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LAST UPDATED: October 16th, 2021

Luelli is a teeth whitening company that specializes in at-home treatments that are easy to do and provide results quickly. The company provides LED whitening trays and two whitening gels, one with 35 percent carbamide peroxide and another as a desensitizing gel, in its teeth whitening kit. 

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The Good

  • 10-Minute Treatment
  • Low-Sensitivity Products
  • Results After First Application

10-Minute Treatment

Luelli’s teeth whitening treatment consists of LED whitening trays with carbamide peroxide gel. The company claims that using the whitening tray for 10 minutes each day will lead to whiter teeth, even after the first use.

Luelli’s whitening trays are FDA grade and BPA free and come with a 10-minute timer built-in, meaning you don’t have to remember to set a timer on your treatment. This light, combined with teeth whitening gel, works as a tooth stain removal kit.

Low-Sensitivity Products

Luelli’s whitening gel is made with carbamide peroxide, which can cause sensitive teeth in some patients. To avoid this, Luelli provides a desensitizing gel with every whitening kit. 

The company claims that customers can use this desensitizing gel in place of the regular gel for all of the whitening without any sensitivity side effects. 

If this is true, it’s great that the company provides a gel to relieve sensitive teeth, but it seems like Luelli could have made all of its whitening gel sensitivity-free instead of providing a gel that could cause teeth to be sensitive during the whitening process.

Results After First Application

In addition to the LED mouth tray and whitening gels, Luelli also provides a user manual with a teeth shade guide. This guide can be useful in seeing how white your teeth are actually getting during treatment. The company claims that after just one 10-minute treatment you should see results.


The Bad

  • Lack of Company Information

Lack of Company Information

Luelli is a relatively new teeth whitening company and it lacks company information on its website. Other teeth whitening companies provide information about their manufacturing facilities, time in business, and primary locations, but Luelli’s website lacks this information. 

The only company information Luelli provides is that its products are made in FDA-registered facilities.


The Bottom Line

Luelli seeks to provide an at-home teeth whitening solution that is easy to use and provides fast results. That being said, the company doesn’t have a lot of information about it on its website. 

Luelli claims its whitening trays are FDA approved and BPA free, and they also come with a timer built-in so that customers can time their 10-minute treatment from the mouth tray itself. 

When it comes to results, customers should see that their teeth are whiter after just one treatment. Luelli’s whitening gel works fast on teeth, but may cause sensitivity in some customers. 

For that reason the company provides a desensitizing gel to alleviate symptoms and whiten at the same time, but if that’s the case, then it seems like the company should offer the desensitizing gel as its whitening product so that all side effects of tooth sensitivity could be avoided.

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Janmarbol District Heights, MD

Bought a product of theirs on Amazon. Went to their page, bought a different one because I got the one from Amazon quickly. Paid extra for shipping. I was supposed to get it several days ago. It shows that I paid but "unfulfilled". Tracker SHOP says I do not have an order under my email. The order doesn't exist. Luelli does NOT answer emails, facebook posts, facebook messages, nothing! The page contains a GMAIL account and another account under luelli. Neither of them answer. They took my money and ran. BUYER BEWARE!

1 year ago