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LAST UPDATED: November 13th, 2021

Capital One Investing, formerly known as Capital One ShareBuilder, is an online trading platform and brokerage firm. Founded in 1996, it's headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The online platform aims to instill confidence in its traders by offering a flexible and straightforward investing experience. It further accomplishes this goal by providing online research tools, educational materials, and an easy-to-use website.

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The Good

  • Variety of investment opportunities
  • Straightforward services
  • Features and tools
  • Client support
Capital One Investing targets beginner investors. The company is geared toward rookie investors who want an easy way to dip their toes in the market and create long-term financial gains. Day traders and technical traders should look elsewhere since the platform doesn't accommodate investments based on short-term signals in the market. Other benefits include:

Variety of Investment Opportunities

With Capital One Investing, traders can expect to invest in stocks, options, mutual funds, bonds, and ETFs. The company doesn't require a minimum account balance to start a new online account neither does it charge a commission for day-to-day online trading. For real-time trading of stocks and ETFs, the cost is $6.95, while automatic investing is $3.95 per investment, and option prices come out to be $6.95 plus $0.75 per contract. These costs are competitively priced when compared to big-name brokerage firms like ETRADE, Fidelity Investments, and TD Ameritrade.

Straightforward Services

Capital One Investing is relatively easy to use. In fact, its website was voted #1 by Corporate Insight-from 2012 to 2014-for the site's design and usability. After further investigating, we found its online platform to be clutter-free and its investment explanations to be clear enough for the average layman to understand. The company's online research is also easy to understand and very thorough. It comprises third-party research reports. These documents extensively cover news, ratings, and other key pieces of information that affect the market. The reports also highlight data on equities, mutual funds, and ETFs.

Features and Tools

To further elucidate the investing process, the company combines research for its traders, sometimes consolidating data from up to 13 research providers to create 1, in-depth research package. These research providers include the likes of Morningstar, a revered investment research, and management firm. Many customers hail the company's PortfolioBuilder and we have to agree with their positive remarks. The tool allows company clients to create a diversified portfolio based on their investment style and long-term goals. The portfolio can then be purchased for a flat rate of $18.95. This tool makes Capital One Investing one of the few brokerage firms in the industry to provide such an asset for long-term investors.

Client Support

Besides these positive points, the company offers a highly rated customer service. We were very impressed by how professional, friendly, and helpful their representatives were. Whether contacting them by phone or through their live chat support, it was clear that the representatives were well-trained, enthusiastic individuals. So, we were not surprised to learn that Capital One Investing has won American Business Awards-from 2013 to 2015-for its friendly customer service representatives.

Mobile App

In addition to the distinguishing customer service, the company provides a highly rated mobile app to accommodate investors on the go. By simply signing in from their favorite devices, investors can place trades and get quotes at the push of a button.

Financial Advisors

For an additional fee, the company provides expert financial advisors who can offer personalized guidance to traders. These advisors promise transparency and clear communication when building long-term plans, tailored to individuals' personal financial needs and goals.

The Bad

  • Price
  • Problems for advanced traders
  • Email support
Capital One Investing offers a number of valuable trading and investment services, but there are limitations that prospective clients should be aware of prior to using the platform. These drawbacks include:


While competitively priced to compete with big brokerage firms, Capital One Investing is quite expensive relative to other discount brokers, like TradeKing, OptionsHouse, and MB Trading. OptionsHouse, for instance, charges $3.95 a trade, which is more appealing in comparison to Capital One Investing's cost of $6.95 for real-time trades. So, in reality, Capital One Investing is neither expensive nor inexpensive, but rather in the middle of the brokerage spectrum. Capital One Investing doesn't charge a commission for day-to-day online trading of mutual funds, but the company's expense ratios for mutual funds are at times fairly higher than the equivalent ratios provided by other companies, such as Fidelity. One such expense ratio for a certain mutual fund was 0.51% with Capital One Investing, with no commission fees, while, at another brokerage firm, it came out to be 0.18%. The aforementioned point can be a cause for alarm for beginner investors, who may want to seek out other brokerage firms that provide the same easy-to-use website, but come out to offer lower annual fees. While automatic investments set the company apart as traders can automatically set up buying schedules for certain stocks, there is a slight problem to consider. We've found that users of this tool cannot sell their securities using automatic investments. This means the company makes it costly to exit a stock than to purchase one.

Problems For Advanced Traders

Apart from these concerns that rookies may have, advanced traders could also find reasons to be frustrated with the company. There are few advanced tools to satisfy their investing needs. Options traders, for instance, could become discouraged since the company offers few tools for their desired trade. Instead, these kinds of traders could be better off looking into other brokerage firms, like OptionsHouse.

