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Project Solar is a professional solar installation company that also offers customers a do-it-yourself option.

Founded in 2016, the company is dedicated to reducing the cost of going solar by reducing overhead, streamlining its lean infrastructure, and doing away with the door-to-door sales force so many other solar companies have come to rely upon. Instead, the company employs a salsmen-free calculator that pulls from multiple government APIs to accurately measure and predict the solar performance of a given customer's roof. In short, Project Solar can give homeowners an accurate solar quote in real time

Through its expertly designed solar panel systems, Project Solar aims to not only make solar affordable, but also accessible to anyone wishing to save money on their utility bill and achieve energy independence.


The Good

  • High-Quality Solar Equipment
  • DIY Solar Option
  • Transparent Pricing

High-Quality Solar Equipment

Project Solar sources its solar equipment from a number of top-level manufacturers. It’s standard solar set features panel from Jinko Solar, which come with a 25-year equipment warranty and an energy efficiency of more than 20 percent — considered an elite rating in the solar industry. The company also uses Enphase micro inverter modules and ranking equipment from industry leader Iron Ridge that can be affixed to either asphalt or tile roof types.

If customers wish to upgrade their panels, Project Solar has partnered with the following manufacturers:

  • Aptos
  • LG
  • Panasonic

In short, regardless of budget, Project Solar has a solution for everyone. 

DIY Solar Option

Project Solar aims to turn the traditional solar business model on its head by providing customers with the option to install the solar PV system themselves. To accomplish this, and make the process as simple as possible for customers, Project Solar’s expert team handles the design, engineering, permitting, and final electrical work. The company is even willing to deliver solar panels directly to the homeowner’s rooftop.

Meanwhile, all the customer needs to do is climb up on the roof and affix the mounting equipment, screw on the solar panels, and run the wires to the home’s electrical panel — and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Transparent Pricing

Because Project Solar makes its solar energy systems available to DIY enthusiasts via delivery, the company has applied and disclosed a flat-rate pricing model to help curb the cost of adopting solar energy.

The company does not discriminate based on state incentives, and calculates its price in terms of price per watt — meaning the cost of equipment and/or labor per watt of clean, renewable the system is designed to produce:

  • Equipment — $0.90 – $1.10 per watt
  • + Rooftop delivery — $0.05 per watt
  •  Full-Service Installation — $0.37 per watt

For systems larger than 13 kilowatts, Project Solar charges a flat $1.41 per watt; systems below 4 kW go for $1.69 per watt. All of these figures reduce significantly once state and federal incentives (like the Federal Tax Credit) area applied. Once the customer is ready to move forward with the projected quote, Project Solar requires a $100 deposit.

As a bonus, Project Solar provides customers with a free solar ROI calculator that analyzes roof layout and past utility bill costs to produce a custom solar system built for maximum solar savings.


The Bad

  • Only Available for Purchase or Loan
  • Additional Fees for Non-Standard Solar Panels
  • Average Workmanship Warranty

Only Available for Purchase or Loan

Project Solar’s systems are only available for purchase or solar loan. And as Project Solar is mainly interested in helping customers take full advantage of all available solar incentives — many of which are only available to customers who own their systems — the option to rent a system via solar lease or buy solar energy via a power purchase agreement (PPA) is not a part of the company’s financing product.

Instead, Project Solar requires a $250 deposit from both DIY customers and homeowners interested in full-service installation. For DIY customers, full payment (either in cash or via a solar loan) is required before parts can be delivered; for professional installation, half the payment is due upfront and half after the system has been installed. 

Additional Fees for Non-Standard Solar Panels

Customers should be aware that if they opt for panels from Panasonic, LG or any other manufacturer not mentioned in Project Solar’s standard set, the price of their solar panel system will increase.

This price variance is true of all solar panel installation companies. That said, Project Solar’s standard package with panels from Jinko Solar will satisfy the energy needs of most customers.

Average Workmanship Warranty

Though the company focuses mainly on designing systems that almost any homeowner can install without professional help, Project Solar does offer professional solar installation services, with a workmanship warranty of 10 years — considered the industry average.

Most solar companies warranty their systems against damage or errors caused during the installation process, as well as the cost of accompanying maintenance, for anywhere between 5 and 25 years.


The Bottom Line

Project Solar’s unique approach to solar installation translates to greater savings for everyday customers. Its top-of-the-line solar equipment and flat-rate pricing model are attractive selling points for DIY enthusiasts and solar supporters alike.

Customers should note that solar lease and PPA options are not available through Project Solar, and they are encouraged to read verified Project Solar reviews to see if this company is right for them.

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