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LAST UPDATED: September 25th, 2023

Everydae is revolutionizing the college preparation and education industry through an affordable and innovative college admissions standardized test preparation methodology. After surveying students and finding that the average high school student spends four to six hours per night on homework, Everydae sought to develop methodology that would not add additional stress on teenagers and contribute to unhealthy schedules or burnout. Through daily 10-minute game-like micro challenges, Everydae created an effective SAT curriculum that is affordable, adaptive, and personalized.

Everydae was created by a team of educational technology and big data Harvard and MIT graduates. The Everydae team has been in the education industry for more than 17 years and has 20,000 cumulative hours of teaching, tutoring, and curriculum development experience. Over their careers, they’ve helped over 100,000 families get into the school of their dreams. The founders also previously worked at Veritas Prep that was sold to Varsity Tutors in 2018.

Everydae is backed by leadership with extensive experience. CEO Christine Outram is an MIT graduate, inventor, and award-winning designer. She was named a Top 100 IOT thinker and one of the 36 most creative women by Business Insider. She is best known for inventing the electric bike, The Copenhagen Wheel, a TIME Magazine Best Invention. Before becoming CEO at Everydae, she was previously the Chief Product Officer at Veritas Prep that created the adaptive learning platform ORION. 

Cofounder Chad Troutwine has an MPA from Harvard University, an MBA from Yale University, and a JD (Juris Doctor, law) from University Columbia-Missouri. Prior to Everydae, he co-founded Veritas Prep, where he served as CEO; Codesmith, an immersive coding academy; and Spectrum Station, a network of preschools.


The Good

  • Innovative Methodologies
  • Proprietary Readiness Score
  • Cost Effective SAT Preparation
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Free Online Proctored Practice Tests
  • Score Improvement Guarantee
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Innovative Methodologies

To create its curriculum, Everydae started by analyzing not only what concepts were on the SAT, but also how much studying or mastering of various concepts would help a student’s test score. Everydae’s curriculum developers printed out every released SAT exam and then cut out every test question. After sorting questions based on skills, the curriculum developers discovered that test taking strategies taught by other SAT preparation companies were becoming less applicable with new tests and topics deemed as unimportant were actually going to more efficiently raise test scores.

Popular college standardized test preparation companies, such as Kaplan, generally operate through sessions that are strictly scheduled once a week with no accountability outside of sessions. Everydae follows academic research that confirms small, daily practice is more effective than cramming. Through daily 10-minute game-like challenges and innovative methodologies, Everydae created an SAT preparation curriculum that is adaptive, personalized, and has everyday accountability. These methodologies include:

  • Microactive Engagements — Knowing that students already have tight schedules and limited time for studying, Everydae created daily 10-minute study sessions through game-like challenges making consistent studying more feasible and thus effective.
  • Spaced Repetition — To increase the rate of learning, concepts are brought back at varying intervals.
  • Retrieval Practice — Students are tested regularly to measure retention of concepts and materials.
  • Productive Struggle — The content is personalized so that it is challenging, but not so challenging that students become overly discouraged and quit.
  • Assessment and Adaptivity — A student’s performance is analyzed, and the content is adapted to increase progress, repetition, and retention.
  • Learn by Doing — To build transference and increase retention, students attempt problems first and then have help available through video lessons if needed.
  • Growth Mindset — By instilling the idea that ability is earned, not given, Everydae builds resilience in students.
  • Reward Inputs and Outputs — Everydae rewards effort as well as results to increase confidence and a desire to learn. Students earn coins as they study that can be converted to gift cards.

Proprietary Readiness Score

Everydae’s proprietary Readiness Score contributes to its innovative test preparation methodology. The Readiness Score estimates how prepared students are to reach their SAT goals through three criteria: the importance of each skill on the SAT, the student’s performance on each of these skills, and the student’s goal score. 

The relative importance of each skill on the SAT is an important aspect of the Readiness Score because some skills will have more of an effect on a student’s score than others. Accuracy, or performance on each of these skills, is important because if students are not answering questions correctly during practice, they won’t be answered correctly on test day either. 

