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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Timeshare Defense Attorneys offers timeshare cancellation services to clients looking to terminate a timeshare contract after the cancellation period has expired. Attorneys will analyze each case independently to determine what work, if any, can be done on behalf of the client.

Clients who try selling their timeshare or canceling it are often met with hostility. The team at Timeshare Defense Attorneys, including attorneys, client service specialists, onboarding specialists, and exit consultants, works together to help move clients’ cases along until they are completely resolved. 

Services provided by the Timeshare Defense Attorneys have been featured in several media outlets including Fox, Digital Journal, NBC, Newsmax, MarketWatch, CBS, and ABC. The firm is partnered or a member of the following groups and organizations: State Bar of Arizona, Nevada Justice Association, Vegas Legal Magazine, State Bar of Nevada, Marquis Who’s Who, Legal Elite. 

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The Good

  • Straightforward Legal Process
  • Legal Action Specifics
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Mortgage Cases
  • Timeshares Outside of the United States

Straightforward Legal Process

With a comprehensive and specialized team, Timeshare Defense Attorneys has been able to streamline the cancelation process. Clients who use the firm can expect the following:

  • Case Assessment — Prospective clients will meet with an exit consultant to go over the timeshare situation. 
  • Documentation — The client will provide the exit consultant with pertinent documentation to undergo review.
  • Case Proposal — The Timeshare Defense Attorneys team will review the entire case and will present the prospective client with a proposal to move forward or decline the case. 
  • Case Officially Opened — A client service manager will then communicate directly with the client to ensure that all documents are received and provide any additional context. 
  • Legal Team Assigned — The attorney is then assigned to the client and will diligently work to get the timeshare contract terminated. 

Legal Action Specifics

Many timeshare cancellation firms are vague when it comes to specifics regarding timeliness and costs. While Timeshare Defense Attorneys cannot necessarily promise an exact dollar amount across the board, the firm promises that the cost to have the timeshare terminated will be less than owed maintenance fees by the client. Additionally, the Timeshare Defense Attorneys get most cases resolved within 3 to 36 months of taking on the case which is impressive work in this industry. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Timeshare Defense Attorneys offer a 100 percent guarantee to clients. Since the firm charges a one-time, flat fee payment for cases, it will not stop working on a case until it is completely resolved. On top of that, the firm will continue this work without asking for additional payment. If the firm is ultimately unable to get the contract canceled, clients may be entitled to a refund. 

Mortgage Cases

While the presence of a mortgage clause may make the process of getting the timeshare canceled more tedious and time consuming, Timeshare Defense Attorneys will not turn away clients simply because a mortgage is involved. 

Timeshares Outside of the United States

Timeshares are not only offered domestically, but internationally as well. Some timeshare cancellation providers will only handle cases when the timeshare is located in the United States. That is not the case with the Timeshare Defense Attorneys. While most of the firm’s clients do own timeshares in the country, Timeshare Defense Attorneys have successfully completed the cancellation process with resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. Timeshare Defense Attorneys have affiliated legal professionals in other countries that can work alongside the firm to successfully terminate certain timeshare contracts. 


The Bad

  • Young Firm
  • No Timeshare Use During Process

Young Firm

While the Timeshare Defense Attorneys have decades of combined experience, the firm itself is still relatively new to the industry. Founded in 2019, the Timeshare Defense Attorneys have quickly assembled an experienced and efficient team. But while there may be individual experience, the firm as a whole is still working on refining its service for its clients. Other firms have been in the industry for decades, which makes the Timeshare Defense Attorneys the “new guy” in the space.  

No Timeshare Use During Process

During the cancellation process with the Timeshare Defense Attorneys, clients are typically unable to use the timeshare. This is due to a number of reasons, but it is generally not advised to use the timeshare while trying to terminate a contract. In some rare cases, clients are able to arrange use of the timeshare, but it is not common. 


The Bottom Line

Timeshare Defense Attorneys offer a high quality and manageable timeshare cancellation service to clients looking to terminate a timeshare contract. The team at Timeshare Defense Attorneys has streamlined an effective process to help clients get desired results in a relatively timely manner. Cases are not closed out until the client is satisfied with the end results. Clients who have a mortgage payment involved in the timeshare agreement can turn to Timeshare Defense Attorneys for help. Also, clients that have purchased timeshares in some other countries can use the firm to help with contract cancellation. 

While there are a number of reasons a prospective client would want to enlist the help of the Timeshare Defense Attorneys, there are some limitations to be aware of. First of all, the firm is relatively new to the industry compared to other firms in the same practice area. Also, clients generally are not allowed to use their timeshare as they undergo the cancellation process. 

Considering all contributing factors, clients in need of timeshare cancellation services would be wise to consider the Timeshare Defense Attorneys for help. The team offers a proven service and will not close out a case until it is resolved to the client’s satisfaction. 

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