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LAST UPDATED: September 26th, 2023

Shine Solar is a residential and commercial solar energy and home improvement company founded in Bentonville, Arkansas in 2016. Since its founding, the company has installed more than 14,700 kilowatts of solar power across four states — Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee — and was named one of Solar Power World’s “Top 500 Solar Contractors” every year from 2017 to 2020.

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The Good

  • Quality Solar Equipment
  • Additional Services
  • Broad Service Area
  • Shine Smart Solar Loan
  • Solid Warranties

Quality Solar Equipment

Shine Solar is present at every step of the solar installation process from initial consultation and design, to pulling the necessary permits, to implementation and final interconnection to the power grid. Like most solar companies, Shine Solar provides customers with an array of high-efficiency solar panels to choose from, depending on their budget and energy needs.

Most notable among the company’s selected panel manufacturers is Silfab Solar, a premier solar panel producer whose solar cells come with a 25-year materials warranty and average nearly 20 percent energy efficiency.

Shine Solar is also an Enphase Gold Installer, which signifies a long track record of installing Enphase microinverters and storage products while achieving consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. 

Additional Services

In addition to installing qualified solar PV systems, Shine Solar also provides numerous home improvements and energy efficiency upgrades to help homeowners maximize their utility bill savings. These include insulation upgrades, energy-efficient/LED lighting options, HVAC and cooling solutions, and more.

The company also provides homeowners with a solar battery option, which allows them to collect and store the surplus energy from the solar system for anytime use — night or day, or if the power has gone out.

Broad Service Area

Despite being a relatively young company, Shine Solar is rapidly expanding its service area. The company performed the majority of its solar installation work in its home state of Arkansas, but is also represented in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Tennessee. The majority of new solar companies only serve one or two states at most.

Shine Smart Solar Loan

Through the Shine Smart solar loan, homeowners can finance a full solar panel system for zero money down, zero percent interest, and zero payments for 12 months. The Shine Solar loan also qualifies homeowners for the 26 percent federal solar tax credit, along with other incentives available at the state level.

Homeowners who finance with Shine Solar’s loan will also receive a number of included energy efficiency upgrades to their home, courtesy of Shine Solar’s sister companies Shine Home and Shine Air.

Solid Warranties

Shine Solar provides customers with the assurance that their solar energy systems are built to last through a number of guarantees:

  • Lifetime Monitoring — through the company’s mobile app, customers will receive complimentary solar panel monitoring for the life of their system. In the event a system component fails to perform at peak efficiency, Shine Solar will be notified and schedule a maintenance visit at the homeowner’s earliest convenience.
  • 25-Year Minimum Production Guarantee — each Shine Solar system is guaranteed to perform at maximum efficiency for its projected 25-year lifetime, which is calculated in the official solar savings report for each Shine Solar client.
  • 50% Panel Buy Back Program — if a Shine Solar customer should wish to upgrade the solar panel system and purchase new panels, Shine Solar will buy back the existing system components at 50% the original retail price.

The Bad

  • Average Workmanship Warranty
  • No Lease or PPA Options
  • Not NABCEP Certified

Average Workmanship Warranty

Shine Solar also provides customers with a 12-year workmanship warranty, which protects the system against problems caused during installation and covers accompanying maintenance visits. While the 12-year warranty is a marked improvement from many new companies in the solar industry, it is still considered the industry average; leading solar companies will provide workmanship warranties good for up to 25 years.

No Lease or PPA Options

Shine Solar does not provide customers the option to finance their solar panel system through a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). Both options have proven to be incredibly cost-effective to the homeowner as they place the burden of ownership on the installing company. Solar leases and PPAs often come with low monthly payments that tend to undercut the monthly utility bill.

Not NABCEP Certified

Shine Solar has not been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP is considered the “gold standard” certification arm of the solar industry. Solar technicians with this certification have undergone some of the most advanced training in solar installation and technology in the world.

The lack of a certification does not imply poor service quality on the part of the company, but can make the difference to a customer comparing multiple solar providers in the same area.


The Bottom Line

Customers interested in a flexible solar loan option or improving other aspects of their home’s energy efficiency beyond a solar installation are encouraged to seek out Shine Solar for a home energy audit and free initial consultation. The company builds quality solar panel systems, and attaches a number of warranties and guarantees to instill confidence that its systems are built to last. If you’re looking for an affordable lease or PPA option, Shine Solar is not the right company for you.

