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LAST UPDATED: March 28th, 2023

Community Tax (CTAX) has helped more than 95,000 customers with their tax needs and resolved over $800 million in IRS tax liabilities. Community Tax hires tax professionals such as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents, and tax attorneys, and assists with issues with both federal IRS and state taxes.

In addition to tax resolution help, the company offers tax return preparation, accounting, bookkeeping services, and other great options for customers (such as IRS tax levy relief, IRS tax lien relief, and help with applying for an IRS Offer in Compromise). The tax prep service and tax monitoring service help clients ensure that their taxes are done correctly, get the right tax refund, and prevent future problems with taxes.

Community Tax's average cost is between $2,500 and $3,000. While the fee for Community Tax's services is high, it is competitive for the industry. Taxpayers must have at least $3,000 in tax debt to use CTAX's services. The company helps individual taxpayers, large companies, and small businesses with tax debt through tax resolution services.

CTAX is a full-service tax company headquartered in Chicago, IL and has assisted more than 80,000 customers nationwide since 2010.

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The Good

  • Many IRS Debt Forgiveness Options
  • Educational Resources
  • Services
  • Tax Forgiveness Professionals
  • Availability

Many IRS Debt Forgiveness Options

Most tax relief companies provide a variety of different IRS debt forgiveness options. Community Tax offers an in-depth explanation of its IRS debt forgiveness program and the different services involved.

  • Offer in Compromise—A good option for taxpayers who are currently having financial difficulties. The IRS determines the maximum amount that the taxpayer can pay without causing financial hardship. The remainder is forgiven and once the amount is paid, the taxpayer is released from IRS tax liability.
  • Installment Agreement—This allows the taxpayers to pay off their balance over a period of time.
  • Streamline Installment Agreement—This agreement allows taxpayers to finish payment on a large expense such as a car or child support payments. This plan divides the payments into a schedule.
  • Partial Pay Installment Agreement—This payment plan is complicated and requires the taxpayer to disclose all financial information. The taxpayer is put on a payment plan for ten years and pays lower taxes overall.
  • Traditional Installment Agreement—This agreement is a simple installment plan: the taxpayer pays the entire tax debt over many payments. The amount is divided into monthly installments over a period of time, up to a 10-year statute of limitations.

Community Tax provides solutions to common tax problems, like back taxes, penalties, and bank levies.

Educational Resources

Community Tax offers several educational resources to help those who owe back taxes, including a tax form library. This library contains all the different types of tax forms with explanations on how to accurately fill them out.

A customer can request any of the forms and receive instructions for each form. This will help those who struggle to comprehend tax returns.

Community Tax also has a page dedicated to common tax terms and definitions (such as tax liability, non-collectible status, land trusts, tax preparer, taxing authorities, etc.). The definitions provide real-life scenarios for deeper understanding.

Community Tax also has a tax blog that contains interesting posts about different financial topics. Many posts focus on tax tips and tax law, however, the blog also covers basic financial advice. Its breadth extends to money savings secrets and small business finances.


Tax debt can affect your financial stability, especially if the IRS has begun to assess penalties. The Community Tax IRS Debt Forgiveness program entails a full service, one-stop tax service. It offers a plethora of tax services and agreement options. Services that are offered include the following:

  • Tax resolution services
  • Tax preparation services
  • Accounting services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • CTAX monitoring services

CTAX’s tax relief services are a two-step process. Initially, the company requests information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or state taxing authority, and compares it to the client’s records.

This allows Community Tax to determine the best course of action based on the tax situation.

The tax resolution phase involves determining a solution and submitting a proposal to the proper taxing authority. The company maintains open lines of communication with its clients during this process.

For more detailed information on how Community Tax would help your tax debt situation, take advantage of the free consultation. During the consultation, you'll hear an assessment of your case, how Community Tax will help you with your tax bills and debt, and get more detailed information about the cost of relief services.

Community Tax's monitoring services are designed for individuals and businesses. The basic version of the service is free. It allows taxpayers to keep track of what's going on with their taxes before tax season starts, which makes it easier and faster to adjust withholdings to ensure that you won't owe the government when tax season comes. The monitoring also helps taxpayers avoid potential issues later.

Tax Forgiveness Professionals

When customers with IRS tax debt choose to work with Community Tax for their tax relief needs, they can expect to receive service from licensed and dedicated tax professionals.

Community Tax's team consists of CPAs, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax investigators. It offers individualized tax services and all clients are given a personal practitioner to work on their case.

A certified public accountant can help clients with accounting, bookkeeping, and tax prep during tax season. Certified tax preparers can also assist with tax prep. Depending on your situation, your taxes could be simple or complicated. If you have a more complex tax situation, it can be a good idea to work with a tax preparer to prepare taxes to ensure that you get the right refund.

With an experienced tax attorney or enrolled agent on your side, you'll have the know-how to defend yourself from an IRS audit or IRS debt penalty.

