate. In 2019, the firm eliminated more than $50 million in timeshare mortgage debt and maintenance fees and to date has helped over 15,000 families. WFG publishes regular press releases and posts weekly debt cancellation achievements on social media.

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Sueanne Senft New Oxford, PA

We had a really good experience with Wesley Financial Group. We were interested in getting rid of our timeshare. After several attempts with other companies and a few scams, Wesley was quite successful at helping us. They have a great support team and the process took less than a year to complete. They lead us through each step until we finally signed the closing papers to be rid of our timeshare once and for all. It was money well spent!

3 years ago

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Cedric Adams Suffolk, VA

We had a really good experience with Wesley Financial Group. We were interested in getting rid of our timeshare. After several attempts with other companies and a few scams, Wesley was quite successful at helping us. They have a great support team and the process took took little over a year to complete. They lead us through each step until we finally signed the closing papers to be rid of our timeshare once and for all. It was money well spent!

3 years ago

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Tammie Washington Atlanta, GA

We started with great skepticism, but ended up with our desired result in less than 3 months. It felt good knowing that we had the support and guidance of people who were willing to go the distance.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Monica Spencer Waterbury, CT

Wesley financial group help me to get out of my timeshare in as little as seven months. The process was explained to me step-by-step I appreciate their support and guidance through this process they were very considerate with my fears and anxiety and I’m so grateful to Wesley Financial Group. Thank you

3 years ago

star star star star star

Irina Glen Head, NY

The company staff very professional and helpful. Ms. G provided great support, and she was always responded to our concerns in a timely manner.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Kristy Grimaldo Purdon, TX

The company did exactly what they said they would do and that is help us get out of our timeshare that we were misled into purchasing. Our case manager was prompt in always answering any questions and letting us know what the next steps would be. After a little more than 6 months we have been liberated of our timeshare thanks to Wesleys support and knowledge.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Tammy Mitchell Las Vegas, NV

Wesley finance group made a believer out of my husband and I. We had a heavy burden that we had to drag around that was useless as in the timeshare that we bought in to. This awful burden has been lifted. The customer support was out of this world and first class thank you, thank you, thank you Jennifer G. You are the best. With highest regards the Mitchell's

3 years ago

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Judy H Shady Side, MD

We contacted WFG in the fall and are getting close to a resolution with Wyndham . This “ownership” has been such a financial burden, and now to be so close to ending it is such a relief! Tyniece has been a huge help and support to us ! She had been terrific! Our experience with Wyndham echos many of the ones I read about here and hear others talk about - incredible sales pressure , never enough points , buy more , then could never get the resorts we wanted . Same old story !! This has begun a very expensive lesson for us, and I sure wish we could prevent others from making the same mistake . We are so grateful that we found WFG ( from a tv commercial ) !! Thank you Wesley Group for helping us get out of this mess !!! We are close to the backstretch and will sure celebrate when it is all finally completed !!

3 years ago

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Gerald and Gail Pilger Hot Springs Village, AR

After being associated with DRI for 14 years, with ever increasing maintenance fees we decided that we had had enough. We have been unable to use our points for travel due to medical conditions. I am 79 years old and my wife is 72, and we, of course, live on a fixed income. We heard about WFG through a radio advertisement and a short time later saw an advertisement in a magazine. We inquired and received a call from WFG. We explained our situation and we were accepted as a client of WFG. After 6 months of Kelly W's going back and forth with DRI we received a letter DRI indicating "Notice of Default - Termination of Note." During this 6 month time our contact a WFG was Kelly W. We do not have words suitable to thank her enough for the guidance, understanding, and support that she provided. Every inquiry we presented was answered quickly and to our satisfaction. We were contacted by Kelly W. advising us of the progress in our time share issues, advising that everything was proceeding according to WFG's format. Kelly is a true jewel and WFG is blessed to have her on their staff as are her clients. Now that an enormous burden is being lifted from our lives we feel like we can continue with our lives, now that our children are protected from our mistakes. Once again we would like to thank WFG and Kelly W. for delivering what they indicated they could accomplish.

3 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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milton lockley Gaithersburg, MD

These are total and true professionals with absolute commitment to customer service care and mission! Deliver proof-positive results, based on experience, know-how and extensive client/custom interactions. In these times of uncertainty, unforeseen challenges and economic hard-times, we need a champion in our corner to ensure that our limited resources, for this by far was money well-spent! Compared to what I and others would spent in the long-term with a life with Wyndham. Thanks for your service in support of all the US armed service members on the global front-lines of freedom!