Email Support

Capital One Investing's customer service, via phone and online chat support, comes highly recommended. However, some customers have complained about the email support. For instance, some customers say it's inconsistent, as response times tend to vary from 24 hours to no responses being received. Additionally, while the online platform is easy to use and navigate, sound customer suggestions include: providing customizable dashboards so traders can see exactly what they want to after logging into their account.

The Bottom Line

Capital One Investing's website is easy to use and provides a no-frills interface that's easy to navigate. The company also provides expert customer service to ensure customers reach a person via phone, live customer support, or email. This is why it has garnered awards in the former two departments. Additionally, it offers extensive research to train beginner investors before they trade on the market. This makes it ideal for rookie investors trying to begin investing endeavors. Casual investors looking for automatic investments will also be satisfied with the company's online platform, and this tool remains to be a primary reason for people who choose to invest with the company. Capital One Investing's app also takes in investors looking for a quick and easy ways to invest on the go. However, when all is said and done, seasoned traders and tool-hungry investors will be frustrated with the platform and so, should look elsewhere to satisfy their investing needs. The company caters to beginners and does a good job of training and instilling confidence in these novice investors.
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Nghi Ngo Richardson, TX

Called the CP1 Invesment's customer support and was on hold for 20 min. When a CP1 Investing rep on the phone, he said that I need to submit an email listing the issues in detail; I told him I did on 3/28 and received acknowledge email from CP1 Investing that someone will get back with me in 1 to 2 business days but has not heard back from CP1 Investing for 10 days. He checks and acknowledges that CP1 Investing has received my email but there will be no change on 1099. I would need to get an accountant to work on it. I told him that this is $$$ involvement, if they take out from my account $19,308.21 but report that I only pay $16,715.55, how does that be my problem to get an accountant to resolve it? He does not provide any detail explanation and told me that he would disconnect the call. Did not even have the chance to get his name as he disconnected the call. Now I know why they get unfavorable 1.2/5.0 reviews.

5 years ago

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EAC Boston, MA

So annoyed I bothered. I own a few shares of a stock that tanked. Its now worthless. I can't close my account until I sell that stock. I can't sell that stock because it doesn't exist anymore. I have to fill out a silly piece of paper to ask them to remove it. I was told I could email the form. Then I was told they can't open the attachment and I need to send the email though my Capital One account. BUT, there is no option to attach something to an email sent through their secure service. This is not worth it! Playing around buying and selling a few stocks may be fun, but this kind of BS is the reason I now park my retirement savings with Vanguard. I don't have time for this crap. At least Vanguard has stellar customer service. Every response I've gotten has been intelligent and thorough, which is so hard to find these days.

5 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

T Vinson Mobile, AL

I have been with Capital One since Sharebuilder days. I am a buy and hold type of investor, and have had no issues with the firm. Not a heavy trader so the $6.95 is not bothersome. They have decent research on stocks and other securities. INFO...they are about to merge with E-TRADE, so there may be changes on the horizon.

5 years ago

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I have been with CapOne Investing since it was ShareBuilder & checked my ROTH IRA yesterday only to find that ALL my stocks, ETF's, etc., have been sold WITHOUT my knowledge or approval & when I called them to find out what happened they told me my account was frozen & locked permanently, & that I don't fit their "business model" so they sold everything & will NOT release MY money to me. Over the past year or so I have been experiencing extreme personal financial issues & I could not pay two credit cards I have with them (total owed is less than $1,500) so they are holding my ROTH as ransom money !! I do not think this is legal or ethical & I am looking into my legal options. I will NEVER do business with CapOne again!

5 years ago

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bud Rensselaer, NY

With ShareBuilder, now Capital One Investing, I invested $1000 in a company I was interested in and left it there. After a few years I checked on it and found a statement informing me the account was dormant and had been turned over to ny state's attorney General's office as an unclaimed fund. I contacted the AG and found there was no such fund in my name. I then contacted Capital One and, after much runaround, was able to reinstitute the account with some losses because of the transaction. It is very suspicious that the money was never turned over to the AG. The investment has not worked out well but Capital One has continued to assess many fees and the account is now down to $30. I am certain that, if I had invested with a different firm, I would not have lost so much to the continual fees.

5 years ago

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Kar Cri Council Bluffs, IA

Capital one is straight up a scam. I sell stock on there for less than the lowest bid all the time. Lost over 3600 in 1 day because of their good old boy system for trading. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago


Review Source

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Hannah Barth Tallahassee, FL

Capital One Investing is super user friendly for stock trading, especially for beginners.

2 years ago

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Poor investment opportunities for the young investor. looking for commission free ETF's, they don't exist. poor all around!

6 years ago