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LAST UPDATED: August 16th, 2023

Based in Irvine, California, Leave Timeshare is a growing timeshare cancellation company helping people exit their timeshare contracts since 2018. 

Leave Timeshare stands out as an industry advocate for fair play and transparency, challenging the increasingly predatory sales tactics within the timeshare landscape. The company was born out of a genuine concern for the rights and well-being of timeshare owners who have fallen victim to deceptive practices. Rather than being "timeshare haters," Leave Timeshare is comprised of experts who aim to restore honesty, transparency, and genuine value to the industry.

The company's approach is centered on documented evidence of deceit or manipulation during the sales process, which is used to build a case for honesty and transparency. Leave Timeshare offers solutions to those burdened by unfair sales practices or misrepresentations. Their mission is to provide a seamless resolution process with a personalized, "you-first" approach, supported by independent attorneys with expertise in timeshare law.

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The Good

  • Trusted Consumer Advocate
  • Low-Pressure Sales Tactics

Trusted Consumer Advocate

  • Advocacy and Ethics — Leave Timeshare's commitment to ethical business practices and its advocacy for a positive timeshare experience make it a standout in the industry.
  • Documented Evidence — The company's emphasis on requiring documented evidence of deceit sets a high standard for pursuing cases and legitimizes their mission.
  • Personalized Approach — Collaborating with independent attorneys ensures tailored guidance and support, addressing the unique circumstances of each client.
  • Transparent Process — Leave Timeshare offers a clear, step-by-step process to exit timeshare contracts, alleviating the frustrations associated with ownership.
  • Track Record — The company's success in legally and permanently resolving timeshare contracts adds credibility to their services.

Low-Pressure Sales Tactics

Leave Timeshare goes beyond the typical timeshare cancellation company by presenting itself as an advocate and enforcer of ethical practices in the industry. While many timeshare cancellation companies focus solely on relieving clients of their timeshare obligations, Leave Timeshare emphasizes a broader mission of restoring transparency and fair play.

Unlike some typical timeshare cancellation companies that might use high-pressure sales tactics or demand upfront fees, Leave Timeshare takes a consultative and empathetic approach. The requirement for documented evidence sets a higher bar for engagement, signaling their dedication to addressing genuine cases of deception.

Leave Timeshare's collaboration with experienced attorneys and the emphasis on a personalized exit strategy distinguishes it from companies that might provide a more standardized process without legal expertise.


The Bad

  • No Verified Reviews

No Verified Reviews

As of August 2023, Leave Timeshare has no verified reviews, and limited online reviews with trusted platforms like Google. Verified reviews play a crucial role in establishing trust among potential clients by providing authentic insights into a company's services and customer satisfaction.

Without reviews, individuals may struggle to assess the company's legitimacy and make informed decisions. Verified reviews offer transparency, authenticity, and the opportunity for improvement, contributing to a strong online reputation and competitive advantage in the industry.


The Bottom Line

Leave Timeshare stands as an innovative and principled player in the timeshare cancellation industry, aiming not only to liberate clients from burdensome contracts but also to drive positive change within the industry itself.

The company's emphasis on documented evidence, collaboration with legal experts, and dedication to ethical business practices make it a noteworthy choice for those seeking relief from timeshare obligations.

The lack of verified reviews can make properly assessing the company difficult. We encourage readers to obtain a consultation from Leave Timeshare, and compare its services to industry leaders.

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