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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Consumer Consulting Group is a consumer defense and recovery firm specializing in timeshare exits based in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2018, it provides relief for customers that are experiencing financial stress caused by a timeshare obligation.

Consumer Consulting Group handles all phases of the timeshare cancellation process, helps with credit problems that have come from the timeshare obligation, and is known for taking care of business in a timely fashion. It follows an aggressive, proven strategy. Consumer Consulting Group is licensed, bonded, and insured. 

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The Good

  • Positive Online Reviews
  • Online Client Portal 
  • Financing Program
  • Customer Education

Positive Online Reviews

Many past clients have taken the time to write good reviews about Consumer Consulting Group. Past customers report very quick results as soon as the case is open and are appreciative of the quick action taken to relieve the burden of trying to get out of a timeshare. 

Online Client Portal

Consumer Consulting Group is aware that clients usually come to them in a state of stress. To help reduce the continued stress, clients can log in to an online client portal to see the progress being made on their behalf. The portal gives customers the accessibility to direct message a team member at any time. This portal also shows clients credit monitoring which is a helpful tool to track and bring awareness to credit issues.  

Financing Program

Consumer Consulting Group knows many of its clients are not able to pay for its services upfront and offers a financing option based on individual circumstances.  

Customer Education 

Consumer Consulting Group is passionate about financial education. The company's website offers articles and a book download to give potential customers insight and some financial wisdom. 


The Bad

  • Client Vetting
  • Constant Pop-Ups

Client Vetting

Consumer Consulting Group does not accept every timeshare owner who contacts the the company. Its program has strict guidelines and criteria that will determine if it takes on your case. Consumer Consulting Group does not want to waste a customer’s time or its own and will only accept clients it knows it can help. Which timeshare developer owns the agreement and what was told to a client when the sale occurred will factor into if Consumer Consulting Group will offer its services. 

Constant Pop-Ups

Consumer Consulting Group’s website has pop-ups constantly coming up for potential customers to connect live with an expert advisor. For some just wanting to learn about what the company offers, this could be unnerving and at the least annoying. 


The Bottom Line

Consumer Consulting Group has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and takes pride in its mission to serve those in need. It has a proven, aggressive strategy that shows results. Although the company is young, its owner’s experience and history in the financial industry make us comfortable with recommending this company. 

Those interested in getting out of a timeshare can sign up for a free consultation to give an advisor a better understanding of your situation and to see if your case would be a fit for Consumer Consulting Group’s services. 

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