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LAST UPDATED: June 21st, 2022

Omni Financial has an impressive track record in the industry. The company has served over 35,000 clients and has handled millions of dollars worth of tax debt.

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The company's staff of over 150 tax professionals have been recognized by industry standard organizations for their honest and ethical business practices. Its tax attorneys will negotiate on behalf of their clients with the Internal Revenue Service.

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The Good

  • Assistance with Many Tax Issues
  • NATP and NAEA Member
  • Certified Staff
  • Available in All 50 States
  • Veteran in the Industry

Assistance with Many Tax Issues

There is a wide spectrum of tax issues that Omni Financial can help with. Omni Financial's staff is able to help consumers resolve tax penalties, levies, wage garnishment, innocent spouse relief, back tax solutions, liens, payment plans, appeals, and offers in compromise.

The company has a long history of working with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on behalf of taxpayers. Omni Financial can help arrange an installment agreement, Offer in Compromise (OIC), or any type of repayment plan.

The IRS Fresh Start program was created to provide relief for those who owe back taxes, have received IRS debt penalties, and do not have the financial means to pay back the IRS. Tax relief companies are designed to help you negotiate with the IRS and qualify for various Fresh Start program options:

  • Federal Tax Lien
  • Installment Agreement
  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)

The variety of tax services offered by the company make it a good choice for many people, no matter their tax problem..

NATP and NAEA Member

Omni Financial is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals and the National Association of Enrolled Agents. There are several tax associations that hold members to high standards of ethical performance. Omni Financial customers have some peace of mind that they are working with a company who is held to high standards of best practices for the industry.

Certified Staff

Omni Financial employs a staff of over 150 tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and other tax resolution professionals. The combination of these professionals provides invaluable assistance throughout a tax issue case.

The company's team of professionals are familiar with tax law. Each employee brings in-depth knowledge about tax and finance combined with legal understanding and assistance when needed.

Omni Financial customers will have the benefit of working directly with an enrolled agent or tax attorney from the company's staff while receiving insights from a combination of professionals on its staff with the goal of negotiating the best settlement for each case.

Available in All 50 States

Many tax debt relief companies are only able to provide financial services in a few states because state tax law varies state to state. The professionals at Omni Financial are able to break through this barrier.

Omni Financial is able to provide tax resolution services to anyone struggling to pay their taxes.

Veteran in the Industry

Omni Financial has over 20 years of experience providing tax debt relief to consumers. 20 years is significantly longer than many of the other tax debt relief companies we have reviewed.

Its 20 years in the industry has given Omni Financial the opportunity to prove the effectiveness of its product.


The Bad

  • Lack of Transparency
  • Minimum Debt Requirement

Lack of Transparency

One major gap of information on the Omni Financial website is specific pricing and package options. Nowhere on its site does it provide consumers with an indication of expected fees for services.

However, this lack of information is fairly common among tax relief companies. Often the cost of service depends on the complexity of the problem and the services required to fix it.

Tax debt relief can quickly become expensive and it would be nice for consumers to have some indication of what they can expect to pay for Omni services.

To learn more specifics about fees for your tax situation, you should schedule a free consultation to have your case reviewed.

Minimum Debt Requirement

Many tax debt relief companies will not accept cases involving smaller debt amounts because the small fee retained does not seem worth their time. Unfortunately, Omni Financial fits into this category.

Omni Financial accepts clients with over $10,000 in tax debt. Consumers with a smaller tax debt amount may not be eligible for services from Omni Financial.


The Bottom Line

Compared to other tax relief companies like Optima Tax Relief, Tax Defense Network, and JG Tax Group, Omni Financial does not rank very high. 

Though it does help taxpayers and small businesses resolve tax problems, the company has yet to reveal information about pricing online. However, the company does seem to be able to handle anything for taxpayers from a tax lien to a wage garnishment.

Omni Financial is a tax resolution company that offers a wide array of services nationwide and comes backed with proven professional practices. Omni Financial's affiliation with professional organizations can give consumers some peace of mind that its services are backed by high standards of best practices for the industry.

It also has tax lawyers on staff who understand tax law and are able to give legal advice and assistance.

While it does lack specific information on pricing, consumers can take advantage of its free consultation service for pricing information. We recommend looking at some of our other top rated tax debt relief companies for comparison to determine the company that can best handle your specific case.

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Matthew Laney Fontana, CA

Omni Financial tried to help me with state and federal tax concerns. When I was able to reach a live staff member I was always comfortable that I was speaking to someone knowledgeable about tax problems and solutions. One of the reps I spoke to was an ex Internal Revenue Service employee. It would have been nice if it had been easier to get someone on the line.

1 year ago

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wife in Virginia Virginia Beach, VA

so my husband, gets a call that his Loan had been sold to OMNI, they seemed wonderful, as we filled out the paper work, they spoke of us, having same payments and everything. However, 6 months later, we haven't been able to get a hold of anyone. I have called over and over, wrote many emails, then, they asked for our banking information via E-mail They haven't taken the money from the account, but, now my husbands private loan is triple if not MORE than what it was before. Please be careful when using this company. I don't even know if he is being represented by these people still.. I am still calling trying to figure something out.

7 years ago


Review Source

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Leon Yoakum Los Angeles, CA

Completed my service in a timely manner.

1 year ago