The student’s goal score is an additional important consideration as to how prepared a student is for the SAT. A higher SAT score goal will require more mastery of skills than a lower SAT score goal. The Readiness Score may track a student’s learning more effectively than practice tests and give students confidence on test day.

Cost Effective SAT Preparation

The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions; however, only about 15 percent of families can hire test preparation tutors. Personal SAT tutors average hourly price costs can range from $45 to $100 per hour, but this can vary greatly by region or zip code. In-person courses by test preparation companies can range from $500 to $1800. Everydae aims to close this achievement disparity by providing its digital tutor at a price families can afford. Its pricing plans are cost effective with pricing at $39 per month and a $179 lifetime access option. 

Everydae is committed to providing all families access to tools, courses, and supplemental education that will help their children succeed. Students from a Title 1 school and/or are on a free or reduced lunch program can receive a discount for Everydae’s SAT test preparation. To receive the discount, eligible students simply need to contact the company through the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page.

In addition to affordable SAT test preparation, Everydae also offers free college and career resources for parents and educators throughout the United States. These free resources include grade guides to help students stay on track, student growth plans for each year of high school, and a 30-day enrichment program that motivates teenagers to discover their passion in life.

Personal Dashboard

Unlike other SAT preparation courses, students’ progress and performance can be tracked through a personal dashboard that sends weekly updates. This dashboard enables students and parents to monitor progress continuously rather than at intervals through initial and subsequent practice tests like other SAT preparation course companies. 
The dashboard also highlights how many challenges are left in a mission, questions that were missed so they can be reviewed, the Everydae Readiness Score, a graph indicating how many challenges have been completed in a week, coins earned, and a countdown of days until the official test date.

Free Online Proctored Practice Tests

Taking practice tests is an important aspect of studying for the SAT. The SAT is a three-hour test, and for many students, this will be the longest exam they have taken. Even though the SAT is three hours long, students may face timing issues on the test. Timing issues are not identifiable or fixable without taking SAT practice tests.

Every two weeks, Everydae runs a free online proctored SAT practice test to help students prepare for the exam. Unlike other test preparation companies, students do not need to be a paying customer to take a practice test through Everydae. The practice tests are conducted through Zoom conducted by a SAT practice test proctor to mimic the real exam. Students will receive their score and a breakdown of weaknesses and strengths with subscore advice.

Score Improvement Guarantee 

Similar to popular standardized test preparation companies, Everydae has a score improvement guarantee. If a student’s score does not improve after using Everydae, the cost of the program can be refunded. To qualify for the score improvement guarantee, students must submit an official score before signing up, have a paid account for three months, complete every challenge, and submit a second official score within 90 days of the test date.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Everydae is unique in the test preparation industry in that, in addition to its score improvement guarantee, it offers a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. Everydae also offers a $1 for 7 days pricing at initial sign-up.

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The Bad

  •  No On-Site Classes or In-Person Tutoring
  • No ACT Prep Courses

 No On-Site Classes or In-Person Tutoring

Everydae prides itself on being an all-online learning system. With the exception of a live chat feature, the company does not offer any additional human instruction. This may present a problem for students who are not self-starters or who lack motivation. If you are motivated by working in a quiet designated environment or prefer in-person tutoring you may want to consider an alternative solution such as a class or tutoring. 

No ACT Prep Courses

Everydae specializes in the SAT and a handful of other high school subjects including Biology, Algebra, AP US History, and Chemistry. This specialization may make it desirable for customers seeking courses for these tests/subjects; however, customers who are preparing for any other test (for example the ACT) will have to find another company to work with. 


The Bottom Line

What makes Everydae unique compared to other college admissions test preparation companies is its innovative methodology. The program offers accountability through daily 10-minute study sessions and tracks growth through a personal dashboard and its proprietary Readiness Score.

These features would be advantageous for busy students needing consistent study, students looking for additional ways to track progress and SAT readiness outside of practice tests, and students looking to create healthy study habits. We also recommend Everydae for students needing additional advice or information on college readiness as it includes over 100 life skill boosters throughout the preparation course.

For parents who are looking to prepare their child for the SAT exam but need more affordable options, we recommend Everydae as the company is committed to providing preparation resources for every student regardless of financial circumstance through its affordable pricing and discounts when applicable.

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