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Jon Key Mineral Springs, AR

I have had my panels for over a year now and it was a nightmare from day one. After installing my system. It took 3 months to get them powered up excuse after excuse, they kelp blaming the state. It took 2 10 min phone calls and they got the letter the next day. Then i call back a few months later due to 2 panels under producing. Fast forward 3 months later and several panel change out (found out with used panels) got one panel working like it should and the other worked for a short time then went back to under producing. A year later still no resolution to this issue.

2 months ago

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Christopher Trammell Harrison, AR

We now have over $73,000 in debt for a 20 panel system with HVAC installed. The solar doesn’t cover our electricity usage when we repeatedly and specifically asked for 100% offset. After talking with Entergy Arkansas we were told that we would never meet our energy usage with the system installed. Our HVAC hasn’t worked right from the start and has completely fired for a second time. It doesn’t cool our upstairs hardly at all and we are completely disgusted that we ever chose to do business with Shine Solar. $73,000 for maybe 50% offset and we said over and over that we wanted 100%. There is a minimum charge monthly from Entergy and we were aware of that. But this system never will cover what we use even though they sold us a promise that it would. Save yourself a headache and choose another company!

4 months ago

star star star star star

Rich CRAMBERG Oklahoma City, OK

We decided to go solar when Geoff called and talked with us and explained all the benefits of solar. So glad we did. Our last electric bill before getting solar was $181.00, which was one of the lower bills we have had. Our first bill after going solar was $51.00 and our second bill was only $15.00. Here’s a copy of the bill. That’s REAL. !! Thanks Shine Solar.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Ronald Cohen Sherwood, AR

The only experience I've had with Shine Solar was over the phone. I provided them my kwhusage history for the past twelve months and the sales representative l spoke with agreed with me that switching to a solar system would not be justified based on my usage history. At best I might have broken even between my usage and what the system cost and that was pushing it. There was no high pressure and the representative was very professional. I am truly a fan of solar energy but the cost of the equipment is just too high at this time. We determined that it would take seventeen years before the system would be paid off and at my age I'd never be able to enjoy the cost benefits of solar. If costs come down I'll definitely be taking another look at solar. I'm giving a 5-star rating of Shine Solar based on the interaction with the sales representative.

2 years ago

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Al Kansas City, KS

The HYVAC side of Shine is excellent. The Solar side is not. The system is under rated when you ask them about it you never get response. Ask me how much energy I use ,well look they see every KW that goes through the house so give me a runaround always

1 year ago

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Kymberli Bradshaw Oklahoma City, OK

My purchase process with Shine Solar was a little "high pressure". Overall, cost was average. Installers were super fun! Install went off in 1 day. Problems started after "Storm if Century" just days after getting set up. After the storm, my system went off line. I called Shine Solar. The technician had no idea what was wrong, he called someone else and told me someone new would come later and confirmed with a text. The next day I received a call from shine solar followed with an email stating they would not be coming to my property. That this was not their issue. I had my homeowners insurance company contacted them. They provided a $3,924 estimate for repairs to a system they had not even run a diagnostic on. I called another local company. That company sent out a technician who discovered the only problem I had was my wireless invoice had gone bad was covered under warranty and needed to be replaced. Hhhmmmmm, customer service? I think not. Shame on you Shine Solar!

2 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Carol Kansas City, KS

The first year everything went great! No electric bill for several months! Then came the end of a good thing. My solar panels quite producing. I brought this to their attention many many times. So today 16 months of underproducing I’m finally getting the rest of my roof covered up with panels. That’s right 23 panels for 1300 square feet!!! No check for loss of production.. WHICH WAS GUARANTEED. I want my money shine Solar! BBB here I come. Between the loan and my regular electric bill I’m paying twice what I ever did before Solar

1 year ago

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Laura S Mountain Home, AR

Biggest mistake I ever made was signing with this piece of crap company. I pay $184.94 a month for the solar panels and I SAVE LESS THAN $20 a month on my electric bill. Which means having Shine Solar panels on my roof is costing me an extra $150 per month. I was told they are working on a solution and are going to call me daily to keep me updated but they never call.

1 year ago Edited June 23, 2022

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Eric McBride Dallas, TX

Customer service don't care if they screw you. it's never there fault that they under size a system. They don't want to help figure the issues and come up with a solution. they use a 3rd party lending so they get paid regardless if the customer is not satisfied. stay with your electric company you'll more then likely save more money that way.

2 years ago