The experts at Community Tax can help customers with the following tax relief options:

  • Notice of Deficiency
  • Fresh Start Program
  • IRS Installment Agreement
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • IRS Payment Plan
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Stair Step Agreement
  • Currently Non-Collectible Status
  • Help with Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Help with Tax Lien Issues

An installment agreement sets up a payment plan to pay your full tax debt over time. An offer in compromise settles your tax liability with the IRS. The settlement is typically paid in a lump sum.

Taxpayers may qualify for innocent spouse relief if the tax debt results from their spouse's choices alone and they were unaware of these decisions. This option removes penalties, like wage garnishments, tax levies, and tax liens, from an innocent spouse.

When clients sign up with Community Tax, they have the option to give Community Tax the power of attorney. This means that the professionals at Community Tax will make correspondences on the client's behalf.

These professionals can help you fight an IRS tax lien, tax levy, wage garnishment, and any other tax relief service available. The tax professionals at Community Tax often lead to high customer satisfaction and high numbers of positive Community Tax reviews.


Community Tax offers services in 48 states, as well as the Virgin Islands and D.C. While this is great for almost all US taxpayers, if you live in North Dakota or Minnesota, Community Tax won't be able to help you with tax relief services.


The Bad

  • Published Results
  • Limited Cost Information

Published Results

Community Tax offers very limited published results on its website. Published results aid customers in their decision-making process.

Published results can show what an average customer's experience with the company is and that the program is worth the investment and time.

Published results can also give potential customers much-needed information about how long it will take to see results and what kind of results are possible.

Limited Cost Information

Community Tax does not have base prices on its website for IRS or state tax debt relief. So, how much does Community Tax cost? Our research has discovered that the estimated average price range is between $2,500 and $3,000.

Potential customers must call or sign up for a quote in order to get a more exact price. This can be difficult for potential customers while shopping around for prices from different companies with tax debt relief services.

Community Tax states that its price depends on the circumstances, but without an expected range, a customer can be left with more questions than answers.

This is standard for the tax relief industry because some tax problems involve more intensive service from a tax professional than others.

During the free consultation, potential clients can receive clear information about the fee for the services provided.


The Bottom Line

Community Tax employs IRS enrolled agents, attorneys, and CPAs to help the struggling taxpayer catch up on unpaid taxes, unfiled tax returns, and find opportunities for an exemption status. As such, CTAX has the expertise to handle anything from income tax issues and property tax relief cases to innocent spouse relief cases.

While we would like to see Community Tax be more transparent about general fees, availability, and results, Community Tax has a lot of great features. Community Tax has professionals and options to help its customers with all of their tax needs. It offers solid educational resources and monitoring services to help customers avoid additional issues with taxes in the future.

Community Tax also offers tax preparation services as a preventive measure for its clients. Having your income tax return completed by a certified tax preparer or CPA will help ensure that the filing is done correctly.

While it is still suggested that customers find the best company for their individual needs, we can recommend choosing Community Tax as your tax resolution firm, whatever your tax problems are.

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Alexis Bretwood, CA

You are not given explanations for things unless you ask. Too many people handling one account. You get a notice saying you will be monitored for 5 yrs for a flake rate but don't know what that rate is, nor are you asked if you want it.

5 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Rogelio L Lowe Walnut Grove, CA

I signed up with you guys because I needed help with my taxes. But I wonder if I made the right decision. I received a letter from the RIS at my place of employment. I called to speak to the person handling my case, i was was transferred to Nate witch turned out to be the wrong person. Nate gave me Ermier #. then call Charlie Hernandez for help. He transferred me to a extension that said that all representative was busy and to leave a massage. I called Charlie back 3 times and he dint answered his phone . I left him a message to return my call, I'm still waiting. I then call Ermier and asked him about my 2017 tax return that I had emailed him 10 days ago. I asked where he was with my case. He opened his file and said that the IRS had not received my filings and that if I wanted he could file it for me tomorrow. So I asked him isn't that what this is all about? You guy's taking the necessary steps to help me with my tax problems? Or is that I need to call for something to happen ? I told him that o received a letter from the IRS with a other of garnishment, he asked me what the letter was sent for and to garnish what? REALLY! He said he would complete my 2017 taxes and that he would forward my concerns to someone I wasn't clear on who he was going to contact. I can't afford for my check to be garnished, I put my trust in you guys to help me out with my tax problems. At this time you guys not giving me a sense of confidence. You sure talked a good game at the beginning. This is not the description I was told. Please help.

4 years ago

Community Tax Logo

Reply from Community Tax

Rogelio, we are so sorry that you had this experience. This is absolutely not the way we do business, and we apologize this happened. We'd like the opportunity to make things right. Our Customer Satisfaction Team will be reaching out to you tomorrow. You can also give us a call at 773-577-2938. Thank you!

Nov. 1st, 2018


Verified Customer


Review Source

star star star_border star_border star_border

D. Kelley

My tax issue was not resolved. Just delayed still have to pay tax bill.

2 years ago