3 years ago

star star star star star

Misty Coleman Vidor, TX

What an amazing opportunity that we have had to work with Wesley, from the intake department to the credit recovery department, all the staff members have been helpful, honest, courteous, supportive and most of all encouraging!! They have helped us to keep pressing forward and to be excited for the steps that we've made through the journey to get away from our timeshare, from that anxiety and debt and lifelong obligation to something that we never would have joined had we understood all of the double talk that's involved in purchasing, upgrading and maintaining a timeshare. Meredith E especially was a great help to us and we are forever appreciative for all Wesley financial's hard work.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Paul Bracy East Bridgewater, MA

Our experience has been excellent! Daniel B. Helped us move through the process quickly and was supportive the entire time. His warm and supportive style kept me optimistic. We now entering the closing phase and we’re so pleased with the outcome. The Wesley Financial Group organization knows what they are doing to help those of us who made a decision we regretted and couldn’t find out how to get out from under it!

2 years ago

star star star star star

MChavers Manchester, CT

Wesley guided me through a very challenging process in a step -by-step manner by providing unlimited support including professionalism, courtesy, patience, and motivation.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Donald Patton Newark, DE

We have been extremely impressed with our decision to work with the WFG Team and specifically Makensi G to cancel our timeshare. Makensi was our resolution specialist who guided us through the process with timely communication, lots of patience, sympathy, excellent support, and a professional experience. We started out very nervous and excited but Makensi understood how to settle us down and provided needed comfort. We could not be more pleased and satisfied with our selection of the WFG. Thanks Makensi and Team...

2 years ago

star star star star star

Carlos Philadelphia, PA

Soon after signing a timeshare contract I realized it was the worse decision I had ever made. After some research I got in contact with Wesley Financial and immediately felt I was in good hands, I recovered peace of mind from that moment. Today I am happy to share that I got rid of the timeshare. Thanks a lot to everyone at Wesley Financial who took care of my case and huge shout-out to Makensi G for her support and professionalism, on every phone call or email she took time to fully explain each process and what to expect from the timeshare company. Thanks

2 years ago

star star star star star

Bj Terry Woodbridge, VA

OUTSTANDING support, guidance, professionalism and courtesy received from this company. Special mention to Rachel Fain that was always available for questions and concerns about the my rights on this stressful issue that has plagued me for years. I appreciated the candor and resources provided to me on a timely bases. Thank You! Great company to work with.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Gilbert M Laguatan Waipahu, HI

Resolution Specialist Mersiha of Wesley Financial Group, is OUTSTANDING and Excellent customer service support, explained the process and gave detail guidance from start to finish, very professional, communicating regularly by following up throughout the cancelation process. Their candor and resources took the stress issue (burden)away from me. Anyone trying to get out of their timeshare contract, WFG is a Great company willing to work for and with you. Thank you (much mahalo’s) to WFG personnel, your support.

2 years ago

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Rita Anderson Port Charlotte, FL

My experience with Westley Financial Group has been very professional providing outstanding service and support to assist me with my case. Each step of the process was explained in detail with patience. My representative was always willing to go the extra step to support me. All questions and concerns were responded to within 24 hours. I always felt that my case and concerns were extremely important. My representative made me feel that I was her most important client and responded to every question or concern with great empathy. So I would highly recommend Westley Financial Services.

2 years ago

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David Drake Ocala, FL

The Wesley Financial Group gave us the help we needed to get out of our timeshare nightmare. Thanks Kelsey for the support

1 year ago

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Stephanie Raker Oroville, CA

Wesley Financial... This is for sure a company that is driven by the owner with The Good Lord above providing the GPS. I, honestly, did not believe in the ability to have this mess of a timeshare cancelled. I figured at the point we hired them that we had nothing to lose other than continued monthly payments to "them" and/or horrible marks on our credit. I sit here with tears in my eyes because I am so full of gratitude. Every single step of the way, we were kept informed and with each passing day our confidence with this company grew. We had the most supportive staff and I am thankful to each and everyone of you, especially A*****. I am proud to say that I just printed our letter stating that our timeshare has been cancelled. My advice to those considering hiring WFS is that it was money well spent and be patient because it doesn't happen overnight. I wish you all the best and again to Wesley Financial, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you very much and wish nothing but the best for you all! Royce and Stephanie R.

10 months ago

star star star star star

Denise Richards South Charleston, WV

As with others who get caught up into the trap of a timeshare the nightmare began for me immediately. I was given a certificate for a week's vacation for $200.00 or so they wanted me to believe then for the next 5 months the battle was on with a third party company that the timeshare hooked me up with but refused to help me resolve the issue, which was that week turn out to be more than $200.00. After that it was one deceitfulness after another until I had enough all within the first year of owning the timeshare. I researched ways to get out and found Wesley Financial Group and the help I received from them, mostly my support guy Bryan "Alex" W was excellent. I explained to him everything and he assured me he would help me out of my situation but it would take time. He was up front with me and never left me feeling like I couldn't trust him unlike like the timeshare company. He was such positive support especially when I would feel overwhelmed with it all at times. But Alex, within a year got me out of that horrible nightmare and I am truly blessed that he was on my side. He is an amazing man who throughout the process was very professional and made you feel like family. I hope WFG knows how lucky they are to have such an employee in there company representing them. Thank you Alex for your hard work and dedication you are my hero!!!

7 months ago