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LAST UPDATED: August 14th, 2020

Founded by David Tao, glowup has been whitening teeth since April 2019. Tao was fed up with teeth whitening technology that resulted in unbearable pain for sensitive teeth. He also didn’t like how teeth whitening kits and in-office professional whitening had become so expensive. The Dollar Shave Club inspired him to utilize similar concepts and create a new teeth whitening technology that was not only more affordable, but also easier to use and less painful for sensitive teeth. glowup wants to provide users with a better, pain-free teeth whitening experience.

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The Good

  • Quiz for Recommended Results
  • Affordable
  • Gentle, Pain-Free Whitening

Quiz for Recommended Results

glowup starts with having interested customers take a quiz to see what type of whitening agent you need in your kit to see quick results. The quiz asks about your daily brushing and flossing habits, as well as your daily intake of staining agents that affect surface enamel like coffee, wine, and other substances. It will also ask about your level of teeth sensitivity to ensure the correct agent for a painless, whitening experience.


Most teeth whitening technologies are expensive. You pay lots of money for in-office professional whitening or you pay for teeth whitening strips, charcoal, LED light, and even gels. Sometimes you won’t even notice results for longer periods of time. With glowup, you can order a kit for $60 which lasts for the month. Or, you can sign up for the Bundle Subscription which consists of a $30 first-month payment plus $10 per month until you cancel. The kit comes with a bi-monthly refill of gel in which you apply everyday for 16 minutes to see results!

Gentle, Pain-Free Whitening

glowup provides the most effective measure to protect sensitive teeth. Use the gel to paint over each tooth, and then simply plug in the LED light to your phone and hold it up to your teeth for 16 minutes. This easy process whitens teeth without any strip pulling or pain.

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The Bad

  • Potential Order Issues
  • Bad Taste
  • Mouthpiece Discomfort

Potential Order Issues

glowup has had some order issues, leaving customers wondering where their products are. However, the customer support team was in contact throughout the whole process and worked with customers on getting their orders in and fixed.

Bad Taste

Some customers complained that the gel and the mouthpiece tasted bad. This made it difficult to try to sit for 16 minutes with the teeth whitening agents in their mouth.

Mouthpiece Discomfort

A few customers also complained about the mouthpiece being uncomfortable. The LED Light technology in the mouthpiece makes for a bulky product which can stretch the cheeks and mouth, causing discomfort after 16 minutes of daily use.


The Bottom Line

glowup is a great teeth whitening kit to use for those who need an affordable, trustworthy, and tooth sensitive option. glowup provides fast and effective customer service in which customers can ask questions and get their orders in on time. The company offers discount codes to help make teeth whitening an option for potential customers with all kinds of budgets. The teeth whitening agents are safe to use on sensitive  teeth.

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Trey Farner Norcross, GA

My teeth were yellow especially after I wore braces, so I needed something to make them white again. After finding glowup, I have never had yellow teeth since, my teeth do not even get sensitive after using it.

4 years ago