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LAST UPDATED: November 11th, 2021
Just2Trade is a division of WhoTrades, Inc. It is designed with the serious investor in mind. The Company manages every step of the trading process to ensure smooth, high-quality service and exceptional order executions. It is committed to bridging the gap between Wall Street and independent investors. Founded in 2010, WhoTrades is an online brokerage firm supporting traders across the globe with personal finance technology to connect and share information while controlling their trading securely from a simple user interface. For the more advanced trader, WhoTrades offers a fully-featured DMA platform designed for professionals who work with rapidly moving electronic markets.

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The Good

  • Competitive prices
  • Business options
  • Transaction security
  • Applicable forms
  • Advanced capabilities
The Company has much lower broker commission rates for trading stocks and mutual funds than its competitors. Compared to large brokerage companies, such as ETrade, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and TD Ameritrade, Just2trade's fees is a fraction of the amounts charged by the larger companies. In addition to the low fees, the Company manages the entire automated trading process from beginning to end without involving third-party service providers, which can cause result in higher fees. From the login and initial interface to the data exchange and real-time risk management process, and ending with the order routing and execution, Just2trade has mastered and simplified the trading process for its customers. Other benefits of the service include:

Competitive Prices

Rated by several reliable publication sources, such as Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Barron's, and Smart Money, the Company's trading offerings and pricing have proven to be very competitive in the brokerage industry. The Company also appears to have great customer service resources available, such as via phone, e-mail and live chat for instant responsiveness. Various account types are also available, from individual and joint ownership accounts to retirement and educational accounts.

Business Options

Accounts for businesses are also available to appeal to all possible customer types. The possibility of investing through retirement accounts and educational accounts is particularly notable as the Company appears to be targeting all demographics in its customer base. The target audience also appears to be tech savvy investors (for both PC and Mac users alike) as every aspect of the process is automated and online.

Transaction Security

The Company also provides for account protection for its customers. In addition to SIPC coverage of $500,000 ($250,000 max in cash), Just2Trade accounts are protected with additional coverage of $100 million through Lloyd's of London. This coverage offers a maximum of $24.5 million per client and up to $900,000 in cash. With SIPC and Lloyd's of London coverage, customers can feel protected: up to $25 million per client (as defined by SIPC rules), which includes up to $1.15 million for cash balances.

Applicable Forms

The Company has a vast inventory of applicable forms, not only relating to its various investment options, but also for tax and other regulatory filings that are required from active traders. 1099 reporting, in particular, is fully supported by the Company electronically through each member's account. A large variety of bank transfer options is available for depositing funds for trade and for withdrawing proceeds from affected transactions.

Advanced Capabilities

The platform includes advanced order routing management and real-time profit/loss capabilities, making it particularly suitable for trading groups. WhoTrades, Inc. is a New York-based registered broker/dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC).

The Bad

  • Financial advisors
The company's goal is to provide customers with the technology, tools, and support they need to effectively manage their investments with a professional all-in-one trading platform designed for speed and ease of use, free access to high-performance trading tools, and unparalleled customer service. Although, the Company has created a fantastic platform, the use of its tools is not yet available via handheld devices. Other limitations include:

Financial Advisors

A negative aspect of the Company's services is the lack of availability of professional financial advisers. Providing access to such valuable resources diminishes the integrity of the services provided by the Company especially in instances when those professional resources could be needed the most.

The Bottom Line

Although mainly limited to stock and mutual fund trading, the Company appears to be successful with its core package offerings and services. The fact that the Company manages the entire trading process from beginning to end seems to be appealing to customers as everything needed is in one location, especially with responsive customer service options. The variety of account plans, banking options, and required forms should also be interesting to users and customers.  However, these pros appear to be offset with the lack of access to professional financial advisors. If the Company enhanced some of these minor areas of its business model it would only serve to augment the Company's current growth. The positive areas of this new Company are definitely significant with only a few downsides. Compared to other trading alternatives, Just2trade seems like something interested parties should check out.
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I've been watching Just2trade for quite a long time but have not yet opened an account due to bad feedback. I finally decided to go ahead and open up an account as not a single broker charges such low transaction fees. Everything turned out much better than I thought. Regrettably, the company's help desk is not up and running 24/7, but, as a rule, I can reach the help desk after one or two calls, and email requests are answered within 24 hours. I don't know whether the company has hired new staff, but the account managers are good, competent, and definitely not those who are spoken of below.

7 years ago

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Jane Smith

Hi, my experience with Just2Trade is about 3 months. I had some troubles with trading platform. It took me time to learn all opportunities. But customer service was great. They provide me with all information. Besides I found several good articles in Just2Trade's FAQ. It really helped me.

7 years ago

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James Riley

I've used this company for several months now and I have nothing bad to say about them. Customer service is always available to me when I call, the trading platform is solid and have not had issues with any bugs.

7 years ago

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After j2t was acquired by Whotrades things started to change in a positive direction - the trading platform is much better now. I like them for low commisions and they are one of rare US brokers allowing accounts for citizens of EU. I'm a beginner, occasional trader and works for me.

7 years ago

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Ray Firs

Everything is cool. I was planning to write an overview in my blog, but at this point I'd rather wait until J2T launches a partnership program, and then I would encourage my subscribers to sign up.

7 years ago

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Steve Ayers Pawleys Island, SC

When this company was lowtrades.com they were dropped by FINRA because they were running a ponzi scheme and defrauding investors. Super easy to find on the internet, just look up lowtrades.com and fraud. All they did was move the accounts over to just2trade, which was already part of their parent company, and most of the same people are still there. A dead stinking fish is still a dead stinking fish.

7 years ago

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Patton Nguyen

Just2trade hold your money for 3 days after you close your trade. That means you need to wait 3 days before you can trade again. They use this rule for cash accounts. I applied for margin account many times but was rejected... as if they want to use your money to invest in something else???

6 years ago


Review Source

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Hannah Barth Tallahassee, FL

I really like Just2Trade. I like all of the trading instruments they have. Also withdrawing is super easy.

1 year ago

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david San Leandro, CA

I had a very bad experience with Just2trade. Customer Service is very bad!

6 years ago

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mark mccrum White Plains, NY

make up fees as they go along

7 years ago

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Truong Vuu

Just2 trade customer service is very BAD.

7 years ago