Why Do We Hate Jar Jar Binks? VidAngel Has 207 Reasons


Last Updated: April 28th, 2021

It's no question that among all the characters in the Star Wars universe, none are more hated, more despised than Jar Jar Binks. The obnoxious, funny-talking alien who first appeared in Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace has personified the poor reception of episodes one through three for over 16 years. Everyone has their own reasons for why they hate this obscure Gungan more than say Darth Vader (remember how he straight up destroyed Alderaan?), the Emperor, or even Hayden Christiensen. Some people hate him for his vocal mannerisms, comprised of both poor grammar and that infuriating "sah" that suffixes nearly every word. Others simply point to his utter uselessness in battle, as a comic relief, or as a "sentient" being. A few concerned fans worry that Jar Jar's mannerisms are somehow a racist caricature. One fan even went so far as to develop his own theory identifying Binks as a Sith lord playing the fool.

Whatever your reason, it can only pale in comparison to the 207 offenses VidAngel, the video streaming service that offers edited versions of big ticket movies, has levied against the infamous character. And to prove it, VidAngel is now offering a Jar Jar free version of The Phantom Menace FOR FREE (limited time only)! In addition to its violence, language, and graphic content filters, VidAngel has also provided a "Jar Jar Binks" filter, which cuts out every time Binks is seen, heard, or even mentioned on screen. Activating the Jar Jar filter removes an astounding 23 minutes from the film's total running time!

How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

In case you didn't gather from the video above, VidAngel is really dedicated to completely erasing Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars history. Below is a breakdown of of the 207 offenses for which Jar Jar Binks has been filtered out of Episode One:

How VidAngel Has Filtered Out Jar Jar Binks from Episode One
Nature of the Offense Frequency
Jar Jar Binks is introduced on screen. This is the moment that arguably destroyed the Star Wars franchise. 1
Jar Jar Binks is on screen. 185
Jar Jar Binks is on screen. Luckily he's unconscious, so he's not talking. 1
Jar Jar Binks is on screen. Unfortunately, he wakes up. 1
Jar Jar Binks is on screen. AGAIN. 1
Jar Jar Binks is on screen. Again. Serving no purpose whatsoever. 1
Jar Jar Binks is on screen. For no reason. He's sleeping. Structurally, there is no reason for him to be physically present in this scene. 1
Jar Jar Binks is on screen. In the background. Ruining everything. 1
Jar Jar Binks is on screen. His forced comedic high jinks ruin a perfectly decent action scene. 1
Jar Jar Binks is on screen, ruining the last scene like he did every other one he's in. 1
Jar Jar Binks's feet are in the shot. 1
A man says "Jar Jar." 2
A man says "Binks" in reference to Jar Jar. 1
A robot says "Jar Jar." 1
A woman says "Jar Jar Binks." 1
Jar Jar Binks speaks. 3
Jar Jar Binks smiles like a smug simpleton. 1
Jar Jar Binks is in the background, spoiling a perfectly good shot of some flags. 1
Jar Jar Binks snores. It's the worst. 1
Jar Jar Binks is on screen; thankfully for the last time. 1


We are all are excited for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens release. Let's just hope we won't need the Jar Jar filter to enjoy it.

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