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LAST UPDATED: June 3rd, 2020

Karen and Bryan Holloway have worked in the timeshare advocacy industry for over a decade. In 2012, they founded Lonestar Transfer as a way to help people on a larger scale. With offices in Rockwall, Texas, and Murrieta, California, Lonestar Transfer is a family-owned business that is dedicated to assisting people in getting out of the lifetime liability of timeshare ownership. This timeshare exit company has helped more than 9,000 satisfied clients since its start.

Keep reading for pros and cons of working with Lonestar Transfer to help end your timeshare obligation. 

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The Good

  • Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation
  • Timeshare Title Transfer Service
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation

Lonestar Transfer offers two main services, based on the type of timeshare contract: helping timeshare owners with title transfer and timeshare mortgage cancellation.

The Mortgage Cancellation program works best for timeshare owners who missed the rescission period — a period of 5–15 days, depending on state law, after purchase wherein an owner may legally rescind the contract.

The timeshare mortgage cancellation program is specially designed to help people who currently have a mortgage on their timeshare property. If the mortgage is paid off, property or share owners would not qualify for the program but could be a good fit for the timeshare cancellation service, as referred to as the Timeshare Title Transfer program.

Timeshare Title Transfer Service

Lonestar Transfer’s Timeshare Transfer program provides all of the following services:

  • Free private consultation with no obligation to see if you are a good candidate
  • Assistance in stopping all liability of an unwanted timeshare contract
  • Help in preventing all liability of a vacation club contract
  • Support in eliminating all annual fees, maintenance fees, and special assessments forever
  • Timeshare exit solutions that come with a written guarantee
  • Peace of mind knowing that future generations won’t be saddled with any obligations to the timeshare company

Money-Back Guarantee

Just like most other transfer companies, Lonestar offers a 100% money-back guarantee for its services, to help defray some of the financial stress consumers encounter when trying to cancel their contract with a timeshare company.

However, to learn more about the guarantee, you do have to contact customer service for a free consultation. The terms and conditions of this guarantee are not available online.


The Bad

  • Vague Website

Vague Website

When compared to other timeshare cancellation sites, Lonestar Transfer provides limited information online. While there is some information about the Timeshare Transfer program, it would be useful to know the exact process one might go through. And there is even less information about the Mortgage Cancellation program.

It would be helpful for Lonestar Transfer to include the following:

  • A breakdown of the entire process
  • Details about the company's fee structure and payment timing — whether an upfront fee is required
  • Whether clients are assigned a representative who will keep them informed throughout the whole process
  • Any resort or timeshare developer restrictions

Furthermore, Lonestar Transfer’s blog only has a few articles and the most recent one was written in 2018. While this is probably not a major concern, it does put into question the accuracy of the rest of the website. State laws are constantly changing and consumers should be able to trust that a website has the most accurate information regarding any new requirements. While the company’s blog isn’t a surefire way to see when the site was last updated, interested consumers should call the company for the most up-to-date information.


The Bottom Line

A family-owned and operated business, Karen and Bryan Holloway founded Lonestar Transfer in 2012 to help relieve people of the financial burden that often comes with owning a timeshare. This exit company offers two services, Mortgage and Contract Timeshare Cancellation and Timeshare Transfer. Additionally, the transfer company offers free consultations, as well as timeshare exit solutions that come with a written guarantee.

Have you used this company's services to end your unwanted timeshare commitments? Let us know about your experience with a quick review of your experience with Lonestar Transfer below. 

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