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LAST UPDATED: July 30th, 2019

MyWallSt, formerly Rubicoin, was founded by Emmet Savage and John Tyrrell, both born in Ireland and both with a passion for the stock market. The MyWallSt team consists of lifelong investors and technology professionals and their goal is to bring a brilliant and simple method of investing to everyone. Emmet invests every spare dollar into US-listed stocks and his personal portfolio, which has been professionally audited and has achieved a 24% annual return for over a decade. That is more than triple what the S&P 500 returned.

Additionally, Emmet has taught multitudes of people how to master stock investing and as mentioned above, he has outperformed professional investors around the world by using his popular investment techniques. So needless to say, Emmet is more than qualified to help do the same for you.

Rubicoin/MyWallSt has been featured in Business & Finance, The Irish Times, SiliconRepublic, The Sunday Times, Irish Independent, TC TechCrunch, Finextra, Enterprise Ireland and the company is a partner with The Motley Fool.  

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The Good

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MyWallSt is the maker of financial investment tools that were designed to help anyone start investing.  These tools can help transform you into an informed, confident investor. What makes MyWallSt different is the fact that it focuses on helping you with investing from your smartphone by providing straightforward instructions on how to buy stocks which of those stocks are best to buy. All you need to get started is smart device and the MyWallSt apps.

MyWallSt has two apps at the Apple Store, the Learn app and the MyWallSt app. Both apps are available for iPhones and Android phones. The MyWallSt app will help you invest in great companies. This app allows you to choose from the biggest consumer brands, invest at your own pace and all you have to do is swipe to invest. The company provides expert analysis by creating a curated list of stocks that even its chief investor would be happy to invest his own money in. 

MyWallSt has maximum security. Your brokerage information is always fully encrypted with 256-bit encryption, touch ID recognition, and no data is ever stored on their servers. Cloud storage is used, so no data is ever stored on your phone.

The Learn app makes investing easy with one bite-sized lesson at a time. It trains beginners to invest in stocks by using zero jargon, simple, straightforward investing advice in short, but informative lessons that will have you up and running in no time. The Learn app also offers every lesson in a convenient podcast format that any type of investor would appreciate. All you have to do is download the app and the next thing you know you will quickly have your money working for you.

Handpicked Stocks

MyWallSt offers handpicked stocks, taking time to identify key characteristics of the best long-term investments. Additionally, MyWallSt provides you with each company's story along with expert analysis and a snapshot of the most current investment opportunity to help make it easier for you to choose the long-term investment that's right for you and your particular situation.

MyWallSt has a great system that allows you to invest at your own pace. It makes investing affordable and allow you to invest in the companies you know and love with the ease and convenience of one tap.  And the portfolio builder was designed to help you manage and diversify your investments, which will help you make sure every aspect of your financial future is covered.

What's Required

First off, your investment broker needs to be listed as a partner with MyWallSt. With that done, all you need is an email and password to register and depending on which brokerage option you have chosen, you will be required to provide varying information depending on that particular broker. However, all brokers require a social security number, a U.S. address, and your employment information. Additionally, MyWallSt never has access to your social security number, bank account, personal information, your brokerage accounts or brokerage account details. The company simply issues the instruction to your broker-dealer for the buying and selling of stocks through their apps.

Brokerage Partners

MyWallSt uses a platform call TradeIT that allows you to link to your broker. The company's brokerage partners are the following: 

  • TD Ameritrade
  • Fidelity
  • Scottrade
  • Schwab
  • E-Trade
  • OptionsHouse
  • Robinhood
  • DriveWealth
  • TradeStation
  • Tradier

All fees will be based on your particular brokerage firm and you can invest as much as you want up to the limits that have been set by your broker-dealer. And you can sell your stocks at any time as long as the stock exchange is open. You can also buy an unlimited number of stocks. Withdrawing your money will again depend on your particular broker-dealer's withdrawal process and your particular broker-dealer transaction fees apply at the time of purchase or sale.


The Bad

  • MyWallSt Not Available on Desktop 
  • Taxes and Fees Apply

MyWallSt Not Available on Desktop 

Users will only be able to access their financial accounts on their smart devices and not a desktop computer or laptop. 

Taxes and Fees Apply

Your transactions through MyWallSt are subject to the same taxes that apply as when you are buying stocks through any other broker-dealer. And the same goes for the withdrawal fees: they are broker-dealer specific as well. Additionally, any inactive account fees are also subject to the specific policies of your broker-dealer.


The Bottom Line

MyWallSt is a great option for the beginner investor who wants a mobile mentor in the investing process. MyWallSt also has high consumer satisfaction ratings within the mobile app stores. While it's a relatively new company, MyWallSt is poised to make a big impact amongst investors, all from the palm of their hands. 

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C Nim Houston, TX

Been really happy with their app .it has simplified things, in a way that makes it easy to understand and comprehend . I feel a sense of honesty in their assessment and recommendation in what to invest in... As long as they continue building their business on the right foundation, they will get places

5 years ago

star star star star star

Suzie Jane

I've used both of the Rubicoin apps and they are an absolute joy. Really refreshing when you compare them to other investing guides and they were really quick and friendly when i emailed them when i had a query on stocks. I've been recommending it to loads of my friends.

7 years ago

star star star star star_border

Jose Meneses Hillsborough, NJ

Appears very easy to use for a new investor.

8 years ago