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LAST UPDATED: July 16th, 2020

Founded in 2003, Newton Group Transfers (NGT) is a timeshare exit company with offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Chandler, Arizona. Originally a software and sales support business, Newton Group started in the timeshare industry providing CRM software for timeshare recapture companies. Then, it started using its innovative software — which details every aspect of the timeshare transfer process — to start providing its own timeshare cancellation services to consumers.

Newton Group Transfers helps consumers who are looking to end their timeshare ownership, whether they are no longer able to afford it, having trouble selling it, or just aren't able to use it anymore. 

Keep reading our Newton Group Transfers review for pros and cons of working with this timeshare exit team. 

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The Good

  • Financial Commitment Guarantee
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Multiple Exit Solutions
  • Timeshare Exit Scam Info
  • Free Timeshare Exit Guide

Financial Commitment Guarantee

Newton Group Transfers guarantees that once someone becomes a client, they will not pay any more money — to Newton Group Transfers or the resort. NGT takes over financial responsibility for each client's timeshare obligation until ownership is out of their name, for both timeshare transfer exits and those that require a timeshare attorney.

It can take months for the process to be complete. If you have monthly fees, should you continue to pay them? What if your annual maintenance fee is coming up next month?

This financial policy means that while the legal process is not complete, Newton Group will pay any timeshare fees that come up in the meantime.

What if your case needs an attorney? Newton Group will hire the outside attorney to represent you, at a flat fee, all covered by the financial guarantee.

Money-Back Guarantee

What happens if Newton Group is unable to end your contract?

In that event, customers are still covered by another guarantee. If Newton Group can't provide the agreed-upon solution, clients get their service fee (to Newton) refunded, less any property taxes, special assessments, or maintenance fees paid to the resort on your behalf.

If an attorney is needed for your case, and fails to provide a settlement agreement or exit solution, your full payment will be refunded. That means that even a lawyer's services will be covered by a money-back guarantee.

Multiple Exit Solutions

Newton Group offers two different exit routes for consumers looking to end their unwanted timeshare: Timeshare Transfer Exit and Timeshare Attorney Exit.

A timeshare transfer exit is faster and less expensive, but it won't work for every timeshare owner, especially if you have a current mortgage on your timeshare.


Highlight: Newton Group facilitates timeshare attorney services.  

NGT is not a law firm. However, if your case requires an attorney, rather than having in-house attorneys represent you, Newton Group will hire an experienced attorney to individually represent you. This service includes a flat-fee guarantee, which helps guard against potentially exorbitant hourly legal fees.

Timeshare Exit Scam Info

Newton Group Transfers has more than a decade's experience in the timeshare exit industry — and that includes experience with common timeshare exit scams.

To help prevent people from losing even more money trying to get out of a timeshare agreement that’s not right for them, Newton Group Transfers advises consumers to avoid the following situations:

  • Working with an exit company that requires you to wire transfer your fee outside of the United States
  • A company that tells you that they have a buyer and are asking you to come up with closing costs or put money in escrow for the transaction
  • Companies that advise the owner to donate your timeshare for a tax deduction
  • Companies or websites that charge hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars just to help you list your timeshare for sale
  • An advocacy group that emphasizes that they have “attorneys on staff”
  • A company that is promising you a quick timeshare exit

Free Timeshare Exit Guide

Newton Group Transfers offers a free ebook called “Consumer's Guide to Timeshare Exit.” The guide includes advice from Gordon Newton, founder and president of Newton Group Transfers, on topics such as:

  • Options and issues with selling your timeshare contract
  • Why the secondary resale market is biased toward the timeshare company
  • Finding the right timeshare exit team, whether you go with Newton Group or not
  • When and why a timeshare exit attorney is needed
  • Help to understand high-risk timeshare exit strategies
  • Approaching exit strategies with caution
  • Timeshare exit scam red flags to watch for

This comprehensive ebook is designed to educate consumers looking for a company to help them end an unwanted timeshare contract. It even includes a helpful checklist to help vet Newton or any timeshare exit company that you are researching.

To view the timeshare exit guide, site visitors will have to enter their name and email address. Current timeshare owners may put in their phone number if they’re interested in having someone from the company contact them, but this is optional.


The Bad

  • Contact for Cost

Contact for Cost

Due to the complicated nature of the industry, and the exit or transfer process, it is uncommon to find exact pricing information on a company’s website — Newton Group Transfers is no different. The company does not disclose any information about pricing, fees, or additional costs. 

Consumers will have to contact the company directly for a free consultation to get an idea of the program cost, based on the specifics of their situation.


The Bottom Line

Newton Group Transfers provides both attorney-based timeshare exit and timeshare transfer services. It's not a listing company that you pay to put your timeshare property on the resale market. 

Although site visitors won’t be able to find out any pricing information from the NGT website, the exit company aims to provide each customer with quality, individualized service. Newton Group even offers a helpful consumer guide for people that are trying to understand why ending timeshare ownership is so complex. 

Have you worked with Newton Group Transfers to cancel a timeshare agreement? How was your experience? Would you recommend this company's services to a friend? Let us know with a quick review below. 

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