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LAST UPDATED: September 7th, 2022

Powersol USA provides a local, residential solar service to those looking to cut energy costs by utilizing clean energy through effective solar solutions. Homeowners looking to add value to their home, protect their wallets from rising utility costs, and save money as long as the solar system is in operation can turn to Powersol USA for answers. 

According to Powersol USA, utility rates in Florida are continuously increasing. As a result, solar systems provide a consistent hedge against these rising utility costs while saving thousands throughout the duration of the solar system’s lifespan. The company states that the average utility rate goes up 4.2 percent each year with TECO costs spiking up to 5 percent as recently as 2019. With electricity costs continuing to surge, solar is the alternative energy source homeowners need to start saving money. 

Powersol USA wants to bring solar to the masses by offering a streamlined, yet affordable solar service. Whether clients wish to purchase the system upfront and in cash or want to utilize a more alternative financing approach, Powersol USA will offer its expertise and assistance. Clients that use Powersol USA will not have to put down any sort of downpayment, and loans are approved for those even with poor credit scores in many cases. 

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The Good

  • Mounting Possibilities
  • Net Metering Program

Mounting Possibilities

Most solar installation companies strictly offer roof mounted services. While this is the most common form of solar system mounting, particularly on residential structures, it is not the only option. In fact, for some residential properties a roof mounted system is not the most efficient placement. Powersol USA understands this and offers alternative mounting solutions, including ground mounted solar systems, to maximize the potential of energy production. Interested solar clients will find this is not an option with many solar installation providers. 

Net Metering Program

In addition to tax incentive programs, Powersol USA can help clients utilize the available net metering programs within the state of Florida. Not all states allow for net metering and not all solar companies effectively educate clients on how net metering works. Powersol USA ensures that clients understand the benefits of net metering and use it to help clients in the early stages of financing a solar system. 

Once Powersol USA installs the solar panels on a client’s home, power will start to be produced. However, not all of the power produced by those solar panels is used by the property owner. That excess power is then sent back to the utility company essentially causing the electric meter to run backwards. This is then rewarded in the form of a credit. This credit can then be used against the electricity the home uses at night or when a home exceeds the system’s output for any reason. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Unknown Warranty Offerings
  • Battery Solutions
  • Limited Service Area

Undisclosed Equipment Information 

Since solar installation companies are not typically the ones actually manufacturing solar equipment, partnerships or relationships between solar manufacturers and installers take place to provide the service to the general public. These partnerships are generally highlighted by solar installation providers as prospective clients want to know specifically what equipment and brand will be installed on their property. Unfortunately, Powersol USA does not mention having or maintaining an equipment partnership so it is unclear what tier-1 products, if any, are used during installation. Those interested in Powersol USA for installation will have to individually inquire about equipment offerings as it is unknown what brand of solar panels and inverters are used during installation. 

Unknown Warranty Offerings

One of the more standard offerings in the solar industry are the warranties. Having a solar system installed is a financial investment, and a hefty one at that. The equipment itself is expensive, which is a reason for hesitation among many prospective solar clients. Worries surrounding faulty equipment, prospective repairs, or replacements can add to the overall costs of the solar system. As a result, many solar companies will offer a number of warranties to clients which cover equipment, production, and workmanship.

Most solar companies will partner with a manufacturer to supply the solar equipment. The manufacturer will typically back the equipment and production aspect of solar energy. Then the solar installation companies will back the workmanship aspect of the solar project. Powersol USA makes no public mention of offering warranties to clients, despite warranties being standard within the solar industry. 

Battery Solutions

A big draw for many solar clients is increased energy independence. No longer being subject to steady utility price increases is a big reason many turn to solar energy, but not having to rely on the utility grid is another. However, solar systems are generally connected to the utility grid and the power company has to agree to certain parameters before the system will be turned on. This also means that if the power goes out due to inclement weather or other reasons, the solar system will not work or produce energy.

As a result, many solar companies are starting to offer and install battery and storage solutions allowing clients to be independent of the utility grid. There is no public information on whether or not Powersol USA offers battery or storage solutions to its clients. 

Limited Service Area

Despite having the goal of helping homeowners all across America, Powersol USA currently only services Florida. As part of its service platform to finance the solar system, Powersol USA emphasizes the benefits of tax incentives and net metering. These programs, while beneficial to Florida residents, are not necessarily applicable to homeowners in all 50 states so it appears the service will remain Florida-focused. That means clients outside of the state will not be able to benefit from what Powersol USA offers. 


The Bottom Line

Powersol USA provides residential solar solutions for those in need of start-to-finish solar project management. Professionals at Powersol USA will visit each property to determine design needs and will suggest efficient mounting solutions depending on what format can provide the best production. To help offset costs and increase the return on investment, Powersol USA can help clients utilize the net metering program in the state of Florida so unused energy puts money back into the hands of the clients. 

While there are reasons prospective solar clients may consider Powersol USA for solar installation services, there are limitations to the operation that should be noted. There is no publicly disclosed information on what equipment is used for installation or if warranties are available to clients. That is standard information typically provided by solar installation companies, but Powersol USA fails to mention it. It is also unclear whether or not battery and storage solutions are available to Powersol USA clients. The service area of the company is currently restricted to the state of Florida.

Considering what is known and what information is undisclosed, prospective solar clients should consider receiving quotes from multiple sources prior to making a final contractor decision. In individual circumstances, reaching out to Powersol USA for a free consultation would be wise to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed. 

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